Thursday, August 13, 2015

Quad Wednesday, Ben's Birthday and Celebrating Family!!

Yesterday I literally HOPPED out of bed and hit the floor running!
It was a very special day and I couldn't WAIT to get it started!

Around 11:00 Amber and the quads arrived right along with my sister, Deanie, and Mother!!
It's been a LONG time since Mother has been at our house!!

I love, LOVE, love how the kids are always excited when they get here!!
I hope they will ALWAYS be!!!

I also love that they know just where the toys are and how things work at MeeMaw's house!!
It's funny that it's ALWAYS 'MeeMaw's House!' Granddad just lives here apparently!

I have been getting down a few things from the attic in preparation for FALL!
We have had so much fun with what Logan calls 'The Skeleton!'

Mother enjoyed seeing the kids laugh and play and dance!!

Kailey is ever the entertainer!!!

I was still doing some meal prepping so the kids came right in and started entertaining themselves!

And Mother sat on her throne in the living room like Miss Astor!!

Aunt Deanie is a favorite with the quads and she was holding at least one in her lap nearly all day long!

Often it was MORE than one!

Lunch was a simple pizza affair - easy peasy!

Then we gathered in the den for our story time before naps.

I seldom get a photo of the kids AND Louis Dean and me......
Our couch does not make for an attractive seating position but here we are!

Deanie always plays games with the kids!
This one was Boo Hoo Who Are YOU??

We read in the den and then I situated all four kids in our bedroom for naps.
Trystan and Harrison were out like lights!
Logan and Kailey took longer and I eventually had Kailey and Granddad nap together in the guest room. While I waited for Logan to go to sleep - I fell asleep!!
Amber had dropped the kids off and stayed to visit with her aunt and grandma for awhile and then SHE went home and took a nap! Mother napped on the couch in the den and Deanie had some quiet time in the living room all alone so EVERYONE had a little bit of a rest that afternoon!

My youngest son, Benjamin, arrived shortly after we all got up!

I was so excited to see him!!!
He is the son of my old age and he will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart!!!

His Aunt Deanie was glad to see him, too!

As was his Grandma!!! My mother is known as Granny to EVERYONE - young and old - in our family EXCEPT for my two youngest children! Amber never liked the term 'Granny' even as a tiny little girl and insisted on calling Mother 'Grandma!' Naturally, she assumed I would be called Grandma - but - just like HER MOTHER - Kailey had a different idea! Three of the four quads would say 'Grandma' but Kailey's voice was loudest and SHE said. "MEEMAW!" and that was that!

I love family gatherings.

We had a late afternoon tea party using the tea set my step son gave me.
The kids LOVED the indented circle where you set your tea cup.
So far all of our tea has been COLD tea!
Perhaps this winter I will introduce hot tea!

Harrison would tell Aunt Deanie that SHE was beautiful when she asked, "WHO is beautiful?"
However, he would never say it when I tried to video!
Aunt Deanie sang a snatch of Happy Birthday to Ben!
Doesn't she have a beautiful voice?

We just had the best DAY and the evening was every bit as good!

Louis Dean and I made a birthday dinner that made the house smell like Thanksgiving Day!
Chicken and dressing, company mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob (fresh ears for $0.40 each at Krogers!) and a garden salad and birthday cake!

I love my sister and am so glad we get to share not only our lives together but that of our families!
Everyone loves their Aunt Deanie!!

Amber arrived early so she could spend some time with her brother.
Kailey will be the first to tell you she is her mama's 'Mini Me!'

It was an extra special day - a day spent with my mother, my sister, my youngest daughter and son, and my four youngest grandchildren - who are all the SAME AGE!

Deanie went the extra mile to stay all day - from 11:00 in the morning until 9:00 that evening!
Thank you, Deanie! YOU made the day even more special and I appreciate that!!!
Nita, Benjamin says he is for sure going to be there for Thanksgiving!!!

Is there ANYTHING more precious to a mother than to see her children enjoy being together??
I tell you a truth - I would rather my children love each other than even love me!
I will be gone someday and I hope they will always have each other!
My sisters and I are just NOW discovering the joys of our sibling relationships!

I will NEVER tire of hearing my children talk and laugh together!!!

The day and evening seemed to go by so FAST!!!

All too soon it was time to tell Uncle Ben goodbye!

I say AMEN to this!!!

After such an exciting day yesterday, today seemed like an anticlimax!
I literally slept all night and half of the day!!
I didn't get up until NOON and it was 3:30 before I got going with my day!
Louis Dean and I were having 'morning coffee' and our reading in the afternoon and then I set about putting the house back in order. I sent HIM off to his music jam session this evening while I did laundry and watered the yard - front and back - and set out the trash. This is day #37 with NO RAIN! After all that flooding this spring I never thought I would yearn for RAIN again! I guess the fear is gone!

I was outside watering when Louis Dean came home.
We ordered some new overalls for him just yesterday and they were delivered at 8:30 this evening!!
Just about 24 hours later!!

He usually wears blue denim and he did order some of that color - but he also ordered a couple of pair of  'Rinsed Brown' ones. He likes them!!! They go with his Thursday night jam session hat and shirt!

I finished watering and we came in to watch FOOTBALL!!!

Post from my sister in law, Sherry!

Oh, how I have missed it!!
Louis Dean is a fair weather fan but I am a DIE HARD DALLAS COWBOY supporter!!

Facebook was loaded with football posts tonight but my favorite was from my dear Megan!

This is Megan and I at the PTX Synchro 30th Reunion on Saturday.

Life is all about relationships!
Family AND Friends!
I am so blessed with BOTH!!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Thank you Linda for such a wonderful Family and Birthday share.

Kathy said...

This was just such a wonderful post! From the minute your mom and the quads walked through the door to LD getting his brown overalls, I felt as if I were there visiting with you. Such a lovely celebration of Ben's birthday! No wonder you slept until noon. Hope you have a restful night and a good day tomorrow.

Estelle's said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration with all the family! I love, love, love hearing and seeing every detail! You are such a light for everyone Linda! Keep shining!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

What a fun day!! I always enjoy hearing what is going on at your house!! I am not a big pro football fan but I do enjoy watching Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making the Team. It is on CMT on Thursday night at ten. I dvr it and watch the next day!! It is my soap! I do look forward to college football with Ga Tech and Alabama being my two favorite teams.

Hootin' Anni said...

Bah....I'm a Houston Texan fan [die hard fan] and of course my all time HOME team, the Denver Broncos. Love the sparkly helmet tho. That's awesome.

Oh to see all the smiles, fun, and love in these photos. It's good to see your mom smiling and enjoying her day as you all did.

Linda said...

What a beautiful day and what a long day, but it sure looks worth it. I bet it was wonderful to have so much of your family there. You're would mean more to me to have my children love on another than me...but we are too dysfunctional.... Deanie does have a beautiful voice.

MadSnapper said...

did bob miss a cowboy game? has it started yet? i thought he was the only one left that loves the cowboys, he has since the beginning of the team. what a celebration for Ben, he is truly handsome... so glad your mother got to be there. My kids always said lets' go to Grandma's house, and we all said when planning things, lets have it at Grandma's house, poor daddy was like LD, just lviing there

Susie said...

Linda, There's never a dull moment at your house. So much love and laughter. I know what you are saying about your children truly loving each other and being close...that is a pray I say many times. That's what My mother wanted and I think she would be happy knowing we are still trying to stay close as a family. I like LD hat. Glad he is back into his music gatherings. Good to see your mom loving her at your house with family. Blessings to all, love you,Susie

Changes in the wind said...

It was a wonderful full day!

Curtains in My Tree said...

What a good long read. I read it all
So nice to have both your kids, mother, sister and the quads all day

Penny said...

Linda all these lovely people are also blessed to have you in their lives! X

Carla said...

I love reading about your family gatherings and you always cook this yummy looking food.