Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer Fun at Burger's Lake!!

Our day at Burger's Lake was planned months ago!
August 5th seemed so far away then! But as I have said so often - if we don't PLAN something - we will never DO it!

I had set my alarm for 6:00 AM and was picking up my oldest 3 grandchildren a few minutes after 8:00 with cinnamon rolls and individual bottles of milk for them to breakfast on while we drove the estimated 31 minutes to Burger's Lake. The directions I had printed out served us well until we got lost at the same spot we did LAST year! My soon-to-be 12 year old grandson came to the rescue by using the GPS on my smart phone. Instead of meandering around for a half hour like we did last year, he directed me to the correct road that leads into Burger's Lake - appropriately called Meandering Way!

We were among the first half dozen cars to arrive that day!
I had promised the kids that we would arrive when  they opened and leave when they closed and so we did!

We backed in right next to a large grill and quickly unloaded the trunk and spread our tablecloths and popped open the lawn chairs! At first I was lying on a beach towel with my head on a pillow looking up at the trees.

Summer got there shortly after we did and offered me her lawn chair with a foot rest.
Ah.......pure bliss!

My glamorous sister, Deanie!

These are my four oldest grandchildren!
Faith, Sam, and Levi belong to my son, Jesse, and Rayne is Summer's daughter.

Nita manned the grill and did an excellent job!
She brought a box of hamburger patties and I had a jumbo pack of hot dogs!
Next year I am planning on bringing potatoes to bake for dinner. They can bake in the hot coals from lunch!

It was a totally fun day!

I admit to being somewhat exhausted tired but my sisters were amazing and that just made the day go so well.

Deanie's granddaughter, Andie, came a little later and it was good for the four older cousins to hang out together. I do believe this was THE very first time they have ever done so. Not sure if Andie even KNEW the others or if they knew HER.

Nita makes the BEST stuff!!!
This is the relish for the hamburgers she fixed - diced fresh tomatoes, cherry peppers and minced onions. Oh, BOY, was this good!

I picked up this potato salad from Sam's.

We had a TON of food, water, sodas and just about anything you can think of that would be good for a picnic! I think the best thing I brought  was the Nutty Bars! It's best to keep them in the cooler as they are coated with chocolate but EVERYONE loved them!!!

Aunt Deanie and Aunt Summer treated the kids to snow cones.
See the honey bee in there?

Aunt Summer taught us all about them!
She has been fascinated with them since she was a little girl.

She explained the difference between the honey bees and the tickle bees!

After lunch nap time!

We were right next to the Splash Pool so Rayne could enjoy it while we were all close enough to watch her. The water is icy cold as it comes fresh out of the spring.

Plenty of sandy beaches at this spring fed lake.

Slides, swings and diving boards provide plenty of fun for everyone.
I even went down the tall white slide back there - screaming all the way!
It was 105 degrees yesterday but there was a nice breeze blowing through the trees and we were never truly uncomfortable in the heat. A breeze would occasionally blow a mist of icy water from the splash pool right in our direction!

Burger's Lake is an old fashioned place and I love it. Not super busy or super commercial like Hurricane Harbor or Hawaiian Falls.

Burger's Lake is family oriented and a perfect place for gathering together and spending a late summer day.
What made the day even more special was knowing that it was so important to Nita to be a part of my grand children's lives that she took the day off of work. Deanie also makes a real effort to be involved with my grands. We are already making plans for next year! Perhaps our brother can join us!!!

We left the lake shortly before 7:00 last night and I dropped off the grands in Arlington and drove home, unloaded, Louis Dean helped me put up the perishables and I was showered and in bed by 9:00!!!

What with four days and four nights with half of a quad squad ( a sickly quad squad at that!) and then a full day at the lake, I took today OFF!!
As a matter of fact, here it is a 11:00 at night and I am still wearing my nightgown!
I stayed in bed off and on all day and am finally feeling only TIRED as opposed to being completely wiped out!!

Today Louis Dean and I had a good talk about his 'condition' and we both agreed he may just need to push past the aches and pains and get on with life!
His main complaint is aching from his waist down. I am no doctor but could it be circulation? And perhaps too much 'resting' and sitting and lying in bed?
He sucked it up and went off to his music jam session tonight!
He was pretty tired when he got home - he was gone just about 3 hours and had to unload and load all his music stuff - but I think he thought it was worth the effort.

It was so hot today I could not even THINK of going outside!
Now it is finally bearable and I must go out and water.
Everything around here is turning crispy and brown - even the WEEDS!
That is despite us watering them faithfully a little bit every day.
Perhaps I can talk Louis Dean into helping me.
We have TWO hoses in the front and FIVE in the back.
(He loved putting in water hydrants when we were first married!)
I'm sure he can sit in a lawn chair and I can sit in another and we can get the job done sooner!


Kathy said...

Oh how I wish I had been with you. What fun! I have never been to a lake, only the Atlantic Ocean. Oh, the Pacific Ocean too. It looks so different and relaxing.

I'm so glad LD was able to get to his Music Jam tonight. That is wonderful! Sometimes you have to move and fight through the pain.

Hope you both have a relaxing and restful Friday.

Susie said...

Linda, I think that sounded like a busy fun day with the grands. So good that the 12year old could help with gps. Wow, kids know so much. It must have been fun for Summer and your sisters to be there also. Tell LD my back bothers me more if I don't move. He's a working man and lying around isn't for him...he likes moving and doing. Of course he's in my prayers . When you said you both could water together. Ted and I learned a long time ago...many hands make light work.. Blessings, love you guys, Susie

Hootin Anni said...

What a glorious, family, and delicious food. Exhausted maybe...but all worth it in the end. Memories!!!

As for L D's aches and pains...there is a time we need to move on...but still, the seriousness of our ages can put a damper on the mind set. There are always those 'what ifs'....y'know?

Nita said...

I'm so glad you stayed in and didn't get must stay in ones gown just to be sure you pick up and go ! You really could use a couple of days like that. So happy Louis Dean pushed himself to go to his jam session. He enjoys it so, it's something that's worth pushing for ! Please continue to try to rest .

Dee said...

Hi Linda! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time with the grandkids. All day activities like that are so much fun, but yes, exhausting. I'm glad Louis Dean was able to get out and enjoy himself for a little bit, too.

I hope you both have a lovely and relaxing weekend... :)

Arlene G said...

Fun to see your other four grands! And I love how they helped with GPS! Don't today's children know everything about computers! Hope you are rested up today. I agree with your advice to LD...just start moving around and see if that improves things. We had a big storm yesterday so the weather is a bit more pleasant today. I have my two older grands but it will be a stay at home and play day. School starts next week so they will enjoy a lazy day today.

MadSnapper said...

you have the most interesting adventures with your family, this one is one i would have loved to be there... you said it is really hot, how was the heat at the burger park and the bugs?

Cheapchick said...

Please don't tell LD I said this - but I think women deal with pain/sickness better than men do. My hubby is a baby the first sign of illness. :) You need to rest girlfriend!


What a fun place to enjoy with your beautiful family sweet lady. I'm sure your dear LD is feeling better, for everyone sake, lol..
Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

That lake area looks so nice! I would love to have a place like that to go around here. Everything around here is so crowded though. We live close to a huge lake that you can go boating on etc but the beaches are just packed. I don't enjoy large crowds. Looks like y'all had a great day together. Sorry to hear that LD is still not feeling well. It seems that the older you get, the more aches and pains you'll have. I kind of dread getting older. It's still hot here too. We don't bother watering our yard or plants but we do water our garden. That's about it.

Carla said...

That Burger Lake looks nice and looks fun. But cold water not so sure about.
Wow the older grandkids are growing up fast too. Doesn't seem possible. I'm watching them grow up on you Blog.
Poor LD can he take alieve? It tends to take care of my hip pain and other aches... Hugs