Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hanging in there!

Louis Dean and I are hanging in there with allergies! We sound awful and aren't feeling the best! All this coughing and choking and gagging just wears us out!! I went to Quadville alone yesterday because LD had a stomach bug on top of his allergies and asthma! The babies missed him and kept asking for Granddad all day long!

I love getting them up from their naps!!

Trystan 'helped' me put up laundry!

We played for awhile in the nursery so Amber could prepare the new playground area they just made for the quads!

Harrison was pretty fascinated with my LARGE bottle of water. Carbonated flavored water - to help with all these allergies. I feel as if I need to gargle with Drano!!

We pretty much trashed this nursery!! Amber never batted an eye!
I put some temporary tattoos on the girls' hands - mine included!
Trystan wanted hers off - or so I thought!!

Harrison is talking in sentences these days and is a regular Polly parrot!

Amber got the playground ready and the babies were let loose to PLAY!!!

Or just chill and take in a little sun!!

It was so nice to get the kids out in the fresh air - without having to haul them somewhere - loading and unloading them in their car seats!!

I love how they dunk their faces in the water!

Fresh air and sunshine are so important!!

Harrison is rejoicing!!!

Playgrounds and play!! Nothing better!!

More equipment will be coming shortly and that should fill up the whole area!

While they were napping yesterday I was busy making up three batches of Texas Trash!
That's Chex Mix on steroids!
My kids LOVE the stuff and I wanted to make some for Amber to take on her quad mom retreat.

This morning we arrived early in Quadville. Louis Dean was feeling better and had missed seeing the babies.
Since we will be going down to his son's ranch pretty soon he didn't want to miss a chance to visit the quads.

When I say we got there early - that means it was before 9:00! Barely a few minutes before!
The babies were still in their cribs - some of them still sleeping.
LD said, "Take a picture of THIS!!!"

Amber was upstairs dressing when we got there but she had already prepped their breakfasts!
"Take a picture of THIS!" he said!

Then the playroom!!! The beginning of a day in Quadville!

While Amber doesn't drink coffee herself, she always keeps a supply handy beside her Keurig for those that do - along with flavored creamers! She puts the finishing touches on breakfast as I sip a cup of java and we prepare to go upstairs.

Louis Dean is making this a photo journey! 
I took over the camera after this shot!!

Just as we thought! The babies were SO excited to see Granddad!!!

They all love him but Kailey seems to be especially attached!

She only had eyes for him and smiled adoringly at Granddad all morning!!

Even during breakfast she never took her eyes off of him!

While Amber had an errand to run the babies and I played in the kitchen!
Don't all babies everywhere love tents??

I also had some help emptying the dishwasher!

Everyone got excited when Mommy came home!

These are good times watching the babies grow!

I love how Logan 'reads.'
A-B-C  A-B-C!

One of the secrets to the success of Quadville is THIS!!
Amber and Mike and their deep abiding love and devotion for each other.
The babies are blessed to have these awesome parents!
SHE holds the fort down when HE goes on hunting trips!
HE holds the fort down when SHE goes on her very first Quad Mom Retreat!!
She gathered up a few other fellow quad moms and organized a retreat!
My daughter has some amazing organizing skills!!

This was Amber this afternoon as she prepared to head south with two other moms in tow and meet up with three OTHER quad moms!!

Her latest post is I'm Leaving!
Leave it to her to even have a blog post ready as she departs!!

As is my custom (apparently!) on Thursdays - I'm sharing the photos I posted in my 
'Throw Back Thursday' on Facebook.

20 years ago this month my oldest daughter, Summer, joined me in what was Amber's first 'away' synchronized swim meet. We arrived by way of New Orleans stopping at the Cafe Du Monde for beignets!

We went on to Houma, LA for the meet then returned home stopping in Galveston.

Our last stop was in Spring, Texas at a tea room I had read about.
Everything in that tea room had come from London.
Years later Amber and I visited London for her 21st birthday.
Summer promised the kids a meal at McDonald's after we left - everyone was still hungry!!

I love the fact I have kept a paper and pen journal for the past 28 years.
So many 'memories' I would have forgotten had I not recorded them and added photos to the pages.

Wishing Amber and her sister quad moms a wonderful weekend!!!
Wishing Mike and all the other dads the very best as they try to fill in for those amazing women!!
We will be there for Mike come Saturday morning!!!


Vee said...

He's holding down the fort alone? Yikes. =D I hope that the quad moms have a great respite. Hope that you and Louis Dean are feeling better.

Sweet Tea said...

A retreat is a wonderful idea for these very special moms!
Hope tomorrow is a "feel good" day for you and LD.

Ginny said...

That is a long time to keep a journal! I am so sorry about your bad allergies! I have awful ones and am on three meds. The quads are adorable! And how did they get /or who built the big special table with the high chairs, it is large enough for all of them and just super!

Denise said...

Love all the pictures. Did Amber and Mike fence off an area in the back yard for the playground? Hope you and Louis Dean feel all better tomorrow!

Linda said...

So sorry to hear that you and Louis Dean are feeling under the weather, Linda. I pray that you both heal well, and quickly...lovely photos, as always.

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great post, Linda! I thought I had a lot of busyness going on. Bless all of you with those 4 active darlings...they really are all over now but getting fresh air is the best! Good for Amber getting away.

Hope LD and you are recovering from the allergies. I hear we are going to have a terrible summer everywhere. And his picnic.

Love your throwback were and are a very stylish lady! :)


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hugs for everyone. Love the outside play area.

Deanie W said...

I love this blog post! Watching these wonderful children grow is such a gift! I remember seeing them all for the first time on the day they delivered. We prayed so much for them & Amber! I know how scared we all were & look @ them now! Of course we are still praying:) our family is very blessed:)

Sandra said...

the back yard photos are truly awesome. and i love the empty table shot with teh sunshine.... we are battling allergies to....
i see they have the art of climbing down pat...

Kelly said...

I love the playground that is set up for the quads! I bet it's fun watching them play outside and a great way to get fresh air and out of the house. Amber is so organized! Thank goodness for that. I bet it will be good for Amber to get a chance to meet up with other moms in her same situation. Hope you and LD start feeling better soon. We have a lot of pollen still too. Sneezing and blowing my nose is part of my day everyday now.

Susie said...

Linda, I hope you and LD are doing better ...nasty allergies. Those little ones are amazing me how quick they are learning now and talking too. Hope Amber enjoys her girl time. Blessings to all, Susie

bj said...

As always...a post full of love...and fun. Xoxo, bj

Gypsy Heart said...

These little ones are growing so fast and are totally adorable! I will never know how Amber manages...she does have extraordinary organizational skills and I'd say a high energy level. :) I hope everyone has a fun weekend!