Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mother/Daughter/Granddaughter Kind of Saturday and a Simple Sunday!

Saturday was a happy day!!! I spent the entire day with Summer and Rayne!!!

We met at the Cinemark 10 theater!

We are way cooler with our sunshades on!!

 We were there to see Frozen! My FIRST viewing!
Rayne has it at home but was happy enough to see it once again on the BIG screen!

We grabbed a quick lunch at Whataburger!
She said THIS was her 'Television Smile!!'

It's the weekend and she LOVES it!! LOVES it! LOVES it!!!

Next we hit up a couple of thrift stores! Summer and I LOVE Thrift Stores!!
I found this fish pillow which is EXACTLY like one I bought for the quads!!
We tucked it in our basket .....but then Rayne and I went to the Ladies Restroom and when  we came out - our fish was GONE!!!! I searched the entire store over peering into every basket on every isle and NO FISH to be found!
 Rayne was disappointed!

However we found a kitty cat that moved and meowed.

My super clever daughter was prepared with a battery checker!
They were GOOD and the kitty performed and it was a BUY at $6.93!

I also got this sweet dragon puppet for $2.92 !

We all came back to our house for the evening!

Rayne enticed Maggie out from under the table with treats!

Worked perfectly!!

Summer is a wonderful 'MUMMERS' to Rayne!!!

We had a grilled pork chop dinner with grilled rosemary zucchini and sweet potato tots, salad and watermelon for dessert!

This is the awesome life like kitty - no allergies!!!

Rayne loved the sandbox!!

She asked Granddad if he would sing her a song....

Louis Dean has sung this song for years but his memory slips on the words now.
Summer - quick as a wink - looked the lyrics up on her phone and he proceeded!!

Rayne performed a few songs for US!

Granddad needs to learn how to play these on his guitar!

We ended the day in the front yard!
This is Henry - the kissable tree!

This is the Grumpy Tree!!!
Whistling Pete is in the back yard!

Rayne is so precious!!
She is SO well behaved! Sweet!!! I could take her anywhere!!

We watched the sky and pecan trees from a pallet on the front yard.
We saw the pecan branches bending in the breeze and talked about the difference between a BREEZE and WIND! We watched for the first star to come out.
Good times making good memories!

Granddad had fun, too!

We were in bed by 10:00 last night and slept till after 8:00 this morning!
Fellowship Church for the 11:30 service and home for a lunch of leftovers!
Whatever we could find in the fridge was what we ate!
BBQ and chicken sandwiches for HIM and salad from last night and nachos for ME!
We watched a little one hour program I had recorded on the Hallmark channel.
Trying to steer clear of excess violence these days.
I retired to the guest room to take a nap and woke up to RAIN!!!
It was a real gully washer!!!

Louis Dean was out in the gazebo and it was raining SO hard I had to get an umbrella to walk the 3 feet from the French doors to the gazebo!!

Thank goodness he had already built a cover for the sandbox!

I had finished the lamps my step son gave me and this afternoon I  put them in the dining room.

I will need to get some lower watt bulbs for them....

but I think they look good here.
We have a wall of vintage photos behind them so it's a good match.
This summer I will be painting the dining room to match the hall - more or less.

I moved the lamp from the buffet over here to the antique sewing machine.
One thing leads to another.

I end this post with a pic from our side yard taken just seconds ago!
Still light at 8:30! Summer is on its way!!


Linda said...

Great photos, Linda, as always, and that pork chop dinner makes me wished I lived close to you. LOL! :)

Ginny said...

The lamps came out beautifully, I also love the shades. Too bad about the fish pillow, but you still got some great things. Louis Dean is a great minstrel, does he ever sing the kids to sleep? The cat looks exactly like a real kitten! Good thing he had the sandbox all covered up, or it would have been a mud box!

Pondside said...

What a treat it is to spend a day with a daughter and granddaughter! You are, indeed, blessed!

Wanda said...

Gosh, you have so much fun and share it with all your beautiful family.
Love all the pictures, and bummer that someone took the fish from your basket. Cute smiles all the way around...and both look mighty cool in your shades!

Sandra said...

i love your refurbished lamp... Rayne is just adorable.. I enjoyed your day...and the singing... i can't believe someone took your fish, but then yes i can...

Estelle's said...

Well Linda...I love it all! Precious videos of LD singing, your little granddaughter singing....the delicious food, thrift store gems.....what lovely smiles from everyone! I love visiting everyday! Y'all are such a beautiful family!

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Linda, You really know how to pack a day with love and fun!
Wishing you a blessed Monday!

Jan said...

Sounds like a wonderful time making sweet memories!

Susie said...

Linda, That little Rayne is precious. I could listen to her all day. I bet she will be singing,"let it go" from Frozen. Seems all the little kids love that song. You have a wonderful weekend, So happy for all of you. xoxo,Susie