Saturday, July 22, 2017

Ducks, Read's Grocery, Baby Chicks and Goats!! Our Country Saturday!

My favorite Critter Chore is the ducks!
I love letting them out in the mornings! They seem so grateful and happy to see me!
This morning when I arrived up there at the duck pen, I could not see one single duck! 
I nearly panicked! But they heard me open the gate and here they came! They were in their little igloo and marched straight out past me and headed to the little tank....aka pond!

They knew just exactly where they wanted to go!

Out of the pen and across the yard.....

and into the little tank!
You can see that it is drying up in the hot 100 degree summer days.
They will learn to venture on to the big tank that has lots of water.

We did all the Critter Chores and then we were off to town to do errands.
This morning when I woke up and was pouring my first cup of coffee, I noticed Louis Dean was dressed with his shoes, socks and hat on! I sat down to take a sip and he announced he was ready to go to Waco! So we made short work of our usual morning routine and as soon as our chores were done - we were off!

We decided to take the back road because Louis Dean reminded me we always see something interesting! Today was no exception!

Normally we see a grown field all harvested and then plowed up .....
but this time we got to see a little action!
We felt just like tourists!

Waco errands done! While at Home Depot for him to get supplies, I scored on rugs for the new room.
They were discounted! Two 8x10 and one 5x7! Win! WIN!!!
They all match and are red and white. Not real red and not real white but PERFECT!
We ate lunch at Luby's and headed back to Mart.
 Read's Grocery Store is like famous here and since we are part time residents - we want to shop  locally. I do love HEB but I also love MART!
The T-bone steaks that were on sale for $5.99 a pound were sold out!
However, they lowered the price on a higher grade cut so it was all good!
We wanted to have steaks ready as a welcome home party meal for Dean and Sherry on Sunday afternoon.

I tried to take a panorama photo but I guess I didn't.
This is across the road from where we pull in at the gate.

Louis Dean worked on his electric outlets while I worked on the door for the North side. 

The door goes to the right at the end of the this wall.....up front.
??? Got that??

Where the truck backs up!
We are busy painting and doing and by next spring - this place will look awesome!

I continue to cozy up whatever I can!
I added a string of white lights to the sunflower garland.
We are using little lights and no lights at all once the temps get up in the afternoon to keep the camper cool. 
We still need our electrician friend, Don, to come change out the thermostat and parts.
He had a pacemaker put in and we are patient in waiting for him to recover.

Part of my morning chores is gathering eggs.
I found this wire chicken on top of my kitchen cabinet when I was replacing lights last week.
I knew it belonged down here!

I keep the eggs in the denim bag, the wire chicken and the blue and white checked bag.
Farm Fresh Eggs!!

Along about 7:00 I go down to start the evening chores.
All was well in the goat pen when I went past it. 
Louis Dean takes them out and puts them up while I feed and water the rest of the critters.

By the time I had done some of the chores, I noticed Thumper had his head through the fence.
I kept on with the other critters and on my way back up I noticed........

that Mimi can get her head in AND out since she doesn't have the horns to deal with!

However, BBQ was now stuck!!
So Louis Dean had to come back down and free them and hopefully they won't do anything stupid before morning!

Look what I found in the peacock pen!!

Two baby chicks.
One hen and a rooster share this pen.

The peacocks were giving them some privacy and were staying out in the yard area.

There's always something to see down here.

Tonight I grilled a steak for Louis Dean and we tried a few shows on DVD's.
I finished Downton Abbey last trip and forgot to bring anything from home.
We tried Desperate Housewives and Dexter and decided no......
then settled on a Monk.
Truth is - we were tired and ready to go to bed after we ate.
So Louis Dean is already asleep and I am going to crawl into the girl bunk and read for a few minutes. Sleep is so much easier when we are in the country.
Hot days, chores, work on our new addition, meals, more critter chores....
simple country days are still busy ones but they are satisfying!



Ginny Hartzler said...

I always love your Peacock photos! Silly goats!! The way you have been progressing, it seems your new addition will be done way before next spring!! The Laura Ingalls quote is perfect for this post!!

Linda said...

Sounds like good country living to me. I think one of you should volunteer to sleep with the goats to see they're safe. I suppose LD wouldn't go for that idea?

Sandra said...

I am just to jealous to type, truly I am. I want to stay on your farm and I want to see all these critters, even the nutty one with his horns stuck... I bet that was a job to get him out... the ducks gave me my first laugh out loud of the day and I showed this post to bob. love it love it

Vee said...

Perfect kind of a day...hope that you are sleeping yet on a cooler Texas morning...

Kathy said...

You always have a good time in the country no matter what you are doing. Maybe you could build an entire house while you are at it. I love seeing all of your pictures. It makes me feel like I am there with you. Silly goat.

Arlene Grimm said...

Those ducks reminded me of the book, Make Way for Ducklings. I remember Captain Kangaroo reading that on his tv show when I was a child! Love seeing pictures of the the place y'all have made your second home.

Susie said...

Linda, That is a busy job watching over all the animals. I love those little black chick babies. So fun to see the ducks march off to the pond. Can't wait to see your wonderful new room. Blessings, stay cool and hydrated, please. xoxo,love, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

Have a good time in the country!

Cranberry Morning said...

What a delightful post! I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder quote - so true! and poor BBQ with his head stuck in the fence - and those cute ducks waddling down to the tank. Hope they were able to cool off. and I hope it cools off for you too! I love all your homey touches and little white lights. I'm definitely a fan of little white lights. :-)

Carole said...

Hi LInda - lovely post as always. I would be fascinated to see what you thought of my house since I'm more of a less is more girl. but each to our own!

Bluebird49 said...

City mouse and country mouse---I think your country is outweighing city now! Don't get dehydrated, you two!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Poor goats! Never seen one get it's head stuck in the fence before! Have a great week!

Debbie said...

Loved hearing about your day...I agree. I like those kind of days. Simple, productive, and satisfying. Enjoy!

Ang said...

What a beautiful quote. The farm is so pretty. The photo might not have been panorama view but it was so nice all the same!