Thursday, June 8, 2023

Never a Dull Moment!

I was so excited about having a 'Tuesday With Brenda' as we had not seen each other in ages!
She picked me up at 11:15 and our first and only thrift stop of the day was Texas Thrift!

I found so many treasures!!!

Brenda found the yellow pillows for me and knew I would love to use these in the gazebo!
FOUR brand new purses!!!
TWO Vera Bradley bags!
THE most distressed pair of jeans I've seen!
These will be fun to wear but I will be adding some light denim behind some of the tears.

Another Brenda Find - six yellow place mats!

A curtain for the camper cabin!
There were some other treasures but lots of activity tonight so I pared this journal entry down a bit.

Monday evening I was watching a movie on Netflix while cleaning the den - and our TV died! Just like that. Earlier on Tuesday I had talked to Louis Dean about getting a new one and we both agreed to wait until after my Canadian friend, Linda Chapman's visit.
We agreed!

So Brenda treated me to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and I was telling her about the air tags Summer had given us. One is in his truck, One in my car. And One labeled LD which is just on a table at home.
I decided to check out where everything was and it showed our address!

It came up a huge rain event as we were headed for my house and I just randomly checked location again and this time it showed LD's truck at Irving Market Place. Brenda made a U turn and we saw his truck just a mile or two from where we had been. Best Buy!
By this time the rain was a real downpour and people were standing inside the doors at Best Buy waiting for it to let up. Brenda pulls up and I get out and march into the store becoming drenched in the process. As in clothes sticking to my body and hair plastered to my face.
I asked the lady at the front where TV's were and she pointed - and I squished my way back there. I spy Louis Dean pushing a buggy - empty! And I walked up to him and he didn't miss a beat or bat an eye but told the salesman, "And here's my little blonde now!"
He didn't seem surprised in the least that I turned up right in front of him!

Long story short - the rain finally let up some and we transferred my bags from Brenda's car to his truck and headed home.
He was a little ticked when he found out I had 'tracked him down' but he got over it.
He said, "I'm NOT feeble!!"
And I agreed with him and said he was NOT but he could not remember squat!

We got home and I cleaned the den really good and decorated it with my sunflowers before we started on food prep for Wednesday.
We were up until 2:00 in the morning getting it all ready to go in the oven.

I made all the foods Mother used to make when we were kids.
She would go to work before we got home from school and there were times when she left food cooked on the stove for us.
Pinto beans, cheesy potatoes, meat loaf and peach cobbler.

We took all of this over to my brother, Lonnie's house and Deanie and Charlie met us there.

We had a good meal and a great visit!
It's so good to just BE together!

We took dinner in to Nita's Mike and his sister on our way home.
Mike is continuing to heal slowly and is still having physical therapy come.

It must have been the food and the comfort of being together but I was so sleepy on the drive home Louis Dean had to keep talking to me so I wouldn't go to sleep!

I cam right in and went right to bed for two hours!

Before I started cleaning on the foyer and living room, I went in the den and lit candles and took pictures.

I do so love a clean room!

I'm cleaning the house room by room in anticipation of my friend coming on Sunday.

Back in the day, my house was ALWAYS clean.
But that was before LD....

I spy a kitty cat!

Celebrating the season with sunflowers!

We hope to go with Brenda on Friday to Costco to buy a new TV.

Right after I took these photos, a huge storm blew in with winds, hail and HEAVY rain!!

I love a good storm - especially if it stays outside!

I didn't even THINK about water getting in the house since we have two sump pumps and all the French drains LD has put in. I actually said something on Facebook about it.....

Alas, I spoke too soon!
Water poured in like a rising creek and we spent hours sucking it up in the kitchen.
No worries. We have been here and done that countless times before.
At least it was just the kitchen!
NOPE! The den had three seriously wet areas - again.
So it was like old times!!!

My kitchen floor was due for a good scrubbing - but this wasn't what I had in mind!

I loved Sue Grafton and have read all her books - A to Y!


Anonymous said...

Looks like LD needs a plumber’s help for this! But he won’t want it. You amaze me with your calmness about things like this .❤️

Donna said...

Love all your "finds" at the thrift store! I think I'm going to check out those air tags...never can be too careful.
The food looks wonderful...glad you got to visit your Lonnie and Mike. It's been raining here as well but nothing like what you got! Goodness!
Would you believe that as much as I love a good mystery, I've never read Sue Grafton?
Have a sweet and peaceful day!

Vee said...

Those leaks are a nightmare. Just before company is coming, too. I'd be slightly frazzled, but that's when you say calm down, we've done this before. Praying for the good guys to win.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

When it rains, it puts in your case. I hope you get all dried out before your company comes in. Your home looks so warm and welcoming. I do love sunflowers!

MadSnapper said...

you had quite the day, hope it all stops before the other Lind a Chapman gets there and the water is oh no no no again. so sorry. the tracker is a super idea and glad you got there just in time. you will need help from your son when you get one, they are not plug and play any more. I lost my religone several times very loudly trying to get ours hooked up a few months ago. and Bob still can't use it, so you will have that to deal with also..

Ginny Hartzler said...

It's a good thing you weren't at the ranch when this happened! Isn't there any way to fix it? I know around here, there are professionals who specialize in finding and fixing where water comes in. What a huge success your thrifting was!! I love that huge home sign, did you buy it? I dread when we have to buy a new T,V,! The Mad One says the smart ones are so hard to work.

Logan Bell said...

I can not wait to come over today!

photowannabe said...

Oh Man!!! That rain sure messes things up for you. I truly don't know how you keep yourself on such an even keel...
I do hope all is dry and taken care of before the other Linda Chapman comes to visit.
The sunflower decor is so you and perfect.
Take care

Wanda said...

Well you've done it again! I'm exhausted from following you around the thrift stores and all that time in the kitchen making delicious and wonderful meals.

You use of lites and candles and colors for the seasons are so refreshing. What a cozy and wonderful atmosphere you have for your family and guests.
Everyone must love coming to your home.

You look lovely and take care of Linda.

Carole said...

More water.... You'll start to grow webbed feet... Cheers

Deanna Rabe said...

Ah, just when you think the water leaks are conquered! You handled it well.

I love that you and LD are such a great team. Cooking together, dealing with the water, shopping.

What great deals you found at the thrift store!