Saturday, March 11, 2023

Fluffing up for Spring!

 That's what I do - I fluff up things.
I fluff up my hair, my face, my clothes.....
and I fluff up my home!

If I didn't change out the decorating so much - I would have a much easier time keeping house.

But, alas, it's what I DO!

And I'm a keeper of so many things!
This little bunny was originally from Avon.
She's sitting on the box holding CDs by the stereo.

The basket of robin eggs sits above.

I didn't add much in the way of spring debris in the living room, but I did dust and clean it really well.

We may be needing a new roof and the roofer guy said he could come out and look at it early Friday morning - as in 7:00-8:00 early.
I told him we were late risers but I could set my alarm.
He laughed and said to expect him between 4:00-5:00 that Friday afternoon.

I was outside working on the porch decorating when he arrived.
He will be back in touch with me sometime next week,

Louis Dean is jumping up and down insisting he can put a roof on and I know he's done one before on his house in Brownwood - but that was back in 2009!

There is NO WAY on earth I would let him get up on our roof!!

We had a nice dinner that night and sat out on the driveway with our evening wine.

I'm working with the black and white plaid as I am really liking it.

It seems to adapt to the different seasons pretty well.

I've felt a bit blah and went to bed early nearly every night this week.
Last night it was 7:30 which is just about unheard of for me!

Today (Saturday) I have felt more like my old self - and now Louis Dean is feeling off his game.
Wonder if we have Spring Fever?

His right shoulder and arm hurts like he's pulled a muscle.
I rubbed Ben Gay on for him and he took a nap while I cleaned and decorated in the den.
Last Thursday we pulled stuff out of the den closet so we could go in there when the severe weather hit.
I didn't get it all put back in until today!

The entire house is all cleaned up now EXCEPT the guest room.
I will tackle that tomorrow and do our medicines for 4 weeks.
We are leaving for the ranch on Monday as early as we possibly can.
I'm taking all my scissors to whack up a BUNCH of denim.
Plus I want to go back to writing my memoir and clean and organize the front room.

We are looking forward to having a campfire in the evenings and sipping our wine as we look up at the stars. The baby goats are bigger now and I can't wait to see them!
Dean tells us everything has turned green down there and Sherry says they have plenty of eggs.
We'll get to stay 10 days or so and I can't wait to BE there!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Being at the ranch will soon get Louis Dean out of the doldrums! Your spring background is very pretty. And I love your front door and porch! Hope you remembered to spring forward tonight!

Donna said...

No Way would I let my hubby Larry up on our roof Either! He's 75 and has No Business up there! Our roof is metal now (25-30yr warranty)'ll still be here way after we're long gone.
I love the black and white check design! Looks classy.
Enjoy the Ranch trip! I know how much y'all love it there!

Donna said...

PS- I Love your new blog background! SO Spring/Summery!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I love the quote at the end about dirt favorite...especially if woods are involved as well. I also love your background on your blog. Very shabby chic I think. I love roses. Your spring front porch is looking warm and inviting. I am happy for you both to be going to the ranch for a long week or so...that sounds wonderful! Just relax and enjoy! I know it will be cathartic. Have a wonderful time!!!

MadSnapper said...

I agree with Ginny that the front door and porch is beautiful and I really like the black and white plaid and you’re right it goes with just about anything you want to put on it. Sorry about Aldi shoulder and arm hope it gets better soon. So happy to hear that you’re going out to your favorite place on earth your country home. Enjoy enjoy

MadSnapper said...

Love that bunny!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

My son was just talking about getting older and not getting on ladders! My husband climbs up and down to clean the gutters. But the ROOF? Oh my! That's best left to the professionals. Your home and decorations looks so beautiful! You're inspiring me to do a little decorating!

Jackie See said...

Happy Sunday Linda! I love you being you!! I love that you have your own style! I can feel the memories when I hear you talk about your home, your porch, your gazebo. You have so many funny stories inside those walls. I envy your choices of things to do though. We live in a rural area and we have to make a day trip just to shop or eat at someplace special. I love when you post about your treasures on Tuesdays! How fun! I always tell people my favorite color is rainbow. Because my colors change with my moods. My style is comfort, yes, our furniture got the butt test before we brought it home. The other day I was sitting here wondering what I was going to feed us for dinner? Then I read one of your posts and you had made a beautiful salad. You inspired me to get up and open my fridge and start. Reading your blog is like sitting with a friend on the porch swing talking about our days. Thank you! ~jackiesee~

Deb J. in Utah said...

Your home is filled with love and lots of interesting things. Both of you enjoy your time at the ranch!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Just a few simple touches can change the decor. I'm putting out less and less here. I love doing it, but am getting behind with the seasons. The flowers I have out right now were leftovers from Valentines Day, but they do good for Spring, so will do double duty. A roof is a big expense but at this point of our lives, it's better to let someone younger do it all. Hope you can get to the ranch and have some good weather while you are there!

Anni said...

Oh Linda...I love your lighted porch!!!

Arlene G said...

Linda, I have that same black and white rug on my front porch. You are adapts to all seasons. I have been a bit down as well...maybe it is going around.:) Have fun at the ranch....that will perk you up!!

photowannabe said...

Love your whole post today. Yes when we get to a "certain age" no roofs!!
Hard for my hubby to admit that he doesn't belong on ladders and roofs.
He's 81.
10 days at the ranch sounds just about perfect for you two. Lots to do ...or not do....just enjoy!
Hope you will be back to full health.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. I’m having one of those weeks, too. We finally got some snow last night. It hasn’t seemed like winter because the lack of snow. Don’t let LD on the roof for sure. Enjoy the farm. ❤️

Debby said...

Oh Lord, No - do not let Louis Dean on the roof. It is hard to watch men get older who were "manly men" and who could do anything, have to sit on the sidelines and watch others repair or do the things they used to do. My dad was like that as well. He hated paying for gardeners.

Your home is beautiful and represents you to the very foundation.

Vee said...

Oh I don't like to hear that my friends are feeling off. I have always laughed over the saying that when we grow older we can get hurt while sleeping. Today I got hurt taking a shower. It's just pitiful. One thing after another. If spring has arrived at the ranch, that is definitely the place to be. Happy whacking!

(So glad that you are not allowing Louis Dean on the roof! )

Debbie said...

everything looks really warm, welcoming and wonderful!!