Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Book Fair! Grand Quad Time!

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and was out of bed at 5:40.
As in AM! Morning!!
I made a cup of coffee in the Keurig and went back to bed.....but only until 6:08!
I was dressed and had hair and make up done, my overnight bag packed back up and my stuff sitting in the foyer as I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking my second cup of coffee!
I could barely believe it myself.

Amber cooked up bacon and toasted bagels for our breakfast and the kids had yogurt drinks while I had another cup of coffee!
Can you believe Amber and Mike do NOT drink coffee??

We were out the door in the vicinity of 7:25.....and that was late!

We all had fun both on the way to school and on the way home!
Just look at all these happy faces.
Please know that none of us are 'morning people.'
Just goes to show that you do what you gotta do!
WITH a smile if at all possible and you can see lots of smiles here.

I went to school today to work in the Book Fair.

Amber had put in lots of hard work getting this all set up and there was plenty of laughter going around. Did I mention I had THREE cups of coffee??

I did the odd and end job and ran the cash register.
I knew exactly how to make mistakes because I practiced them until I didn't do them anymore. Much.
I had a great time!! I absolutely LOVED seeing these little kids come in and 'shop.'

I do believe most of them were impersonating their parents.
When they came up  to the register, I would act like a real store employee and ask them if they found everything they were looking for. I tried to treat them like grown ups and I swear I could see them glow. Their little eyes all screwed up in concentration before deciding on their purchases. The concern on their faces when counting out the money - afraid they didn't have enough. And sometimes they had to make grown up decisions when they didn't and had to choose which item to put back.
At the end of the transaction, I would give them their receipt and bag and say, "It was a pleasure doing business with you!" Or....."Thank you for shopping our Book Fair." Or......"Please come back next year!"

I just loved all those little people!!

I especially this young man!
All four of the kids shopped the book fair.....
and we all ate together as a family in the cafeteria.
I had my very own lunch - and you know Amber is famous for her school lunches!!

I am grateful for every minute of time I have ever spent on my children and my grandchildren.

I have always been humbled when people spend time with me.
I used to wonder why they would even want to.
My self image has improved but I continue to be grateful and never take for granted the time others give me.
And I'm talking about you....yes, YOU.
The time you are gifting me in reading my words, hearing my thoughts and listening to me recount my days. In taking the time to write to me in comments, emails, cards, messages. You are giving me gifts of your time.

Time is a most precious commodity.
I am in the winter of my life and I do not have as much time as I once did.
I can't do everything or even as much as I once was able to do and I can't be in as many places as I would like....
but I can spend time in prayer when I can't be there in person.
There's a million different ways to be there for those we love.

And with that I am going to go out to the den and spend some precious time with Louis Dean!
He has been Home Alone and will be again tomorrow night.
Bless his heart! I am so thankful he has found a new western to watch.....

It's a good one!!

We go back to the ranch next Monday and then it will be just the two of us!
I am so happy he is looking forward to that!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I just know you were the best cashier EVER for these little people! And they must have been so proud that you treated them like real grown-up shoppers. I am surprised that you were so peppy on "only" three cups of coffee! Ha ha! I think it would have taken me a bit more. Amber is now even more of a miracle to me, knowing all she does with NO coffee!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What a wonderful way to share your love.

Blondie's Journal said...

Since I starred using my Keurig again, I've noticed that I'm happy with 2 cups of coffee in the morning and it always tastes SO fresh! Beware-- from someone who is definitely not a morning person--crawl out of bed and do not look back! Or...sometimes I make the bed in a blur and its a done deal.

You brought many memories of my own working the book fair, and doing cleanup of the library before the school year started. It's the reader in us. My kids were so proud to see mother, as were their friends.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this being our winter years. I try to be optimistic, the best years ahead of me. That's the only way to play your cards at this time in our lives. :). And definitely be grateful for good health and good times!


Bluebird49 said...

Isn't it a blast to be around kids? So great; they make us feel young, too!

Vee said...

You’re a natural with people big and small. Your cashiering was top shelf! I’d have enjoyed being a fly on the wall.

Back to the ranch... Yes, Louis Dean must be getting excited for that, and you as well.

No coffee for me this morning. My plow man woke me bright and early going right by my bedroom wall scraping ice as he went...what a racket. I am not yet finished with my slumbers, but had to get up and carch up with my blog reading some. It’s easy to read here. 😊

Vee said...

carch up; catch up, whatever!

Brenda said...

I love getting up between 5-6 am-almost always-read newspapers and blogs online-read a book-do chores and run errands when shops and library open!! Love this
Bed around 11-just don't need sleep now that I am older-no napping either!!!just lazy days of retirement!! Love your photos and your blog! Fantastic stores with pictures!!!

Brenda said...

Stories lol

MimiG said...

It's 6:00 a.m. here and I've had 1/2 cup of coffee and Bella has been out and fed. I'm only working Wednesday in February and it takes me 2 cups of coffee and and hour of "stupor" to get into the shower!
Love that photo of Harrison, such thought going into a book - love that!
The Virginian, wow, an oldie but a goodie!I know you're excited about heading back out to the country... Have fun!

Susie said...

Linda, I knew you would love the book fair. It's fun to see children getting excited for books. Tell LD that Ted has watched the Virginian too. Time is precious, especially spent with loved ones. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love, Susie

Estelle's said...

You are so right Linda...time spent with those you love is precious! How wonderful it was to be part of the school Bookfair...looks adorable and FUN! My daughter is an important part of our grandson's also and there is a tremendous amount of work that goes into one!Bravo for Amber! Y'all have a great week!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a cute photo of you and I love the way you did your job! What fun those kids had coming to you with their purchase. I bought 15 coloring books yesterday to take to the Hospice house family room. And some colored pencils and drawing pads. It feels good to help the little ones along the way! We're making a difference...doesn't that feel marvelous!!! Hugs!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

That book fair looked awesome! Who wouldn’t want to shop there!?

You and LD are both givers of yourselves. The best way to give to others!

Enjoy your day, sweet friend!

Sandra said...

I am so proud of you being cashier, I am admitting here, in writing, while I gift you my time, that I can not make change, I am so slow to do it, it would be embarrassing. I have always had trouble and never had a job that required it. now you know and I hope you still love me. the book fair is wonderful. I would have loved one when I was a child... I nearly fell out of the rocker at the time you were up.. we might need a lie detector test, ha ha. I have a couple of friends that don't drink coffee, but they do drink tea.

Sue said...

Need I add to what your other readers have said, your smile shows how much fun you had, and you getting up early to be ready.
I am so happy to see that children still love to read, so many are on social media these days!

I love the quote, Time is the greatest gift, Dh and I were so blessed that our college grandson brought his girlfriend to visit us during Christmas. He told us when he called to ask if he could come, his comment was, "we just want to spend some time with you and Papa'" my heart just melted.
Enjoy your visit.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you for sharing all the fun pictures of your book fair and the wise worlds too. Any time we spend with loved ones is so very precious. I can imagine after your busy day you are ready for some couch time too along with time to spend with Louis Dean. Rest up a bit. It sounds like you have another busy day planned tomorrow!

photowannabe said...

You are such a wonderful Grandma...I can tell your Grands love you to pieces.
That Bookfaire looks like a lot of fun and I love the way you treated your "customers".
The Virginian was one of my favorite reads as a teenager. I had such a crush on "The Virginian". Sigh!

Carole said...

A fun day despite the early start! Cheers

Wanda said...

Dear Linda ~ we are so on the same page with Winter seasons of life. Your darling grand quads are so sweet and young, and mine are all adults. But just as much fun to spend time with them. In fact, this morning Kaleb(23) came over to visit me and Grandpa. He just passed his last test, and is now a Registered Nurse. I made him a big breakfast and then a batch of cookies to take home. We are thrilled with his accomplishments, and his heart for the Lord.

We cannot take one day for granted...I'm slowing down too, and want to spend every moment loving my Lord and my family.

I love how you handled the cash register..Don't kids love to be treated like adults?

Wanda said...

PS We just started watching "The Virginian" Good stories and good endings. Gunsmoke always ends like a Greek Tragedy!!!Somebody you like has to die!!!

Debbie said...

family...the best part of life!! you two look awesome together and those little kiddo's could not be cuter!!

i don't drink coffee either, i love the smell but do not like the taste. i am a hot or cold tea drinker!!

you are such an awesome grandma!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Rick and I were just thinking about how expensive kids are and how much we have spent with ours. I can't imagine going to a book fair at school and getting books for four - I can't imagine how expensive that is - just a side thought today.

Anonymous said...

So glad you have a wonderful time at the book fair, grandchildren are a blessing, Jo From Australia

Judy said...

I agree...time spent with those we love is the most precious gift we can give them. That is never time wasted! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.