Saturday, March 4, 2023

A Visit With June, Jam Session, Stormy Weather, Hockey CHAMPIONS, and a Clean Dining Room!

 When I woke up Thursday morning Louis Dean was already in his music room getting ready for the jam session that afternoon. He was as excited as a little boy about to go on a greatly anticipated play date!

I dropped him off at 2:00 - we were running late and it started at 1:30 - and said I would be back in a couple of hours.

I think I'm going to enjoy 3 hours every week knowing Louis Dean is having a good time singing and playing music.

Seemed like a good opportunity to visit Kimmy and June.

They have two of the most precious little doggies.
Maggie - or Sophie - I forget which is which - is 11 years old.
 Isn't she pretty??

I took a baking sheet and a bag of fruitcake cookie dough and baked a fresh batch right then and there in their own kitchen.

June loved them!!! So does Kimmy!

She is still beautiful at 91 and I love her dearly!

The next hour I spent on ME.
Checked out a thrift store and then spent a few minutes visiting with my neighbor, Ilene, who was just leaving the Senior Center.

By the time I arrived in the music room, all of the other players had already left leaving just Louis Dean and Tom still playing.
Even after their time was up, Louis Dean played TWO more songs!!
It's great that Tom is such a good sport but I did tell him that his granddaughters called him 'One More Song Granddad! You have to set your boundaries!

I was in a hurry to get home as there was a serious storm approaching with a forecast of high winds, heavy rain, hail and possible tornadoes.
The sirens were all going off around 6:00 or so and we were advised to take cover!

Which I did!
Louis Dean had emptied out a stack of storage tubs holding quilts, blankets and pillows to make room for both of us, but only I went in!
He sat on the sofa watching Spectrum News and sipping a glass of wine while I watched from where I was perched on a stack of quilts!

By 7:30 it was all over and it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.
We lost power but it came right back on.
Our gazebo cover and curtains were shredded but we can buy replacements.
Roofing shingles were scattered about the yard and I plan on calling a roofer Monday morning.
Lots of branches and small tree limbs and debris still needs to be cleaned up.

So while we were watching the news and I'm hiding in the closet -
the Bell girls were playing in a Championship Hockey Game!

Which they WON!!!

These kids are ALL rocking HOCKEY!!!

We slept so well last night!
I love sleeping until I wake up naturally - which is usually between 9:00 - 10:30.
Then I spend another hour in bed in prayer and praise before joining Louis Dean for coffee.

I am loving our life!
We eat a light little something for breakfast - important for seniors taking medicine.

Our main meal is around 3:00 and today I made a really good salad.

Summer left us with lots of goodies.
I ate salad while fixing hot wings and potatoes for Louis Dean.

I've been cleaning and putting our home back together after the fall and Christmas decorating.
It's spring and Easter and yet I'm not feeling pastels right now.

I used a grape and wine theme in the dining room.

I need to figure out how to keep my candles straight in their holders!

The dining table is all set and ready to entertain.
Nothing planned yet but maybe a lunch with Brenda next week?
And a music/dinner party in April.

I set the table with different place settings every month.
My China cabinets and buffets are filled to the brim.

This is the 'history' wall - full of vintage photos of both of our families.
I'm thinking of changing this up but haven't yet decided just how I will do it.

Tonight I have been working in the sewing room taking down the very last of Christmas.
It's about time, right??

I watched this movie as I worked.
I'm looking hard for good things to watch these days.
Life is too short to watch all blood and gore.

What are some good movies YOU have seen lately??
Inquiring minds want to know!
Remember that saying?


Hootin Anni said...

What I do for my candles that don't fit well and tilt is this:...light the candle, let the wax drip into the candle holder cavity and set the candle in the cavity straight...hold 'til the candle is steady)straight. Works like a charm for me.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do the same with my candles. It works ! So glad your storm wasn't bad, some places haven't been so lucky . I'm thankful we haven't had any bad storms here either. Just lots of up and down temperatures. Your salad looks wonderful and full of nutritious things. I'm slow to get Spring out here, but have started. Slow is the only way I go these days. Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

MadSnapper said...

I don’t do candles anymore but when I did do candles that’s what I did and melt it into the bottom. About the movies I have started doing that too because I’m tired of watching people shot down with machine guns. Last night we watched saved by grace. The night before we watched the whales of August. And the night before that we watched strange weather. They are all on the faith-based part of prime video and last night I really loved that one it was my favorite so go with saved by grace for your next fieldGood movie. YourQuads are doing so great and all their sports and hockey. You are blessed to have them. What a great life they are leading. So glad LG got to play to his hearts content with other people. It will be a nice three hour break for you.

Changes in the wind said...

Just watched a movie yesterday called "Blue Miracle" and it is a true story.

Donna said...

I started watching Haute Cuisine on YouTube...a free movie about a chef who is hired by the President of France...So far it's been good but I need to finish it today. Larry and I went out to dinner so I had to leave it.
We caught part of those storms! Rollicking! But no damage here.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Linda. We saw all the tornados and storms on the news in Texas and I thought of you. So glad that you are safe and didn't have too much damage. It's good that Louis Dean enjoyed his jam session. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

Carol said...

So thankful that you were home when it was storming. We had horrible winds and a ton of heavy rain, but thankfully nothing serious. I don't know what it is with the winds lately, but goodness.

Anonymous said...

Fiddler on the Roof is a great movie and it's on BYU tv right now. A wonderful show that's on there also is "Making Good." Kirby Heyborne finds volunteer organizations and highlights one on each show. He's an incredible young man with a very kind heart and a magnetic oersonality.

Brenda said...

I watch Bluebloods on my Ipad every Sat. morning. My gran lives in NYC where they film...always signs for to television, I don't have regular tv...just Hulu and Netflix. I love THE CROWN on Netflix...on Hulu, I enjoy old Criminal Minds and found a lovely funny show, is hilarious...I enjoy movies on You Tube like Mary Higgins Clark, etc. I used to like Hallmark movies, but I don't love those anymore. Glad you are having a good March.

Brenda said...

P. S. When we owned the Hallmark store, we sold little things that went in the candle holders...also you can do the wax thing. The important thing is that if you do plan to light the candles, they must fit the holders...I don't do candles anymore except those with batteries. Enjoy...

photowannabe said...

Congrats on your Quads winning. they really do a great job.
I'm so happy that LD can go to his Jam Sessions. Its good for him and Good for you too.
Dave really doesn't enjoy movies so my viewing is few and far between.
I liked The Greatest Showman and the old musicals.
Your home looks so cozy and inviting. I'm sure you will have company to enjoy all those place settings you have.
I love reading your statement..."I love my Life".. LOVE THAT!!! I do too, despite the ups and downs.

Carole said...

Glad the storm wasn't too bad. Cheers

Granny Marigold said...

How sweet of you to take a cookie sheet and cookie dough to your friend's place and bake them there, no doubt filling the kitchen with wonderful smells.
Also wonderful that Louis Dean can meet and jam with others. He seems like a very social man.
I'm so thankful that the storm was not any worse for you than it was. How scary!
You look almost cozy in your tub of quilts *smile*

Chatty Crone said...

We had some tornado activity that night too.
Your salad looks so fresh and delicious.
Why didn't he go in the room with you.
I want a dog!

Debbie said...

your home looks so lovely, cozy and inviting!! the weather has been so crazy, good the storm was not as bad as it could have been. we got that rain and wind here last night, the wind was howling as i was falling asleep!!

love the go team bell sign and that gorgeous salad...could you send me some, it looks delicious!!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

So glad you were safe in the storm and the damages weren't too bad! Praise God! We just had a little windy day and a little bit of rain. We need a LOT more rain. Your home is so lovely and you decorate things so beautifully. I know I am slowly thinking spring decor. Just not quite up to it yet. I haven't watched any good movies in a long time. Oh, we watched Moby Dick the other night. I don't think I'd ever seen the whole movie before, but I love Gregory Peck, and even though he was more the "villain" in this story, he was still wonderful and played the part so well. It's an old "classic", and probably not for everyone. I hope you have a wonderful week. I am sure you will. You are so full of adventure! Watching you is like watching a good movie! :)

Deanna Rabe said...

Glad you had minor damage from that storm. So happy LD had found a group to play music with! It’s his thing!

Congratulations to the girls on their team win! Champs!

I enjoy British tv shows on Prime. If you have Netflix have you watched the Great British Bake-off? It’s really enjoyable!

salemslot9 said...

Maybe rubber bands/candles?
Was Andy Griffith movie any good?
I like him as Matlock.
I inherited my Mom’s
large collection of vhs/dvd movies.
I want to watch all of them eventually.
Do you have any favorite actors/actresses?