Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Dressed Up and No Place to GO!!

We worked all day and stopped in time to set the stage for tonight's Halloween Trick or Treaters!

The wine was poured in our goblin goblets - even though Louis Dean protested at how SMALL they are!!

I donned my hat, shirt and cape and filled a large basket with the 'good' candy!

Louis Dean struck his 'Walter' pose! Have you seen Jeff Dunham's comedy routines?
Louis Dean IS a 'Walter' at times!!

I'm not really drinking doubles tonight! Just holding LD's glass as well as mine.
THIS was how we spent the evening.....

THIS is what Louis Dean did during the day!
He has the kitchen floor in all the way to the utility room.
We'll stop at this point since that room needs additional work!

Being the SUPER man that he is - he also single handed put the shell back on his truck.
He is AMAZING!!! His mind works in physics! He is a master at making things work!
I worked while HE was working - just on different things.
I had my hair cut - it reached that magic moment when it was just TOO long!!
I am too old to do high maintenance hair!
I had it cut SHORT back in 2001 and it has stayed short ever since.
I also made a Sam's run. WHAT would we do without Sam's? We have a good relationship with our pharmacist which is a MUST when you get to be our age and require so many prescriptions!
Coupled with house cleaning and fetch and carry for Louis Dean I stayed pretty busy all day long.
It's hard to believe that tomorrow is November 1st! Autumn is flying by and almost gone!
This is probably the last Halloween we stay at home.
Next year I bet you will find us out and about with four 2 year olds as they trick or treat for the very first time. OR we will host a dinner or something. We MUST keep Halloween a FUN time of the year!
We now have 365 days to think of some special plans to make it so!
Normally Louis Dean reads the Ghost Eye Tree to the grandchildren and this year we FORGOT!
We were WITH the quads on Wednesday and could have read it then. He read it for them last year.
He has read it for Jesse's children and for Raynie.
This year he did not read it at all which is very sad.
It's our bad because we were simply busy and FORGOT about it.
I guess this is a lesson that we must pay attention to traditions lest they get lost and discarded by the wayside. Note to self: Sugar Plums, Christmas Letters, Decorations!
Traditions are meant to be KEPT!!


Kathy said...

I love your front porch. Hope you got lots of kids to eat that "good" candy. I know with 365 days you will think up something very special for next year. Too bad about the book, but I bet you will never forget it again. And it isn't too late to read it to the quads next week.

Linda said...

Linda, it is such a joy to visit your blog! You are always into some project and your photos make me feel warm and cozy inside.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Trick or treat!
Ohhhh this house is filled with pure Texas hospitality, style...
... and the "good candy"!
Thank you!
Happy Halloween!

Kelly said...

Looks like y'all had a nice Halloween. Next year, I'll bet you'll love going trick or treating with the quads! The little bitty kids are the cutest.


Oh wow, look at this gorgeous 'Lady witch!' You both look amazing and I bet you had a terrific Halloween! Yep, I think like Kelly, I was just gonna say! Bet the four cutíes will go Trcik'o'treating with you guys too!!! I'd love to see that, lol!
Have a wonderful November weekend, sweetie.

Vee said...

Oh yes, next year will be very different. It does look as if you knew how to enjoy the evening all the same.

darlin said...

Linda I love how you get in the spirit of every holiday or occasion which comes up, you are one ambitious lady and it's no wonder on thing slipped your mind... you're always on the go doing something or another. It keeps the heart young though I believe so good on ya! I love your Halloween decorations and as I mentioned in my response to your comment on my Halloween bit, I'm totally looking forward to seeing adorable x4 next year!

Have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Carla said...

Doubles?..... That's your story and you're sticking to it. LOL. Love the pictures of super LD flexing his muscles.