Thursday, August 20, 2015

Flirting With Fall......

Yesterday there was a tiny hint of fall in the air as a cold front came through here!

Ruth Ann and I had been out and about for a little while in the late afternoon and we sure DID get excited about it!! There were a few drops of rain here and there in the metroplex - although none at our house until last night.

The Thrift Giant (right next to the Goodwill!) had 50% off on Wednesday.
Normally I have the quads here but yesterday we were quad-less so Ruth Ann and I decided to check it out. It was like a Mexican party! The store was packed and the announcements are made in English once and then in Spanish - over and over! Kids were running all over the place and nearly every shopper's basket was full and overflowing! I spent only $10 but we had fun!
Ruth Ann spotted these fall pillows for me and I love them.
They were only $0.75 each!

Rain began to fall last night so we sat in the gazebo and enjoyed listening to it.
After 41 days without any rain - we were sure glad to have it!

This morning I woke up to an even MORE fall like day!!!!

This is hard to believe but it really was chilly!!!
I woke up early and my sister, Deanie, had messaged me that she was sitting out in her back yard  in the rain fresh COOL air!!! I slipped out of the bedroom, leaving Louis Dean fast asleep, and took my coffee out to the gazebo, opening both the kitchen and the sewing room doors to this new cooler weather.

I love the sound and the smell of these crunchy leaves!
It wasn't long before Louis Dean joined me - actually it was two hours later but quiet time seems to fly by - and we did our reading outside. The air just felt so GOOD!!

I have been trying to store my decorations - or DEBRIS as it has been called - in such a manner that I
can get them down all by myself. I'm happy to say that LD did not have to go up into the attic at ALL!!! I did ask him if I could hand down the last of the tubs this morning, taking advantage of the cool temps. That attic is normally HOT at this time of year.

He also helped me move this small buffet away from the wall so I can paint the paneling.
I will be looking for wallpaper so I can redo the dining room. I'm going to do the room one wall at a time. I know. It's weird but I have a plan.

This afternoon was perfect sleeping weather. The A/C has been off all day - unheard of in AUGUST in TEXAS! After our sandwich lunch, I pulled back the covers and took a good solid two hour nap!

Louis Dean went off to play music with his friends tonight and I stayed here to finish my painting and empty some of the fall tubs.

The gazebo is wearing her fall gown tonight.
Deanie gave me these curtains and they are perfect for out here.
While we like to catch the breezes in the summer, in the fall and winter we like the coziness of curtains behind our chairs to keep the drafts down.

The house is slowly being transformed from summer to fall.
I like not having to decorate in a frenzy and it's nice to have the time to really think about where I want to put things. Seldom do I ever put the decorations in the same places as the year before.
It's kind of like having a blank canvas and getting to start over fresh each season!
I do not have a special Fall candle to light on September 1st - yet.
I know where I can find Morenci candles in Fort Worth so I am planning to buy one next week when I'm over there.

The man of the house is home now and holding court in the gazebo.
I'm thinking we might have a cup of hot chocolate tonight instead of a glass of wine!
This cool fall air will NOT be here tomorrow and we are supposed to be back up in the upper 90's!
I just turned the A/C on in our bedroom and went in to get something and it smells so good. The  A/C is cranked up and you can still smell the shampoo and cologne in the air from the shower I took earlier this evening.

While I thought I would get so much done this week, I have to stop and remember....
it's important to slow down, take breaks and rest.
I think I'm getting the hang of it.


Kathy said...

Fall is slowly taking over your house. I love watching it transform from summer to fall. Those pillows are really cute. Believe it or not you are cooler than we are up here in the north. We are in the mid 90s. Although we had a rain storm today, it didn't cool it off at all. It's still really warm and humid.

Vee said...

What a nice gift to have a day of fall drift down over the heat-weary land. We, on the other hand, have run the AC every single day all day for about a week. I run mine all day and all night. It's not the heat, it's the humidity. Sorry that you'll be rejoining us today.

What a great idea for wallpapering. I am assuming that it will keep chaos contained. And I do love wallpaper. So glad to see it making a comeback.

No quads? Shocked I am. Don't tell me that they started school or something, =D

Happy weekend to you...


Oh sweet friend, it doesn't only look like you're flirting! I love pumpkins and your home is looking like Fall! I'm so glad LD is looking good too!
I want to wall paper my entrance too. So where are cutest quads ever?!
Enjoy your weekend sweetie.

Susie said...

Linda, I am glad you had some rain there...and not too much. I like your twinkle lights everywhere. So great to turn that blasted AC off . We have ours off for a few days here. Opened some window yesterday and aired out this house. I just love doing that every so often. In the picture of LD looking up...I see all those tubs of decorations. LOL. I bet LD enjoyed being with the music makers. Does he ever play his guitar in the gazebo? Wishing you two a wonderful day. Love you, Susie

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I cracked up when I read 'Mexican party'! I can picture what that must have been like lol.

It's autumn like here up in Massachusetts, but I'm surprised to hear Texas cooled down in August. I don't think it should be cool at ALL until after Labor Day! Now if only Mother Nature would cooperate...

MadSnapper said...

everything is looking wonderful.. i wish we had your cold front. Gail in AR said she was at 54 today... we have had cold fronts that it stay in low 80's but the humidity went to nothing so the same temp was cool.... send cold front now...

Arlene G said...

We have had cooler weather too Linda. It is so refreshing. Love those pumpkin pillows and only 75 cents??Great buy!

Kelly said...

I'm jealous that you've been getting cooler temps that allow you to turn your A/C off! I'm glad that you have finally gotten some rain. That was a LONG time to not get rain! We had a rainy week this week but it didn't cool things down too much. It just made things even stickier and muggier! Ugh! But, our grass is happy for a change and that makes me happy. I love that quote you shared about just breathing. That is good to remember. It sometimes seems like we're wasting our life if we don't fill every second of it with something productive. Resting is productive too right? Ha Ha.

Wanda said...

Your start is so are such master decorator. I couldn't wait Linda...Don got my bins down, I went through and only chose those things I can't live without in my decorating is limited..(small, small apt.) but I love the look. In fact I posted it today
I love your pillows... I would have grabbed those up...and the price! My goodness. I love your thrift stores.

I hope you will pace yourself, and rest between all the work you have you tons, sending hugs.

Beth said...

Hi Linda! We too have had 3 days of cooler temps and I'm loving it! Reminds me of Colorado. Back to August heat tomorrow for us here in Iowa. We aren't as hot as you all, but high 80s and some 90s are common for August. Always enjoy visiting your blog, Linda. Enjoy your wknd!

Penny said...

As busy as ever Linda. I am intrigued by your 'one wall at a time' scheme in the dining room! No doubt all will be revealed.....! X

Carla said...

Falling leaves already. None here but then we are a few hours south of you.
Those pillows cost .75..? That's crazy awesome. No rain here during that time either. We can see and smell the rain but at about a mile to the north of us the rain clouds split literally and goes around our neighborhood. Grrr We have had a good rain since but it's dry again.