Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Country Getaway!!

Monday morning Louis Dean dropped his heart monitor off at the doctor's office, we packed a few things in the truck and went up to the center to walk before heading south on Interstate 35!

We were going to the COUNTRY!!!

Monday was Sherry's birthday so we stopped in West, Texas at the Czech Bakery to buy her favorite kolaches....Apricot!
Once we got to Waco I made a mad dash into HEB to pick up a few things.
I was in a hurry!

Finally! We turned onto FM 939 and look what I saw!!
This was the first time I've seen any cows at all in this particular pasture

I have no idea what kind of cows these are but I like them!

Just look at that face!!

Louis Dean is such a good guy! 
He's always willing to stop and wait on me while I take a picture!

We drove in at the ranch and quickly unloaded the big red work table and all the stuff in the back seat, picked Sherry up and we drove back to Waco. 

Dean met us at La Fiesta Restaurant and Cantina to celebrate Sherry's birthday!
She is such a blessing to all who know her!

She and Dean are a great couple!
Kind, thoughtful and both of them are so much fun!

We ended the evening with music.
It was a wonderful day from start to finish.

It's always good to wake up in the country.
The goats came all the way up here to say good morning!

They are loud but so entertaining!!

Louis Dean calls them Larry, Curly, Moe and Joe!

Monday was like a spring day with blue skies and warm weather.
Today was more wintry looking with gray everything.....gray skies, gray trees, gray ground.
Louis Dean came in and said the 20% chance of rain had arrived!
Not heavy but still wet.
We spent a couple of hours putting the table in place and getting the front room put back to rights.
I'll buy some red paint next week and bring with us when we come back and repaint the whole thing.
For now we just wanted to set it up and see if it will work for us and it will!

I made some stuffed Jalapeno peppers for our lunch along with some quesadillas with refried beans and shredded cheese.

While I did the dishes and puttered around up here, Louis Dean went fishing.

I took this pic from the open camper window and you can just barely see him up there by the overturned canoe. He got a couple of good bites but no fish. Next time....

Just as soon as Sherry got off work the two of us were in the truck and going back to Waco.
Tonight was the Beekeepers Meeting but first we had to get to the feed store before it closed at 6:00 so Sherry could buy some baby chicks.

I meandered around the store looking at all the different kinds of chicks!

These weren't the ones Sherry bought. She got some really cute ones with little puffy balls of feathers on top of their heads and they were so tiny!

While Sherry paid, I continued to mosey about and when she said 'Hello' I turned around to look at her - but she was still at the desk paying.

This is the gal that said hello!

We were early to the bee meeting - like over half an hour early!
Being early is a real novelty for me.
It was nice to be relaxed and watch the other people arrive.
Now that I have met a few of them at the work day on Saturday, I am feeling more a part of things.
Sherry and I sat on the second row from the front - with the cardboard box of chicks in the seat next to Sherry. The baby chicks cheeped all through the meeting! Sometimes really soft and sometimes louder. She even covered the box with her jacket to muffle them. We didn't leave them in the truck because we didn't want them to get cold. They are really brand new babies.
No one said anything during the meeting about the chicks cheeping but afterwards, when Sherry and I were in the ladies room, one of the members said, "I still hear little birds!"
She laughed when we showed her the chicks. She thought she was hearing things and had asked her husband, "Do you hear birds?" Then when she heard them in the bathroom, too, she really thought she was losing it!

Speaking of birds!
We stopped at HEB on our way home so I could get Louis Dean some coffee.
I used flavored coffee and he uses regular.
When we left last time, I had put the coffee for our separate pots in the filters and stacked them in the metal tin. That was the last of his Folgers and I had meant to bring more coffee with us when we came but I forgot. Apparently the fragrance of my coffee got on his coffee!
And he is not a fan of frangrance on his coffee!
He didn't drink but half a cup!
The trees and parking lot were covered in birds!
It was spooky!!
Not pretty birds chirping and tweeting, either.
I think they are grackles or starlings.

Well, we are off to bed. We go home in the morning and will go by way of the nursing home to see Lillian and Roberta. It's been a short but sweet visit and we are planning on coming back after Louis Dean's doctor appointment next Wednesday. We will be on Critter Duty!

One more night in the country!


Bluebird49 said...

Sherry is so pretty! It is wonderful that you and Louis have such great children and their spouses
I think people ought to be more aware of how important bees are to us--they make sure we get our crops so we can get food. I'm glad you can be a part of that.
Don't you think cows have the most peaceful, lovely faces? Their eyes are so pretty. The geese are so cute and perky, just as talkative as they can be. Of course, next to the bird who said hello to you, I guess they've got some work to do!! :) What a nice day you've had.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Glad you got away even for a night or two. Hugs.

Vee said...

Oh just a flying trip. The coffee discussion reminded me that I started off being a flavored coffee gal, but someone had a profound influence on me. Now I prefer unflavored coffee by far. Hope that it was a tonic getting away. (P.S. Those are goats? 😉)

Susie said...

Linda, So funny about the baby chicks. They look to cute to grow and be chickens. LOL I love that you all celebrated Sherry birthday. She seems a hard working girl. Not afraid to try anything either. Love the beautiful blue skies. Have fun and be safe. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

yay for cows and baby chicks, I love that face of the cow and it made me laugh to see it. my favorite thing today is the HELLO video. love it love it... so glad you could be there for Sherry's birthday... have fun in the country, I know you always do.... blues skies and a little rain. hope it doesnt' make to much mud

Changes in the wind said...

Those new cows are sporting colorful ears:) Glad you could celebrate Sherry's birthday and a short jaunt is better than no jaunt:)

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

I love chicks, too! So cute and sweet!

Glad you had a fun and quick trip and glad you’ll be able to get back for a longer visit soon. You and Louis Dean have a lot of fun!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

What a fun weekend. That bakery looks amazing. We got a small shed built for Grimmwood so that Marvin can keep the lawn tools and his bee keeping things in there and not in my spare bedroom.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad you got a trip to the country. Even though it was short, you made the mast of it for sure ! It is the season for grackles to be migrating. I've even seen some here. They do look like blackbirds at first glance but they are not. First birds I've seen around here all winter. Safe travels home and hope all goes well this week and that doctors report is a good one!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Hurray, you made it there and had a fun adventure! Now I want to see the new chicks with the fur balls on their heads. Phil & I are the same as you two. He only drinks plain, and I like flavored. But I can drink plain too. We finally got a Keurig, now we can go back and forth and make any kind of coffee in less than a minute all in the same pot. I have never heard the word Kolaches! Well, Texas just has everything! The pose you got those geese in is so beautiful...it looks like their necks are braided. That would be good for you to paint!

Saimi said...

I sure love your country trips! Those cows looked like the welcoming committee and those geese were shouting a big hello for your and that parrot, well she sure was a friendly one! What darling little chicks, seriously their faces peeking through. How funny that lady thought she was hearing things I can just imagine what her husband was thinking when she kept telling him she heard birds. Well, I aways enjoy your posts!
Thanks for sharing

NanaDiana said...

I always feel like I am party of your family and traveling right along with you and LD, Linda. What fun you have with just about everything. I am praying that LD gets a good diagnosis and that he will be okay without treatment. He is such a nice man and such a hard worker that it would be hard for him to slow down too much.

Have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

Carole said...

I'm with LD about the coffee.... have it plain and strong! Cheers

Chatty Crone said...

Well you made it to the country. When are you going to get the call from the doctor? Have a nice time, but take it slowly!