Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lunch Date, Goodwill, Art, Power Outage! All in a Tuesday!

It was last Tuesday when I came down with a bad case of allergies. I can even tell you what TIME!
4:00 in the afternoon! Texas in April is nothing to sneeze at! Literally!
It's been a solid week of hacking and choking and coughing!
SO....when I woke up this morning I decided I needed a bit of cheering up!
I called Amber and suggested I take her and her quad squad to lunch!

If that little face doesn't cheer my heart nothing can!!!

The babies were troupers at loading up in the car and Logan even climbed up in her own car seat!
That's my girl!

They were very well mannered at Chick Fil-A!
Trystan MAY need to work on her sharing skills.......

but all in all it was a success!!

Everyone that passed us had a smile on their faces!
I think it is awesome how these little ones can cheer people up just by BEING!!

I love them all!!! All FOUR!!
Logan is still my mini me and I must say it squeezes my heart when she is so happy to see me!

When I arrived this morning Kailey and her mom were in the front yard cutting roses.

I went in to the play room and Logan was sporting these cool glasses!

See??? I bet you're SMILING at this pic!!!
See what I mean about the blessings of children cheering us up?

Trystan takes her TV very seriously!!
She had confiscated the remote control and accidentally taken all the batteries out -
thus interrupting her Bubble Guppies program!!
Oh, DEAR!!

It did me good to see the quads and hear their sweet voices and visit a bit with my daughter.
You could say I 'got my bucket filled!'
I helped Amber get them unloaded from the Suburban - they go in a line like little ducks from the car through the garage and into the house! We got them all down for their naps and I told them I would see them in the morning! I am SO happy they live close enough so I can be there in just a few minutes when I 'NEED' a quad fix!

SINCE it was TUESDAY and SINCE there is a great Goodwill store just a little ways from their house - 
that's where I headed next!

I made another GOOD haul from GOODWILL!!
Three acrylic wine glasses for Louis Dean, an autobiography of Henry Fonda, Life of a Slave Girl - both will be great books to read aloud! Various and other sundry things filled the cart and I was a happy camper!

I came home all smiles and after putting away all my goodies started vacuuming up all the cottonwood fluff that started falling yesterday afternoon! Once again I can tell you the exact time they started falling! 2:00!!
We had the French doors open - which is a foolish thing to do since we have all these allergies - and the fluff just drifted on in the house!

THEN it was time to put out the oil paint!
I surprised everybody tonight!
I cleaned out my paint box! Paint BOXES!
I had two.
A big yellow tackle box and a cardboard one.

I had some tubes that dated back to the 1970's!!

WHAT a mess!!!

Artists are seldom tidy!!

But just LOOK at THIS!!!
Louis Dean had bought a new tackle box for our upcoming trip down to his son's ranch.
I asked to see it and LO and BEHOLD - it is now MINE!!
No worries! LD will buy himself ANOTHER new one!!! Soon......

THIS is the odd but still workable tubes of paint!
Thanks to Ruth Ann who came early to class and would tell me at intervals while I was sorting and tossing my oil tubes - "You're doing GOOD!"

The other  ladies arrived shortly after and we began to paint.
NOTE* They were ALL properly impressed with my neat oil paints!!!

We painted less than an hour when the power went out!!
We all took our tea and went outside to sit and visit.
After awhile we decided to use lamps, cell phones and flash lights to see to clean our brushes and call it quits.
Just as the last of the brushes were done - the lights came back on!!
We still called it an early evening and after visiting some more everyone went home and I came out here to join Louis Dean in the gazebo!

The wind has died down and my coughing has greatly improved!
Actually the wind just STOPPED! Abruptly! 
Allergies are weird things but I'm not taking any chances.
We will be sleeping in a sealed room with the window A/C on.
I have babies to see in the morning and I would rather NOT be coughing and hacking!!


Amber B. said...

Really enjoyed your visit today! I love sharing my time with the babies with YOU!!

Ginny said...

They are really sweet angels, and Chick-Fil-A is a good place to take the little ones. Ours had an indoor playground for the really little ones. That is a whole lot of old paint! Does your Goodwill put out the new things on Tuesdays?

Linda said...

Poor you with your allergies, Linda. It's getting to hay fever season here, but as I write I have the bedroom window wide open to let in the damp morning air - not too much pollen flying today!
You are an inspiration with your cleaning up and sorting out - we are about to embark on a long period of sorting out, following our son going off to Australia for a year. I will pop back here for motivation!

Vee said...

Well you have just answered a question I had about oil paints. My daughter paints and I just found her father's paint box in my basement. Go figure! So I'll be passing those along to her directly.

Oh you dear girl for taking the family out for lunch. What good children eating their lunches. I know that you'll be happy for the day when they all climb into their own car seats. It really is a big help. I can remember when it started happening around here five and six years ago and my back was ever so happy.

Feel better, my friend, and don't let the fluff in!

Angie said...

What a wonderful visit you had with the Quads. I imagine they can cheer you up like nothing else can.

Looks like you made out like a bandit at Goodwill! Is that Halloween decor I see?

Yay for cleaning out your paints. You had A LOT of paint. It looks nice and tidy now though.

Hope you feel better soon Linda!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So sweet, they are...and so grown up already!


Oh Linda, aren't you enjoying life with your wonderful quads God gave you? Wow, I can see all the fun they are and they sure have grown in front of our eyes. Thanks for sharing, too cute!