Friday, July 21, 2017

In The Country and News From Home

We were moving slowly Thursday morning and gave up on trying to hurry and scurry around to get to the ranch early. I didn't have any more 'umph' left in me and neither did Louis Dean.
By the time we had packed, loaded, watered, picked produce, closed up the gazebo and cleaned up the house - I try to always leave it clean with fresh sheets on the bed and laundry and dishes done. Makes coming home more pleasant!
It was 4:00 when we left Irving.
As soon as we hit the Interstate, I could feel myself relaxing. I picked up my knitting and enjoyed the ride.

First stop - The Lone Star Cafe which is officially now our favorite restaurant. 
The food is always good and the service is friendly!
I ate healthy - except for the fried okra!
Louis Dean was excited to report to me that he weighed 218 pounds in his birthday suit that morning so he celebrated with chicken fried steak and DOUBLE gravy!
That came back to bite him later that night. All those heavy carbs make you TIRED!

Their onion rings are the best we've found!Even better than our hole in the wall favorite hamburger joint in Irving!

I love everything about the country!
As we were driving in, Louis Dean asked me if I wanted to stop and cut some sunflowers.
When we left earlier this month, the wild flowers were fading away and I wasn't sure what - if anything - would be blooming.

Happy sunflowers make me smile!

I brought a purple mason jar with a wire handle to use down here for my bouquets.

I just LOVE these!

If I were a flower - I would be one of these!

The cotton fields are all in bloom.
The farmers here rotate their crops and it's exciting to see what they are growing from year to year.
A couple of years ago, this was a big wheat field.

We made it!!! Pulled in the gate about 7:30!
Record time!
No HEB shopping - we will do that later.

We came in and unloaded, put things up and settled in!
Then we sat out on the deck/room with our wine and Louis Dean kept saying, "This is so nice!!" 
Over and over!

We slept the best sleep we've had in two weeks!
As soon as we downed that first cup of coffee, we were off to do our first day of Critter Care!
We tended to the goats, fed and watered three hen houses, a peacock pen, four hutches of new chicks and baby ducks, let the other older young ducks out of their pen and gathered eggs!
It was 100 degrees here today so I made an afternoon run replenishing the water and checking on everything. Then I took a nap - over a two hour nap.

I decided to do all of our cooking in the new room so the camper wouldn't heat up. 
We still need to get Don to install the new thermostat but he has had some health issues and that will have to wait until he is better. The problem was - I was trying to cook and kept blowing the breaker.
Louis Dean will fix this problem soon!
Still, I managed to put together a good noon day meal worthy of a country housewife!
Homemade cornbread, pinto beans, smoked sausage, thick slices of onion and cantaloupe!

When I went down to start the evening chores, the ducks knew I had food and they followed me right back to the pen. I felt like the Pied Piper!

I just love it here and there's always a treasure to be found in every day.
Today was this peacock feather I spied by the pen.
Love the heart shape.

These rocks came from the driveway we had put in.......some gravel, some rocks and some crushed gravel.These are now paperweights!

Thumper says hello!!

This ends our first day back in what we call our Country Heaven!

Now for news from home.......

Mother and Lillian are now new Best Friends!
They both had their hair done and look how pretty they are!!

The following is from Nita:

I took them a slice of Cinnamon Friendship Bread. I also brought Mothers Laundry home to wash . Lillian said , they walked down the hallway to build up strength in their legs . Mother has a wheelchair she can sit in to roam around. Lillian told Mother earlier that she looked tired and to lay down awhile and Mother slept about an hour! They are both so thankful for one another. Sibs , life is good! Thanks be to God !

My other news is about Summer.
My heart is heavy as she continues to battle for her health.
She is doing therapy 4x a week and still in a great deal of pain.
The back surgery was a success and is healing nicely but she has more than one issue.
She currently has a new doctor that thinks she has nerve damage - which makes sense - and that this may not be periformis as was diagnosed.
Prayers for my daughter would be so much appreciated.
I'm away and not there for her right now as both Louis Dean and I are in need of rest and recovery.

Still......Summer is on my heart.......


Linda said...

You and LD already seem much improved. Glad Mom is doing well. Let me tell you a good roommate can make all the difference in the world. So happy for all of you. I am concerned about Summer. Nerve damage can be very difficult to deal with, very difficult. Tell Thumper Linda says "Hi."

Jutta said...

Summer is on my mind every day. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Bluebird49 said...

Hey---you two make sure to rest and not get too hot! Poor Summer, I pray the right doctor will be next for her!

I can sense the stress running off your shoulders as you write. Just let it keep rolling away! I have a mad crush on Thumper. ;)
You two stay hydrated---un-uh, wine doesn't count. Plenty of water----THEN wine! AND, again, make time to kick back, lovebirds!

Ginny Hartzler said...

You do need a nice long time in the country; sleeping late and taking naps. Finally some time just to yourselves. Poor Summer, seems she just never gets a break. I am continuing to pray for her. God does know exactly what is wrong with her, and He can heal her, too. Hey, there's shells in those rocks! Those onion rings look delicious! Sunflowers are my favorite, too. They always follow and look to the light! Your mom is looking very good, and things worked out perfectly. Now, have a nice cool drink and breathe in that country air!

Susie said...

Linda, I will surely pray for Summer. I wondered if she didn't need more doctors involved. LD loves those country meals. Take care of each other while you are away. Your mom did look so happy with her new friend. Thank God for finding this wonderful new home and room mate. Love the sunflowers. Blessings, love you and LD, xoxo, Susie

NanaDiana said...

I always feel like I am just along for the ride and right there with you, Linda. I love how you and LD do so many things together and how you are both so tuned in to life.

It is wonderful that you have a place where you can get away and truly RELAX and unwind. We all need that from time to time...and sometimes it is elusive.

I am happy about your mom but so sorry for Summer. I hope it is not nerve damage as that is something that is hard to get a handle on...and often 'unfixable' unless they can do 'blocks' on it. Will pray that they can help her manage the pain and get a handle on what is truly going on with her issues.

Blessings and have a great weekend- xo Diana

Deanna Rabe said...

Praying for Summer! Glad news about your Mom! Enjoy your time on the ranch!

Vee said...

Saying a prayer for Summer. A mother's prayers are valuable indeed. So glad that your mother is settling in well. That's wonderful. You two continue to have "this is so nice" days. Your readers are all thrilled for your down times at the ranch. Don't overdo in the heat!

Arlene Grimm said...

Linda, the doctors prescribed Marvin Gabspentin for Nerve Pain when his back was acting up. He is still taking it and it seems to have helped. I know what it is to see someone in so much pain. It is horrible. Anyway...just thought I would throw that out there. Marvin is much improved and it makes me so sad to hear that Summer is still struggling. Loved all the pictures....we are heading to Grimmwood on Thursday and I cannot wait.

Sandra said...

what a blessing your mother has found a best friend in her very own room... when I volunteered, there were two rooms that had 2 best friends in each room. they loved each other.. your country lunch made me drool, love pintos and corn bread and kiss Thumper for me. LOL

Mrs.T said...

So happy that your mother is settling in so beautifully. What a blessing! And Summer still in pain .. will pray for her.

So very happy for you that you have a getaway place where you can both truly relax. We would love to have one ... maybe someday.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Enjoy your country get-away! So sorry Summer is not doing well. Hugs:)

Wanda said...

Oh my dear Linda. A mother's heavy heart. Don't we know how that feels. Such good news for your mom and her new best friend Lillian.
We are heavy hearted right now. Won't go into details, but our youngest daughter in Oregon is going through a very difficult time, and we just can't get up there right making plans..and praying. So understand you heart, when one of our children hurt. Love you so.

Blondie's Journal said...

Country life is perfect for you, Linda! I'm glad you and LD are happy and enjoying family, food, critters and fresh air. Love and prayers to Summer and a kiss for your dear mother!

Jane x

Eva said...

Things to be thankful for and things to lay before the Lord. He knows the longings of your heart. Glad you're enjoying the country--you must take those wonderful fossils home to show the quads! Great examples of the remnants of the prehistoric sea that covered much of Texas!

Carole said...

What flower would I be??? Maybe a yellow rose or bourgainvillea.... Thinking of you all (esp Summer) Cheers from Carole

Linda said...

Yes, Eva! I will Thank you for the suggestion!

Ang said...

What a lovely photo of your Mom and Lillian. God places people in our lives so perfectly.