Friday, August 14, 2015

Life is SHORT! Decorate EARLY!!!

Ruth Ann and I had planned to spend the day in Fort Worth doing the regular Beauty Shop Run with Mother and taking her out to lunch. However, Mother was still pretty much EXHAUSTED after spending all of Wednesday over here so she just wanted to get her hair done and go home and go back to bed! Soooooo.......that left us with a totally FREE day and we decided to head up to Southlake instead of going all the way to Fort Worth to hit up some of our favorite places!

First stop - La Madeleine for a Ladies' Lunch!!

We ate just about every single bite!!
It was simply wonderful to have no agenda. No time we had to get back home. No place we had to go. Just wherever and whatever we wanted to do - that's just what we did!!

EXCEPT! After we finished eating, I got a couple of to go cups for us to take tea in the car and as I gathered my things up, I started to get my car keys out.
I went back out to the car and retraced my steps.
Car was locked and I KNEW I had the keys when we went inside to the restaurant.
The only place we had been was the ladies room and the table.
At first I was tempted to panic but I realized the keys HAD to be somewhere close by!
They certainly didn't grow legs and walk off!

GUESS where I found them!!!

In the TRASH!
I do not REMEMBER tossing them in there but I most certainly DID!

God must have had a reason for our slight delay. At least that's the way I always try to look at it.

We did have a general destination in mind when we left home this morning.
We wanted to shop a Hobby Lobby for some art supplies.

We found one!!!

Oh, be still my heart!!!

I LOVE all things FALL!!!

I know it's early but BRING IT ON!!!!

I feasted my eyes on everything!!!

These wooden pumpkins will be my inspiration for an easy Fall Craft with the grands! 
Next stop - Calloways!!

SUCH a beautiful nursery!!!

They had me at this purple bicycle in the front flower bed!
Now I want one in MINE!!

Today wasn't unbearably hot so we actually enjoyed being out and about!

This would look good on my fence!

Metal flowers I wouldn't have to WATER!!

We walked down every isle and didn't buy a single thing but had a lovely time!

I really do love the sound of a waterfall!

Next Stop!! Pier I, Kirklands - my very FIRST visit - and Sample House and Candle Shop!
We are LOVING Southlake!

Everywhere I looked was something pretty!!!!
FALL and pretty!!

Don't we all need a scary curtain?? And spooky pictures?
And a clever fall painting with lights in the canvas?

It was so much fun to look at all these things.......

but all I bought was a $5 Apple Struesel candle - and it's a big one!!

Although I really did want to get this bag of bones!!!

AND this sign!!! Perhaps I can make one!

The last two place we went were practically across the street from each other!

Central Market is the next best thing to HEB!

It all looks and smells so good!!!

It's Hatch Chile Fest and they were roasting them right outside the store.

It's a really big deal here!!!

I did my fair share and bout some fresh, some roasted and this Queso and Waffle Garlic Hatch Potato Chips!!

You gotta love a Trader Joe's and I DO!!!

I loaded up here!

Just look at all the cool wine I will rescue!
I sip white while Louis Dean loves red.
I buy his in boxes!

Now I have lots of  'snackies' as Trystan calls them!
She went in the kitchen the other day and asked for SNACKIES.
I said I didn't have any - I misunderstood what she had asked for - and she put her hands on her hips and said, "YES, MeeMaw!!! You DO have snackies!!!"
I sure do now!

I am just as happy as I can be tonight!
Lots of cool food and what a fun day we had!!
I bet we walked miles and I did have to put my feet up after I got home and unloaded all my goodies!

Every day I have been getting a couple of tubs or a bag or two of fall decorations down from the attic.
By September 1st - which is just 16 days and a wake up away! - I will be all decorated and ready to celebrate!!! This year I plan to bake! bake! bake! while listening to Neil Diamond sing September Morn - over and over and over again!!!
And to think, I saw him in concert this spring but that is one song he didn't sing!

The thing about taking things down a little at a time is I can mend and repair and spruce up as I go.
This Spider man was a curbside find and I have used him for many years!
He's more than a little faded, as you can see,  so I sprayed him down with a can of black spray paint.
I took the photo so I could tell where to put the white lines back in.
However, the lines show faintly through the paint so tomorrow I will be good go in adding them!

Like I said, Life is short!!! I am decorating EARLY!
It was only 98 degrees today and I think I caught a faint smell of autumn in the air!!!


Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

What a fun day! I need to plan a fun day like that soon!


Kathy said...

Sometimes the days we don't plan are the best. You and Ruth Ann had a wonderful day! Lots of fall stuff out here too. I loved walking down the decorating aisle in Rite Aid today at lunch time.

Estelle's said...

Oh how fun was this! I feel like I got to tag along on this shopping trip! I am trying to hold off until September...then let the decorating begin! Looks wonderful Linda!!!

MadSnapper said...

I think the best days are no agenda days and if you lived as close to Hobby Lobby as I do, you would need to build another room on your house to hold all you would buy. it is under a mile from my front door.. and has been there 2 years and i have been in it once.. can we say opposites attract? glad you had a glorious day out... waiting to see the newly painted spider man

Susie said...

Linda, You put a smile on my face. I know you are chomping at the bit to get all that fall décor up.So nice you have a great friend like Ruth Ann. Love the big candle. I prefer spice scents over all. Blessings to you and LD. love you, Susie

Penny said...

Linda, I really enjoyed my (virtual) shopping trip with you! You are a great bargain hunter, I think we could have a wonderful day's shopping together! X

Jan said...

I love your pictures-I'm so ready for fall. When I realized August was half over today, I almost did a happy dance! Looking forward to seeing photos of your fall decorating!

Nita said...

How fun, you and Ruth Ann had the whole day to do whatever you wanted to do. Day's like this don't come along very often, but when they do, it means the world. Glad this day happen for you both.

Carla said...

You have too much fun. I am looking forward to some cooler weather and less drama in my life right now. But I know all will be right as rain one day.
I love your enthusiasm for the season