Sunday, August 16, 2015

I Love Everything About a Sunday - Especially THIS One!!

I love the rituals of a Sunday morning. Louis Dean and I share our first cup of coffee together in the living room, then we take a second cup with us to sip on as we get ready for church. LD puts on some gospel music - usually Tennessee Ernie Ford - for us to listen to as we get dressed.
This morning we went to church in his big white truck.
He dropped me off at Quadville after the service and he went on to fill his truck up with diesel.
It was a good $0.24 cheaper over in Dallas!

I had the quads crawling all over me and sitting in my lap - until HE arrived!!!

I play second fiddle to GAN-dad!!!

Kailey does love her GRANDDAD!!!
And he did, indeed, steal my thunder!!
I really don't mind. It's a joy to see how much these kids love him!

They all played so well with each other!
All four crammed into a small space and then laughed and laughed!

Amber ordered  Pei Wei for Sunday lunch and she and I made the pick up together leaving the kids with the men folk.
It was delicious!!!!
When the kids got ready to go down for naps - we went home and did the very same thing!
I slept for two solid hours!

As soon as we got up - it was time to go BACK to church for the End of Summer Splash Day Celebration! I wore shorts and a t shirt and many others wore bathing suits and such.....

while Louis Dean wore a pair of his new overalls, a long sleeved shirt and - just for good measure - an undershirt to boot!!

THIS is the gorgeous Quad Mom aka  MY daughter!!
She dressed far more appropriately!!

The church grounds had been transformed into a honest to goodness water park!!

Those slides were FAST and they did them over and over and over again!

These kids had a ball!!!

I loved every minute of watching them have fun.

They make me smile - even looking at the photos - I am smiling again!

Trystan got some special time with Mommy!

See how Louis Dean just blended in?

Not only did the church have all the fun slides and games set up - they furnished dinner!

Burgers, chips, and hot dogs!!

The All American Summer Menu!

They even had dessert!!!!


and ice cream sandwiches.
Louis Dean was excited!!

Until I told him he could only have ONE!!

Kailey and Logan were a tad more adventuresome than Trystan.

Harrison was sliding on ALL the slides!
He knew no fear!

Sweet little family of SIX!

Granddad did WATCH duty!
That was an important job!

I helped him!

All too soon it was time to slide one last time and pack up to go home.

I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful church that celebrates with the community.
As I stopped the car to take a pic of the sun setting over the event, I could hear the pastor welcoming a new family into the membership of the church.

It has been a special Sunday. We worshipped and then gathered together to share a meal with Amber and Mike and the kids. We rested and napped and then we celebrated LIFE and had fun together with family and church family.

I am going to bed with a heart filled with gratitude tonight!
God has been so good to me!


Wanda said...

What a glorious Sunday. You can't beat a wonderful worship service, time with your darling family and then more fun at church. I love Sunday's too. Blessings...Hugs and love dear friend.

Kathy said...

Wow! What a special church you attend. How fun to have a splash party. It sounds like a wonderful Sunday.

Nita said...

What a fun day ! We do have so much to be grateful for. I love the videos of the kids on the slides having so much fun. Hope your week will be just as good as your Sunday was.

Arlene G said...

What a fun Sunday! We stopped for lunch in Scottsboro, AL on the way home yesterday and almost everyone in the restaurant had on Black and Gold because it had been Scottsboro Wildcats Day at Church. Kicking off the football season I guess!! I think it is great that churches support community! In our fast paced culture, we need connections. Loved LD's my kids once called them. Yall are such good sports!!

Estelle's said...

Precious pictures...your Amber is just so pretty....I still marvel at all the energy it must take to raise and keep up with those precious grandbabies!!!

MadSnapper said...

your quad mom is indeed gorgeous and what a super fun filled day at church. love all the water pics, so much joy... i did not know overalls came in any color but denim. i would melt in all those clothes he has on...

Changes in the wind said...

What a fun time for all. Your hubby is like mine, he has a style and it goes with everything:) Amber looks so pretty in that picture and the quads are just a blast.

Susie said...

Linda, That sounds like the perfect day. So nice to share all the fun. Glad LD watched and got so many hugs. :):) Those little one sure do love him. I think the picture of you and LD is a great shot. Blessings, love, Susie

Jutta said...

Lovely photos of a awešome day! Linda, you have a wonderful family and my bet for why is....YOU.

Nonnie said...

A splendid, splashy Sunday. What fun! Our church is doing that on the 29th and our kids will be staying the night with us.
Love the pic of your husband with kids all over him. Our kids love grandpa, too. Your daughter is a real bathing beauty!

Jan said...

What a wonderful day. Like yours, our church loves to celebrate and enjoy time together not only in worship, but in having fun! These are great pictures!
(Love the fall theme of your blog!)

Penny said...

A wonderful family day! X

Carla said...

After all that excitement and fun I'd be ready for bed. I loved the picture of LD after you said he could only have 1 ice cream sandwich. LOL
I bet the quads slept well.