Monday, May 26, 2014

Red, White and Blue!

photo from Facebook

Today was a day of remembrance.
Congress passed a law in December 2000 that at 3:00 pm local time, all Americans should pause to remember and honor the fallen. It is called the 'National Moment of Remembrance.'

It was shortly after 3:00 that Louis Dean and I headed over to Quadville.
I had spent the morning pulling weeds and planting plants.
The rain made this task so much easier. It was still sprinkling while I was working but I didn't mind.
I baked a pan of Brownies and packed a few things to add to the meal tonight and then woke Louis Dean up so he could get dressed.

He seemed extra tired today. He asked me this evening, "Am I just getting old?"
I told him not yet!

We had fun seeing our babies!!

Logan loved my Flag shirt and started pulling it off my shoulders so SHE could wear it!

Never too young to be patriotic!

Later when Logan took it off - Trystan put it on!!

Even Kailey had a turn at wearing it!!

Then they started trying to wear my shoes!

These babies just keep us laughing!

Where is it???
They never get tired of that game!

We played inside for awhile and then played outside!

They love sidewalk chalk!

Trystan very carefully carried mulch from the flower bed to a big pot of rosemary on the porch!

I love seeing how much children enjoy nature and life itself!

Kailey would look up into the trees and fall over!

It is a special gift to have children in our lives.

They bring back the wonder of it all to us once again.

Mike fired up the grill and we ate some mighty good hot dogs and smoked sausages!
Potato chips, pickles, cantaloupe and baked beans rounded out the meal.

The brownies were a success - with Mama and Daddy as well as the babies!!

We came home and Louis Dean took his blood pressure. His arms and chest had been hurting and that makes him nervous. Blood pressure was good so I think he relaxed and has drifted off to sleep.
I am writing propped in the bed with the sound machine on as well as the window A/C and the ceiling fan.
All I have to do is put the computer on the floor and turn out the light!
"Thank you, Lord, for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
Please give us grateful hearts and remember the price that has been paid.  Thank you for paying the price for our salvation by sending your son to die for our sins. In Jesus' name, amen."


Jutta said...

My best thoughts for LD. Priceless moments you had with babies of yours. I too came home and will visit my precious loved baby today. How come in Finland where we have only two to three months summer months in a year the temperature droped to 6 C (like 40f)?! Not nice at all. Did you get the pics? Hugs from the COLD

Wanda said...

A precious post, and prayer. I hope your sweetheart is feeling real good tomorrow. I was just the two of us today, so I made a small potato salad and put BBQ chicken thighs in the crock pot. It was perfect for the two of us...I packed everything in my swivel hutch, and then watched the Dodger game. Now I'm ready for bed.

Linda said...

I am going to check my emails now!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I remember now! Weren't you the grandmother of quads? Or do I have you mixed up with someone else. They are adorable!! Just adorable. What fun!

Sandra said...

hurting arms and chest pain is not good. and when bob had his heart attacks his bp was fine. i say get him checked out... also bob was doing a lot of sleeping and resting. 2002 he had stints and 2007 open heart surgery. go to the doctor is what i say... loved hearing and seeing the joy of the quads and the food all sounds delish.

Vee said...

To have children in our lives is a special blessing and I love that you share your grands with us. Praying that Louis Dean is feeling more like himself this morning and that whatever is bugging will cut it out!

Susie said...

Linda, Please tell LD we all want him to get a check up. Things can creep up on us. Take care of yourselves too. xoxo,Susie

Sweet Tea said...

What a lovely day you had - in spite of the rain!