Friday, July 7, 2017

Grands, Manicures, Coffee, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, Popcorn/Movie/Coke - a Wonderful Day!

I don't think I could have fit another thing into this day!!

I decided to add a third pot for mother to our coffee cart.
Louis Dean likes truck driver coffee. I like flavored coffee. Mother likes an entire POT of coffee. 

It worked out great!
She was able to pour her coffee and sit right down and drink it.
I toasted bagels and served them with cream cheese along with a yogurt and that was breakfast.

Mother had a surprise this morning when Jesse came in with Faith and Levi.

It had been over a year - maybe more - since she had seen Jesse.

She was so happy!
Jesse and Sam are off on a Boy Scout Camp this weekend so Levi and Faith will stay with us.

Faith has learned to play the ukulele and gave us all a mini concert.
Her Granddad was impressed!

It stormed again last night and it looks like a rain forest in some areas in our back yard.
Levi helped me pull weeds and filled the bird feeders. It doesn't take long to be dripping wet working outside! I showered and then Faith and I took off to the Hair Salon. After a month in the country - I was due for a new cut!

My hairdresser and friend, Yulisa, is a magician!

She works her magic every time!!

Right next door to K Hair is Lovely Nails.
Super convenient and super good!
I got a mani and a pedi........

while Faith got a mani!
We stopped by Wendy's and took Frosties home to everyone!

Levi has sure enjoyed the back yard and gathering the produce as well as tasting the different herbs in the garden. He found a really cool wild mushroom, climbed trees and explored.
He wants to paint that white wall behind him.
Sam, Faith and Levi painted the mural beneath it a long time ago.
I have enjoyed looking at it all these years.

Levi is one cool kid.
I'm so happy he knows how to make himself at home.
WE played NUTS and watched some program called Lab Rats or something like that.
Mother got hold of the TV controls and changed the channel and that's what came on.
I did not rescue her this time as I had already told her to let us change the TV for her. We have a sound bar and two controls and it's a challenge for me much less for her.
So for the next hour, children's programming was on while the kids and I played cards.
***Note to self! HIDE the controls!***

We all had hot dogs for lunch.....

and homemade hamburgers for supper.

Faith was in charge of the tray of roasted vegetables.
She did potatoes, baby carrot, onions, mushrooms, squash and a couple of peppers.
Sprinkled with seasonings and topped with the rosemary sprigs Levi had cut made it pretty.
To top it off, I let her pick fresh assorted herbs - everything from parsley to dill to basil and more - and then use the herb shears to sprinkle over the whole thing. She drizzled oil to add the finishing touch and popped them in the oven.

She was so proud of herself!
They tasted as good as they smelled and she intends to make this for her family when she gets home!
That girl loves everything about being in the kitchen.

We had a Popcorn/Coke/Movie Night!
Movie of choice - The Shack.

The kids have been so much fun!

We all loved the movie. We paused it for bathroom breaks or to talk about a scene.
They were totally involved and Mother seemed to really be paying attention to it as well.
It was over half way when it started buffering. We decided to stop it there and finish watching it tomorrow.

Having the kids here seems to balance out having Mother here, too.
I guess there's a lesson in there somewhere that we need the young to encourage us with the old.

My most favorite moment of the entire day came at the very end.
The kids are sleeping in the den and I got out the blankets and was turning off the lights when Levi came over and put his arms around me and started praying.
He prayed, "Dear God, thank you for my MiMi and for letting us spend this time with her. It's been a blast so far and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I love my MiMi and I love you, Lord. In Jesus name, Amen."
He then kissed me on the cheek and said, "Good night, MiMi! I love you!"
I, in turn, kept my arms around him and I started to pray.
Then I kissed him and said, "Good night, Levi! I love you, too!"
I will remember the gift of this day forever.....


Ginny Hartzler said...

Levi is so special!! He has been brought up right! And Faith is beautiful and so helpful! Your hair is beautiful.

Kathy said...

Your grands are a gift from God for sure. I geared up at the end of this. How good to have them with you for awhile. By the way, your hair looks great!

Kathy said...

Tear. I hats automatic spell checker

Vee said... Levi's gone and made me cry. Such sweetness. What a full and wonderful day!

Susie said...

Linda, Levi's prayer touched my heart. So very heartfelt and sweet. What a great kid. Faith is a wonderful young lady. Sending big hugs for all.
A day at the hair dressers and nail spa sounds good. Your hair is so pretty. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Estelle's said...

This really warmed my heart Linda...what a dear grandchild. Hoe lovely to see how much they enjoy being at their Mimi[s. Have a lovely weekend.

Deanna Rabe said...

What a wonderful heart Levi has! Such a blessing to you, at the beginning of this challenging time.

Your hair looks good too! Have a good weekend!

Changes in the wind said...

Such precious memories...

Arlene Grimm said...

You do have a full house Linda. But as you said, I think it is good to have all generations of a family together as we can learn from each one. Your Levi and his prayer was precious. So glad you have this time with Faith and Levi. Faith is a beautiful girl by the way!!

Sandra said...

I was thinking as I read and looked at your photos how full your life is and how much fun you and your family have together and thinking you are truly blessed, then when I read the prayer story at the end, I thought oh my she is blessed because she is a blessing.

Renee Miller said...

"she is blessed because she is a blessing" sums it up perfectly! Good thing to think upon. Makes me desire to be a blessing to those around me. Thanks for posting this.

Nita said...

What a beautiful, special, memorable moment to have with your grandson .

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Now that brought tears to my eyes. What a special way to end your day! And what a packed and lovely day it was.

BTW I can totally relate to your TV remote control situation! Don't any one else mess with our controllers. :)

Ang said...

What a special moment you too shared! Sounds like they are both pretty amazing kids!

My grandma used to call me once a day to come fix her tv because she wouldn't leave the controls alone. I used to get so aggravated. Looking back though I wonder how aggravated she must've been not being able to do it herself. I'd sure give anything for one of those phone calls now. Hang in there, it will all work itself out!

You did have a good but busy day. Glad you at least got to pamper yourself a little.