Saturday, October 5, 2013

California: Day 1 ~ San Francisco!

We are HERE!!! Summer and I have had THE best day!!
It started EARLY though!! I was too tired to sleep last night and it took me a long time to pack!
I think I slept nearly 3 hours! Summer arrived just as I got out of the shower and in minutes we were heading to the airport!

Louis Dean will be UNSUPERVISED for a week!
Be still, my heart!!

I miss him already!

Summer and I LOVED the first class flight over here! Three and a half hours FLEW by!!

We started out with Mimosas and then enjoyed a delicious quiche with fruit and a cranberry orange muffin!
The flight time literally FLEW by! We each napped since our seats moved into a sleeping position and arrived fresh as daisies and ready to roll!

We first headed out to the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building.

Lots to see.....
We're saving the clam chowder served in sour dough bread rolls for tomorrow when Ben joins us!

It was a happy place this afternoon......

There was a farmer's market with everything there!

Lots of free street entertainment!
This young guy could really dance and sing and it brought out our 'Mother' hearts!
We sat as his audience and dropped some tips into his suitcase.

We strolled along the piers and spied this lone leaf floating in the bay.

We would walk and then find a spot to sit and just people watch or listen to the creaking of the ropes and wood on the boats anchored at the piers.

I have been to San Francisco many times but I ALWAYS take a pic of this sign!!
It's my favorite!

Ghirardelli  Square was a must stop place!

Our little California rent car and THE perfect parking spot!

We then drove around the streets of San Francisco......

refreshing our memory of  'the lay of the land' as we say.
Summer and I make perfect traveling companions! You see, she's my daughter and in many ways we are so much alike. We joke about it but we often - and I mean OFTEN! - say the same thing at the same time! Or make the same gesture in unison! We laugh about it but sometimes we think it's spooky!!

We found - of ALL things!! - a Goodwill Store on our way to the motel!
We had already shopped at Safeway for our California dinner tonight: a bottle of wine, a loaf of Asiago Cheese bread, a tub of olives from their awesome olive bar and some cheese. I found a book and a fall leaf/pumpkin candle and that is where we are tonight! As I write, Summer us taking a power nap and then we are going to the movies.

It has been a wonderful day in San Francisco! 84 degrees!
Back at home - as soon as our plane lifted off - FALL arrived with cool temps and rain!
I hope it sticks around until I get back home!!


Luann said...

wow looks awesome. It is COOL here. I had to put on my warm jammies. Glad your trip has started off so well. Pace yourself and have a great time.

Vee said...

Beautiful scenes of San Francisco. This is going to be great to see the city through your eyes; however, another entire week of my not knowing what LD is up to is going to be a challenge.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Linda! I must have missed a page of your journal somewhere along the way! It's you and Summer in San Francisco! Isn't the weather amazing today? Our Cougars played in Berkeley and we're watching the Huskies at Stanford as I write. We had 68 degrees today and it's supposed to be 70 tomorrow!
It looks like the the weather is going to be lovely this week in that beautiful city by the bay! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Kathy said...

I can tell you are having the BEST time. Your pictures remind me of my time there. You show a lot of the places I visited. Even though I was there for only four days YEARS ago, I still miss it and want to go back.

Blondie's Journal said...

First...I'm so happy you are away and having fun...but please tell me the airline that has reclining seats!!

Can't wait to hear more!!


Marsha Young said...

Sounds like a picture-perfect day! :) So glad for you both.

Angie said...

That picture of you and Louis Dean (the second one) is so precious. You can truly see the love between you all. I'm sure he's already missing you like crazy. Well that is if he isn't busy fixing (tearing up) something LOL!

I'm so jealous, I've ALWAYS wanted to visit SF. It is the one place Anika has always wanted to go too. I hope one day her and I can take a Mother/Daughter trip there. It looks like such an amazing place! I am going to really enjoy all your pictures

It has been in the 80's here too but rain is in the forecast for us tomorrow night as well as a temperature drop.

Hope you two have a blast. Don't forget to post, I want to see everything!

Say What? said...

Oh My Goodness. Your pictures are beautiful and the weather looks amazing. Have tons of fun. Can't wait to see pics of this trip!

Pondside said...

What a great trip this must be. I've never been to SF but it is all familiar from years of movies and TV!

Leslie said...

Hi Linda, First time stopping by:) Great pics and I like the way you start out with a Mimosa! San Francisco is a wonderful city with so much culture, good food, and shopping. Thanks for the virtual tour:)

Nonnie said...

Great pics and looks like a womderful time with your precious daughter. You are having some amazing times. I love the pic of you and LD. Looking forward to seeing more pics. Who else would think of taking a pic of a leaf on the water? Pretty.

Susie said...

Linda, So glad you and Summer are safe at your destination. It'll be a great day when Ben shows up to escort you girls. Wishing you a fabulous time. xoxo,Susie

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You picked the perfect time to visit San Francisco! We we5re there in October a few years back...and had such a wonderful time.