Monday, October 7, 2013

California: Day 3 ~ Napa Valley and the Wine Country

This morning Summer and I left the big city behind us and headed north to the wine country.
As much as we enjoyed the hustle and bustle of San Francisco - we enjoyed the calm quiet unhurried pace of today every bit as well.

I love traveling with Summer!
 She does her research at the end of each day and we plan our next day's adventure. 
She mapped out our route, bought a groupon at a cool place for our lunch and booked us a great hotel room. So we were off and running - in a leisurely fashion, of course!
The lunch spot is called Sweetie Pies.


A bit of browsing through the cute shops of Napa followed.

Summer - being the clever girl she is - booked ahead for a Chocolate and Wine Pairing conveniently located just down from the shops. No crowds, no fuss, no problem! I love it!!
We tasted four different wines - all excellent!
The rest of the chocolates were boxed up for us and we have them with us in our hotel room tonight to enjoy.

The art is Napa was interesting. Just a bunch of twigs fixed together, painted white and laced with white lights. I can SO do this!!

We got a big kick out of the giant chair!

I wasn't sure I could get up there - but I DID!

More creative art using all sorts of metal things from hub caps to dog bowls and everything in between!

We are having such a good time. 

My sweet first born daughter! 
She survived having an extremely young mother and lived to laugh about it!

We drove on north through vineyard after vineyard!
They are everywhere!

We toured the Artesa Winery and felt like we were in Italy!

I truly feel as if I have stepped OUT of MY life for a bit and am now seeing how other people are living theirs!

This winery is said to be one of the most scenic and I believe it!

Pinot Noir grapes growing.

Is this not the BEST picture to close tonight's journal entry???
Summer took this pic at the Artisa Winery.
I'm using it as my profile pic on Facebook!

The wine was delicious.
The food - and chocolates - were good.
The day was relaxing.
The pace was unhurried.

We are safely ensconced in our lovely hotel room with a fresh bottle of wine, an avocado, some grapes, crackers, bread and cheese, olives and pears.
The hotel made a mistake on the date and had us as a 'no show' last night even though we didn't even book the room til quite late last night. The manage apologized and gave us a suite! I am smiling as I write this! Everything just seems to be working out so perfectly!!
Thank you, God, for this awesome time with my oldest daughter!
His timing and plans are always perfect!
This is truly OUR 'time!'


Melody Olson said...

That looks amazing! Wine tasting...mmmmm
My Grandma lived in Sonoma for years and years!

P.S. I noticed you are on facebook...I couldn't figure out how friend request you though!?

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Such an amazing place. I love the rich earth, history and culture of the Napa Valley. You and Summer are making so many wonderful memories!

Kathy said...

You and Summer are having such an amazing time! I loved Napa also -- so beautiful. Oh to be as organized as Summer!

jackie collins said...

Love the photos! You do such an amazing job of taking us along with you. we can see what you see. THANK YOU! Getting to spend this time with your daughter is such a gift, your smiles are so big. Thank you for taking us along with you. Enjoy!

Deanie W said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation w/the rest of us! Pic' s are beautiful , I love the one of you standing in the BIG chair:)

sonoma wine tours said...

Our family spent the holidays in napa last year and it was a great family trip. i love napa very much sach a beautiful place.
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Changes in the wind said...

What beautiful pictures and especially like the one of you standing in the chair

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So beautiful...Napa Valley in fall! So glad you could share this time there with your daughter.

Sweet Tea said...

We were there about 8 yrs ago - beautiful memories!! If you get the chance to make a side trip, be sure to visit "Julian", it's a beautiful little village and it's all about "apples". We loved that place!!

Elizabeth said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

Debbie said...

You are always having so much fun, or perhaps creating it?? Love the name of that restaurant, the food looks delish!!

Louis Dean Chapman Sr. said...

Great Post, My cute little Blond

Susie said...

Linda, You are blessed to be with your beautiful daughter. I am so happy for you both. You are making memories that will last. xoxo,Susie


What a wonderful trip and how wonderful to be with your lovely daughter, it's always great to spend time with the our dear girls. Thanks for coming dear Linda.

Linda said...

Linda, what a blessing! Looks like a lovely time and your daughter is beautiful.

Vee said...

Your family is the most you and Summer are closer in age than she and Ben. This all goes to prove that age is just a number. It really doesn't matter. Love matters and it is obvious that you have a loving family. So glad that all the little details are working out for you both. Keep having fun! (I think you must put Summer on the case for a family vacation. Rent a big house in the Tetons or something wonderful...Maine's a nice place. ;> )