Thursday, October 17, 2013

Under Construction! Totally REAL Pics!

It's Thursday night and we have accomplished a lot today!
Louis Dean took me bright and early this morning for my colonoscopy. Talk about six degrees of separation! One of the nurse's son takes Karate from a teacher who was trained by my step son. Another nurse knows one of Amber's quad mom friends. Steeces Pieces! 
It is such a small world! 
The best part of the whole procedure was the stuff they gave me to go to sleep! It was wonderful!
As soon as they called me back to give them my insurance info, Louis Dean popped up and said rather loudly, "Good luck!!!" When it was all over he pulled the car around to drive me home. 
The papers all said I could NOT drive, make important decisions, etc. I WAS able to tell LD to turn right out of the parking lot and left on MacArthur. Then I nodded off. I woke up when he discovered we were headed to Coppell! He had turned RIGHT instead and driven a fair distance before noticing he was going the wrong way! The delivery men had called to say they were on their way and arrived just as we did!

All they had to do was get the stove IN the house!!
It's a bit crowded in there.

The microwave is sitting in the living room - for the time being!

I left Louis Dean to work on the wall while I took myself off to the bedroom, shut the door, and turned the sound machine UP! I had the best three hour nap ever!!

When I got up he was still at work.
There was a hole in the wall which he ingeniously stuffed with plastic Walmart bags and then used ROCK HARD water putty! He works miracles!

The 'nice piece of plywood' (which he had stored in the back yard) is now on the wall.
It has been Kiltzed and will soon be painted.

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon this stove will be in the proper place and I will be cooking a large pot of bean soup on it and have a pan of cornbread baking in the oven!

Since the house is such a wreck I took a break and went outside.
Everything is still looking like spring so far. Cooler weather has arrived but the leaves are still green so it doesn't really look like fall - yet!

Tomorrow I am going to take my chances and leave Louis Dean at home.
He really is as handy as a pocket on a shirt and he really CAN fix just about anything!

I'm closing tonight's journal entry with cute little Trystan!
I meant to use this in last night's post but it was on my phone.
Apparently I'm not techy enough to fix the problem so the only way to get the pictures is to 'Share' on Facebook. Emailing them to myself no longer works - for whatever reason!
I'm pretty sure my grand niece, Andie, can help me sort this out!
That kid can do just about anything!


Denise said...

I hope LD doesn't decide to move that stove my himself!

Kathy said...

I hate getting new things for just the reason you mentioned -- things are messed up and temporarily stored all over the place. I know by tomorrow everything will be back in place and you will have a wonderful new stove to cook on. How wonderful! You are fortunate to have a husband like LD that knows how to do everything!

Deanie W said...

Happy you had your procedure & it's over. I so agree on the meds:) good stuff, now you know why I said take a good nap:) You & LD are always busy & accomplish so much, I'm in awe of the two of you! I love the cover photo on your FB page!

Deb said...

glad the test went well...and you got some rest...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm smiling...about not knowing how to get your pic's off your cell phone. It's easier said then done, I know! Enjoy your new appliances.

Vee said...

Glad to know that the test had the added benefit of a three-hour nap! You deserve one.

Well, I'm sure that it'll all come together beautifully. Perhaps it has already been accomplished.

Sweetest picture of Trystan!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I need a good sleep also however I will pass on another test like you had just for a nap LOL
I need to read more about your blog to find out who the baby quads belong to somebody has their hands full

my next door neighbor is getting a new kitchen and has been coming over to my house to cook her & her husbands dinner
it will be beautiful when finished but you know the mess


Susie said...

I hate those scoping Linda. But we do what we have to , to stay healthy. Hope everything is up and running and all is well at your house. Take a break girl , you and LD need to sit in the driveway and relax. xoxo,Susie

Wanda said...

You are blessed to have a hubby that can "fix" things. My dearest is the sweetest man ever, could preach a wonderful sermon every day of the week, but don't give him tools.
Love sharing your pictures and journals of your life. Loving our new friendship.

Linda said...

It is great that you got a good 3 hour nap in, Linda! I am glad the test went well.

Sandra said...

one word... YIKES and Trystan is gorgeous

Carla said...

Glad all went well. LD an David are a lot a like. They can fix and do just about anything. 99.999% anything. ;o)