Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now WHAT Day is This????

Normally I write my journal entry at the end of the day with the exception being Wednesday since that's the day we stay late in Quadville. I am so far behind in journaling I have lost track of the days - both here and in my paper and pen journal! I am over a full WEEK behind there. Life can get busy!

We stayed a few days in Quadville this week and as usual - there is a lot happening!!

Tuesday Louis Dean and Amber picked up some BIG climbing/sliding things for the new playground while the quads were napping!
Amber - aka BAM BAM - put that sucker together by herself with just a tiny bit of help from LD!

The kids get so excited they can NOT wait to get out there!!!
(I know! The pics are not exactly in order! THIS pic was taken on Wednesday....not Tuesday.)

The Quads LOVED it and went racing from one area to the other!!

I see HAPPINESS in this picture!

My photos are all out of order because - as I said - I have my days mixed up!
This one shows how Granddad lays down on the job!

Wednesday morning and the playroom is all ready for the day.

We hung out in the living room for awhile. I noticed Logan looking at the picture of her daddy!

She misses him when he's gone.
Mike is one SUPER dad!!

While Logan was talking about her DADA Kailey was watching Opening Bell with Granddad!

Harrison was playing with some Wikki Stix his Aunt Deanie gave them.

The quads LOVE getting dressed and when Amber put all the outfits down each girl picks the one SHE wants. So far this works out pretty well.

Harrison get the only BOY outfit and only occasionally has to fight Kailey for the jeans.
He got Grandma's camera!!!!
These kids know all about cameras!!!

I think he wanted to take his first 'selfie!'
I am still trying to get the quads to say 'Grandma.'
They have 'Granddad' down pretty pat now.

We were out on the playground yesterday and I pointed to myself and asked Harrison, "Who is THIS?"
He practically rolled his eyes at such a silly question and said, "YOU!"
So I may or may not be's leaning more toward MeeMaw!
I bet I answer to anything they want to call me, what do you think??

We had playground time before lunch and then before dinner Wednesday evening.

They ate both meals outside on their little picnic table.

Yesterday afternoon I fixed Louis Dean and myself cups of coffee.
I had forgotten about giving Kailey and Logan tastes of it on the tip of my finger ONCE!
Kids never forget anything, do they?
Logan came up and kept putting her finger in her mouth and pulling it out!
Oh, yeah! They wanted a taste! I had made a cup of caramel coffee and they did like it!!!

I hope I have made some sort of sense with this post. We came home last night before dark. We had been gone 11 days. Louis Dean unloaded and I put everything up. It was wonderful to be HOME!
This morning I slept til 9:00, had coffee and Bible reading and prayer, paid a bill or two and then went back to bed at 11:00 and slept til 1:00. 

This afternoon we had a nice visit with my sister, Luann.
She was coming from the Dallas VA Hospital where her husband is being treated and stopped by here.
We sat out in the gazebo for awhile and then I talked her into staying for 'supper.'

This was the photo I used today for Throwback Thursday on Facebook.
It was May 1986 and Amber was one year old - nearly!
I had forgotten how I used to make matching outfits for Amber and me.
Back then they didn't have the cute baby clothes they have now!
It was taken on Mother's Day at Crestview Baptist Church.
Summer and Jesse and Amber. Benjamin was born in 1988.
Doesn't Kailey look like Amber???

Would you believe it is not even 8:00 and Louis Dean and I are already wanting to go to bed?
I am NOT going to get this far behind in my journal again!


  1. The mother/daughter dresses are adorable! And I love the quads own little Adirondack chairs. They are so cute in the morning in their P.J.'s. I also love the ones at the top of the new slide and crying at the door. I don't know how she has the energy to clean up the playroom every night... Our granddaughter could not pronounce Grandpa, so she called us BOTH grandma!! Yep, Phil was a grandma for quite some time!

  2. You have always been talented @everything you have done! Your children are the same way & I bet 4 little quads will be just as good.@ anything they do! They have started early & that is fintastic! Love the play ground:)

  3. It makes perfect sense to me! Now I know that you see Amber in Kailey, but I noticed that she also looks a lot like her dad. They all must be combo kids (as most of us are I suppose). Harrison is so funny. You may become the only grandmother in history to be called "You."

    Glad that you are home and now I hope that you get a few days to relax before you go all crazy again. Oh! What am I thinking?! It's Friday!

    Have a good one.

  4. Love this post! The playground is super! What a nice place for them to play. My grandkids call me Memaw so that isn't a bad name. Try to rest a little bit this weekend.

  5. What a thrill the new playground equipment must have been! No wonder you're a little behind, Linda. I'm tired just from reading the post and I haven't lifted a finger!