Friday, May 9, 2014

John Deere!

I am loving it down here!! Sherry arrived today and we were getting ready to tackle a picnic table project. I left my tea at the camper and was about to walk up and get it when she suggested I ride the John Deere!

YEAH!!! Those pink mud boots from the Tractor Supply place were SUCH a good investment!
I may have my work clothes on but I AM wearing make up behind those 'Fly Eyes' sunglasses!!

It rains every time we are here and this is an area we must get through to go from our camper down to their house. I am surprised it's not any muddier after all that HARD rain we had!!

Rain yesterday, last night AND this morning!

I found this hanging up inside the barn!

Isn't she a beauty??
One thing about all the rain - it sure keeps it a pretty green down here!

This was our project!

Ants stung me first thing this morning and my hand has continued to swell through the day.
I picked up a trash bag I had set down outside the camper to take to the storage building until we leave.
There IS no trash pick up here so we always take our trash back home with us.
Louis Dean sprayed the bags and the ant area. We do NOT want them in the camper nor do we want to carry them home with us by way of the truck!

THIS is where Louis Dean has spent the better part of this day.
One thing about it! He has got a LOT of rest!
He's actually feeling better every day but I am still watching him carefully.
He's my sweetheart and I hate to see him sick!

The rain is so good for the wildflowers down here!

I love to walk through whole fields of them!!

The rain left.....and then returned! Briefly!

It cleared up in time to put pork ribs on the grill down in the meadow.

Back in the camper I made cream cheese corn and garlic bread!

Just about sunset we gathered for dinner.
Sherry's daughter arrived from Dallas and made the party even merrier!
Pork ribs, potato salad, pinto beans, cream cheese corn and garlic bread made a wonderful meal!!

Robert and Sherry made a great campfire!

After dinner Robert asked me if I would like to pet a wild horse.
How many people can say they spent a part of a Friday night in the middle of a field petting a wild horse??
I can!!!

After sleeping most of the day Louis Dean is feeling SO much BETTER!!!
Praise God and thank you, Jesus!!!


Ginny said...

Your sunset picture is glorious! What can be done for the bites? You look might sharp in those pink boots, and I think they will be very well used.

Kathy said...

Except for those ants it sounds wonderful. I hope the swelling in your hand goes down quickly. That must really hurt. I'm glad LD is getting better. Hope he is back to himself soon. Have fun this weekend! P.S. Love your pink boots!

Wanda said...

Your never ending adventures at the ranch. petting a wild horse must have been as exciting as us seeing wild elk on the trip. (my SIL said, they are just elk, their are no un-wild elk...(city girl). So glad your sweetheart is feeling much better. Love your pink boots and sunglasses... I knew you had make up it.

Teej said...

What is cream cheese corn? That sounds good! Can you share the recipe?

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Hello lovely!
The sign from the barn...made me LOL!
May God Bless Texas and you, sweet Linda!
Happy Mother's Day!

( Healing wishes and prayers for your sweetheart!)

Vee said...

Every day a new adventure! You're wearing your make-up! Now I know that you're a real Southern Belle, Texas-style. Love the sign on the barn. 9-1-1 would be a little too far away, I'm thinking. So glad that Louis Dean is feeling better!

Susie said...

Linda, Glad to read at the end of your post that your sweetheart, LD is feeling better. It's time for him to have a check up. LOL. You sounds as if you are truly enjoying your adventure to the ranch. I would be so afraid of those darn ants. Take home critters like bugs, spiders, and ants...yikes. Take care of each other, Blessings for a wonderful Mother's Day, xoxo,Susie

Carole said...

I didn't know ants could bite! Love your gumboots (that's what we call your mud boots) Cheers from Carole's chatter

Angie said...

Yikes, those ants did a number on you. Hope you all got rid of those pesky things.
Petting a wild horse, I'm so jealous :)
Glad LD is feeling better. Prayers that he continues to improve!!!