Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Last Full Day With HALF of the Quad Squad!

Praise God for children who like to sleep late!! That fits right in with us! No one woke up before 9:30 this morning and it was 10:00 before we gathered in the den to watch cartoons and eat a breakfast of fruit and yogurt - and of course COFFEE for us!!

While I took care of some housekeeping chores, Granddad went to his music room where he knew the girls would soon follow!

Kailey LOVES to sing and she LOVES the microphone!!!

Kailey singing with Granddad - but NOT the same song!!!

Logan sings with a very pretty little voice!

I would love to say the girls were well today - but as Kailey told me when she woke up this morning, 
"MeeMaw, I'm still a little bit sick."
And so she was. Let's just say there was a REASON she is sipping Gatorade and eating crackers.
There's also a REASON I was on my hands and knees cleaning carpet and floors today.

We spent the rest of the morning pretty much in the den watching videos from the library that invariably STOPPED right in the middle and we would have to put in another one and then when we got into it - THAT one would stop! After three of these - we gave up! No more videos from the library!

Louis Dean helped me as much as he could but he is still at 50% or LESS!
His knee is causing him a great deal of discomfort and I think I know why!
He became very ill shortly after the knee surgery with acute bronchitis and was too sick to do his exercises. AND he didn't wear the knee brace they fitted for him.
Now he IS wearing the brace and trying his best to get back to his old self - but he is SO not there yet!! To say he is discouraged is putting it mildly.

I fixed a really good lunch trying to cheer him up!
I made salmon croquettes the way my Cousin Gay told me she makes them - and discovered nearly everyone but ME makes them this way! I mixed the ingredients for the patties and rolled them in finely crushed cracker crumbs instead of flour - as my mother always did. I had some good vegetable crackers so I pounded them fine and the patties turned out DELICIOUS!!!
Served with mashed potatoes and green peas - Louis Dean was a happy man!!

NAPS are a God send!!!
Today I settled everyone - Granddad included - in the den.
I read the very last chapter of Farmer Boy and the girls were out like lights.
My Louis Dean is really a knight in shining armour!
He sent me off to nap in my own bed while he stayed in the den with the girls.
I slept for two solid hours! When I got up, Logan was STILL sleeping!!!
LD said Kailey slept for maybe an hour!

Kailey helping MeeMaw in the kitchen....

Kailey and I made Dilly Bits while Logan continued to nap.
I saw Logan shaking each can in the stack of tins I have in the utility room yesterday.
I knew what she was looking for!
I promised them we would have a fresh batch today!
They LOVE these crackers!!
I use oyster crackers and toss them with a mix of olive oil, dry Ranch Dressing, dill, garlic salt, and any other seasonings I feel like throwing in there. They make the BEST ever croutons!

When Logan woke up we snacked on the crackers and strawberry donuts and then did their nails!

Such tiny little fingers and tiny little toes!!
I was reminded of when they were newborns at 29 weeks 5 days - you could barely even SEE a teeny tiny nail!

I am so proud of these kids! AND their awesome parents!
Amber and Mike have been away for a few days enjoying some time together.
Before the babies were born I told them about what Pastor Ed Young, Jr. preaches......
Children LEAVE - Parents STAY!
It's important to keep the marriage strong and then the parenting will happen just fine!
I am proud of Amber and Mike for doing that and THAT is why we try to help out every way we can.
AND I tell Louis Dean, the grand kids will LEAVE. They are NOT here to STAY!!
It helps to remember THAT, too!!!

So in honor of Louis Dean, I made TWO good family sit down together meals today!
Kailey said - as we said prayer - "We're eating together as a FAMILY!"

He took the girls outside while I did the dishes and they helped him water the back yard and take out the trash.

Sleeping arrangements!

Then HE went in to take a hot soaking tub bath while I took the girls out front to help me water there.
I did shower baths on the deck and even brushed their teeth out there! Easy peasy!

We gathered in the living room to start the first chapter of Little House on the Prairie.
By 9:00 it was time for bed!

I've been doing some things around the house and then sat down to journal.
It's nice to enjoy the quiet house knowing the girls are sound asleep.
They have had a good time but they still miss their mama and dada.
It will be late afternoon before they arrive to take them home so no normal Tuesday for me.
Although......I wonder if they would like to go up to the Goodwill with me? It's never too early to teach them the thrill of the hunt!
And then we could go to Sam's for the things on my grocery list. The Pharmacy staff have prayed for these quads since before they were born and would love to see them.  And THEN we could go out for lunch!!!
It MAY be possible - but I would need to go to bed right now and get plenty of sleep!
I am tired to the bone.
AND Louis Dean just got back up and is in the kitchen frying himself an egg.
Guess that home made meal didn't quite do it for him!
Ah, I will do damage control in the morning!


darlin said...

Linda your grandchildren are so adorable, it's awesome to come here for a visit and watch them grow and being nurtured as well as showered with so much love, you and LD are amazing grandparents and Amber and Mike are doing a phenomenal job of raising the quads, it's busy enough with one baby let alone four so hats off to all of you and bless your adorable quads!

Amber said...

You are such a good Meemaw!!! We will get there as quickly as possible tomorrow. And I agree about the library movies - I have gotten several and had issues with just about all of them. No more for me either. Drives both me and the kids nuts!

Penny said...

A busy day for you and Louis Dean, so sorry to hear he is still struggling with that knee. Hopefully wearing the brace and doing his exercises will help him get moving again. X

MadSnapper said...

love that duet and sorry LD is still under the weather and oh no on cleaning the carpets and the reason you had to... tell LD i said excercise excercise is the answer to the knee. mine was so bad i could not walk, and now is fine.

Arlene G said...

Meals around the table are so important. I always try to do that when my grands are here. Yes...stomach bugs hit my house when I had a little visitor back in January. On the plus side, I did get a new comforter!! Hope you got some rest today.

Debbie said...

i don't know how in the world you fit in all that fun and how in the world do you get them to go home??? hehehehe

i think Kailey was singing that frozen song....i know the name, i just can't "let it go"!!!! hehehehe

Nita said...

Their should good children, I love Kailey singing and I love that Louis Dean puts music in their life and your already teaching the thrill of the hunt! The quads have so many good experiences and examples in their lives. I think that's awesome !

Judy said...

You make the best of memories with them! How nice for their parents to get away on their own.

Carla said...

You know how to make memories with the kids. Love how the girls love to sing with LD.