Monday, October 21, 2013

Kitchen Progress and Invasive Weeds!

I dress up for doctor visits! It always makes me feel better for some reason. I had TWO appointments today. Now I think it is just regular checkups for the next 6 months! Love that! Love having insurance!

As soon as I was home for good I joined Louis Dean as he worked in the kitchen.

He is moving on with the floor!!

This is much easier to install than what we used in the bedroom and bathrooms.

It goes right over the existing floor.
Easy peasy! Not really but it is easier than the other options we had!
The wall paper in the kitchen is 30 years old. It was expensive and I did a good job of hanging it - back in 1983! SO.....I decided to paint it. I had already painted a good portion a year or two ago. How time flies!

This is behind the refrigerator - only a little bit will ever show but Louis Dean insisted we kiltz and paint it!
I'm not painting the front of the cupboards. I like them pretty much the way they are so I plan on cleaning them really well, sanding them lightly and then using a stain/sealer to brighten and freshen them up.

While HE worked inside......

I worked outside pulling up these invasive weeds!
I don't know WHAT they are called but left to themselves they will take over your entire yard!
I have been pulling some up every day!

Not only are the WEEDS blooming - so are the roses, lantana, mums, liriope, looks like SPRING!

I came in to assist LD in finishing out the area behind the fridge and helped him put it back in place.
Fully one half of the kitchen floor is DONE!
No pretty picture to end the post but I am hoping for pretty tomorrow!
I don't know WHY change for the better makes SUCH a mess - but it does!!
I was able to get in the kitchen long enough to make my chocolate chip cookie dough.
I'll just have to get up early in the morning to bake them!

It is growing cooler tonight so I'm not sure if we will have wine by the fireplace and watch a little TV ......
or grab a sweater and go sit on the driveway. It's a Win WIN!! either way!


Amber B. said...

Don't get too worn out - the babies are full of energy and will be ready to play on Wednesday! So nice we can look forward to y'all coming and seeing them once a week and momma loves the help!!

Amber B. said...

Oh, and the kitchen's looking good too! Like the new stove!

bj said...

Thank you thank you thank you for visiting with encouraging words...and for following me.

Your kitchen is gonna be sooo pretty....can't wait to see it all finished.

Vee said...

Bet that the office appreciates your dressing up. I haven't dressed up for over half a decade. Wonder what John would think if I did. LOL!

Your darling is doing a splendid job in the kitchen. Soon he'll be baking up a storm, too.

Wanda said...

My goodness, Linda, you did have a busy day. I love our insurance too, it pays for everything, and it paid for my cancer journey back in 2009 completely..cancer free almost 5 years now. You kitchen is sure coming together nicely. I enjoyed getting up this morning to my clean little kitchen.
Have a great day Linda, don't work too hard.

jackie collins said...

Your kitchen is looking so good! I love the green! Good job!

Susie said...

Linda, Is there anything you and LD won't tackle?? It seems you both will try to fix or redo any thing that needs it. You'll be happy when it's all done. xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

I have the same question as Susie... Is there anything y'all won't do or can't do. David can do most anything but then he's stuck with me who isn't into that kind of stuff. I think they call that work. ;o/