Saturday, October 12, 2013

California: Day 7 ~ Back to San Francisco!

Our trip has come to a close. Summer and I have had the time of our lives seeing so many beautiful places here in California. However, it is time to go home. Our flight leaves tomorrow around noon and before we can blink twice we will be back in the swing of our 'normal' life.

We woke up in Ukiah. We're going to sleep in South San Francisco. 
Tomorrow we will be back in Dallas in time for dinner. Life goes by so fast!

We had breakfast at a diner called Henny Penny this morning and the first thing I noticed when we walked in was this BIG BOX of WINE!!

Talk about wine in a box!! Louis Dean will get a kick out of this when I show him this picture!

On our way back to San Francisco we stopped for one more wine tasting at Kendall-Jackson.

It was a perfect way to end our wine country experience!

We may have lingered longer than we meant to but the weather was perfect and we were relaxed so we found ourselves sitting out on the deck just chatting. We were brought some water and I will be buying some of these water bottles when I get home. I had sparkling water - I love all sparkly things!!

We toured the vineyard and gardens on our way back to the car.

Everything grows here and I can see why Louis Dean misses a garden!

Blue skies and mild temps have been the norm for this week.
Not one drop of rain has fallen while we were here!

I'm going to miss Starbucks in the middle of the afternoon with Summer!

Once again, Summer did all the driving today. We arrived back just in time for rush hour traffic.

No problem!!
This will NOT be our view come NEXT Friday!!

We drove to Fisherman's Wharf for one last dinner......

I'm going to miss San Francisco!

We walked around and enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a Friday night!

We have had a wonderful time.

A snippet of the street entertainment this evening.

We are now in our hotel room. 
Our bags are bulging with the extras we have accumulated while here.
It's been a great week!
We'll go home loaded with so many memories of this trip!
Summer and I have always enjoyed a vacation three times!
1 - anticipating the time as in saying, "This time NEXT week we'll be riding a cable car!"
2 - Living the experiences!
3 - RE-living them as in saying, "This time LAST week we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge!"

I talked to Louis Dean several times today and he thinks we need to have a new rule that we can't be apart for more than TWO DAYS!! He said the house doesn't look 'too bad!'

I'll close with this collage from Summer........

We love you, San Francisco!
But we have to go home now.........


jackie collins said...

I have so enjoyed your photos, they have been gorgeous! You have such a talent for taking us blogger along with you, I have loved this experience right along with you! Thank you Linda for sharing! I'll bet you get a great big hug from Louis Dean when you walk in the door!

Kathy said...

What a wonderful trip you have had. Thanks for taking me along. Now back to reality.

Vee said...

Thank you for sharing your most excellent trip with us! Happy flight home!

Wanda said...

You make me feel like I was on the trip with you. Even though we just met...I feel I already know you through your pictures. What a grand trip. Love the picture of you and Summer. We have a dear friend that lives in Athens, TX.

Kelly said...

Summer certainly seems to be a sweet daughter and did a great job navigating this whole trip together. I hope you have a safe trip back home and enjoy sleeping in your own bed when you get back. I enjoy traveling too, but there's no place like home!