Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wednesday: Handmade Memories

Sights and sounds from Quadville today!
Wednesday is 'our' day to live in Quadville.

Louis Dean arrived first this morning giving me time to get myself together.
These allergies have made me feel older than my mother! 

I brought a piece of tulle from Leah's wedding and the babies loved it!
It doesn't really take much to entertain them. Everything is new to them!

I found another handmade treasure from Amber's childhood.
I marvel that I used to have the time to make things like this!

All three girls enjoyed played with it together.

At one point this afternoon Logan reached out and put her arm around Trystan.
As quick as I try to be with my camera - I am never quite quick ENOUGH!

I knew Kailey would enjoy the crown from my 65th birthday celebration.

I'm going to kill us with an overload of pictures here but Louis Dean is so darn cute!!

He has long arms and they sure come in handy!

All the babies love him so!

I guess you can tell he loves them just as much!

I love watching him with the babies - he is so entertaining!

He's so tall and big and has this huge personality - who KNEW these babies would have him wrapped around their fingers?

He went home and I stayed here. Mike is away on business and we don't think it's a good idea for Amber to be here by herself with 4 babies overnight. 

I love this picture of Amber and Kailey. 
I am so grateful Amber gets to experience the joys of motherhood!
Watching her with her children is one of God's blessings to ME!

I brought these colorful nesting cups back from my trip last week.
Seawall Blvd is a must for strolling, seafood, shell shops - and a Goodwill!!

I meant to do the fall craft with the babies today but I only got as far as painting the pumpkins.
The kids will put the stickers on in the morning after breakfast to make them all polka dotted!

Just look at the dinner Amber cooked tonight! I am constantly amazed that she cooks nearly every single night! She added grilled polenta slices with cheese to round out the meal.

I contributed some freshly baked cookies for dessert.
This was Trystan's favorite part of the meal!

I'm adding some cute snips of the sights and sounds of our day.
You can tell the allergies have affected my voice.
I don't even sound like myself!

Yesterday was a long day for me with a doctor visit taking up most of the afternoon.
Ruth Ann and I missed our movie but we still managed to hit up the Goodwill and then do some art.
By the end of the day I have been dragging but I am SO glad we got to get at least SOME art in!
Our Santa had us scared! We had begun to doubt our ability to 'pull him out' so to speak!

This is the gift bag that we used as inspiration.
We had based him in a week or more ago - and it wasn't looking good!

After a good solid hour of painting I began to think I can DO this!!
Santa still needs 2 more sessions and a large dose of personality but I have every confidence he will be ready for Christmas! I will paint one more like this and then I have yet another set of Santas to paint.

The other day Amber and I went to Walmart and I found some 'wall art' clingy things for $0.97 each!

This morning before I left home I put one on a piece of wood I had painted back when I was doing the hall.
I place it on the ledge above the mirror in there and really like it.

Be your own kind of Beautiful

I like that!
Now I'm ready to reach over and turn out the light. Louis Dean will be here for coffee in the morning then I will leave and he will stay.


Kathy said...

There are never too many pictures for me. I look forward to Wednesdays and Quadville. I'm always glad to look at your videos. It's like a little visit.

Hope your allergies are better soon!

Sandra said...

the santa painting is gorgeous!!!! and i love all the pics of Louis Dean and the babies, that is a real arm full... he looks as happy as the babies do....i love that doll and bed you made.

Susie said...

Linda, Amber and the children are blessed to have you and LD. You are good and helpful parents. There' s a lot of love around all of you. xoxo,Susie