Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Mother/Daughter Day With Amber......

 Mother/Daughter Days do not usually happen per chance.
No, Amber and I plan ahead and, with the busy life she has with husband Mike and Trystan, Kailey, Harrison and Logan - all 8 and nearly 9 years old now - planning ahead is THE only way we get to spend some one on one time together. I stand in awe of how Amber juggles everything on her plate and still serves it all up as appetizing as any 'plate' can be! I am so blessed that she makes it a point to spend time with ME. We had slightly over 8 blissful hours together on Wednesday.
I arrived around 2:00 and we began our adventure.
I value her opinion and advice, and I was in the market for some new makeup as well as fragrance.
Next month I will be meeting my brother, Buster, and my two sisters, Rita and Lori, for the very first time.  It won't be the last time we get together -  I am certain of that -  but first time meetings are so important.

Amber took me to The Shops at Legacy in Plano, near where she lives.

Such a wonderful upscale place!
They even have a photo op all set up!

We shopped Sephora......a favorite of  niece Leah, as well as sister Deanie, and others in the family.

My three purchases.....
Amber was an enormous help in selecting products and shades and fragrance.
I wanted something that smelled classy and not 'old lady' and I found it!
Amber went on to shop Pink and I found a bench to sit and rest.

It was absolutely PERFECT timing when my brother Buster called me just as I was coming out of Sephora with my purchases! I sat on that bench and visited with him like we'd known each other all of our lives.....which we have not. But there may be something about being blood kin that makes you 'recognize' one another on a very special level.

When Buster calls me - this is the photo that pops up on my phone and my heart lifts suddenly every single time. Just looking at the screen and seeing his picture makes me smile.
Sometimes I go to his Facebook page just to 'see' him.
Crazy, right?
I am a Gage.....he is a Gage as is Rita and Lori.
I have 'my people.'
Not that my dearly beloved Deanie, Nita and Lonnie and Luann and Shari aren't my people, as well.
They are as much blood as my newly found siblings.
I am half sister to all  of them.
But I look like the Gages.....and I just love that.
Anyway, it was just perfect that we got to visit for awhile.
In 35 days and a wake up - I will be meeting my brother in person for the very first time.
I will always remember the first time I heard his voice - Sunday, March 21st at 2:00 in the afternoon.
I know that Friday, May 21st - just two months from our first phone call - will be even more special!

Amber and I both love a good movie!
She is especially fond of action films and she found one that fit both of us.

Bob Odenkirk so reminded me of a dear friend's husband.....Jo Ann.....does he not look like Ben???
I could so see Ben during the entire film!

We had a HUGE tub pf popcorn, she had a hot dog and I a chicken sandwich.
I even had my favorite cocktail - a ghost margarita!

The movie ended but we were not finished with our day - yet!
Amber shopped Old Navy and I went into Marshall's that was just next door.

I was looking for some white sports shoes and I found some!
I was wearing a pair of white Skecher mules that were a good 12 years old!
We continued our shopping at Target and I found not one - but TWO bathing suits!
Win! WIN!!!
We all already have our season passes to Hawaiian Falls for the summer!
It was nearly 10:30 when I got home!
I normally do not drive after dark, but I can get home from Amber's with no problem no matter the time of day or night! I was supposed to text her when I got here but I was so excited about everything, I had to share it all with Louis Dean and show him all my 'stuff!'
I went to bed last night with a full and happy heart!!!

I was still so excited that I got up early this morning - as in BEFORE 7:30!
I spent a couple of hours all by myself....sipping coffee....walking around the gardens and yard.....thinking....praying....reading.....

I called Lillian and checked on her.
Her voice sounded the same as on Tuesday.
I told her we would be back to see her before we go to the ranch next week.

And I spent the day cleaning and organizing.
The entire house is clean - except for the sewing room and the den.
They are disaster areas!
I paid bills and ordered some things online and did some computer work.

The cats are so big now!

They will be spending a couple of weeks with Amber and Mike and all the little Bells as well as their sister, Ginger! Not taking them to the ranch until things are more normal down there. Way too much stress trying to keep them in with all the open doors and open holes they can get into.

It's been a chilly rainy day here......
I've been listening to my music as I work.....

and have lit candles in every 'clean' room.
Louis Dean and I take breaks in the living room between his projects and my cleaning.

It's been a good day......
As I close tonight's journal entry....
I must tell those of you who follow by email that the entity that provides that service will not be doing it any more. It's called Feedburner and they will no longer support the 'Follow by email' as I understand it.
I don't have the skills to figure out what to do about the subscriber list.....
so I just thought I'd give y'all a head's up.
I think the service stops in June.

Thank you all for the kind comments on my last post and I truly appreciate the prayers for Devin and Lillian. Devin's surgery has been sceduled for April 21st.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I just cannot imagine how wonderful and exciting it would be to find a new family member, let alone your brother!!! I am so glad you will be able to get together in person!!!

Deb J. in Utah said...

I love your closing quote and add my hearty Amen! You will have to email me and tell me your bio-family story. I was adopted at six months old and found my bio-family (just bio-mom's side) back when I was in my 20s. It was such a memorable experience! I am so glad you got to spend a day with your daughter. Don't know if I told you, but my oldest daughter's name is also Amber. I have always thought it is a beautiful name. I love your fun and busy life! Have a good weekend.

Arlene G said...

Mother daughter days are the best for sure. What fragrance did you choose? I saw the bottles but was not sure. I have used Clinique aromatics for years. It may be time to change it up. Looking forward to your family reunion....what a blessing it is to finally have some answers. We all long to know our roots.

Arlene G said...

Oh I see it is Ilia and My Way...which one is the best, Linda?

MadSnapper said...

Yay for another day with Amber, I too love action films. have not seen this one.. my make up is Walmart Five dollar stuff, but has not been used in over a year, probably dried up by now. I am allergic to all scents now so don't have that to shop for. love the photo of your brother...

Changes in the wind said...

I can't imagine finding relatives you didn't know you had and am happy that you are excited about it and going to meet them. So glad you had a good day with Amber and that you had it all planned because you are right it doesn't just happen.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are blessed with such a great daughter and also lots family. Finding out your new siblings would be exciting. I love your closing quote on prayer. I too am a believer!

photowannabe said...

Just one year ago we found out that my Hubby had a niece he never knew about before. Interesting after all these years.
We haven't met yet but are in touch by Facebook. It was a shock to her to find out that the Dad she always thought was her biological dad wasn't. Things only came out after her dad had passed away.
Things always sound like a soap opera.
So happy you are in touch with your "new" family and I can't wait to hear all about the reunion.

Vee said...

Mother~Daughter days are good for the soul. Glad you squeezed one in. Between you being busy and Amber being busy, it takes a bit of doing. It's always exciting down there. Keep having fun.

Carole said...

I;m not sure about the Feedburner thing either - I have a Google subscribe gadget - hopefully people will use that. I don't rely on email subscription myself - I use Bloglovin' instead. Cheers

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

How nice that you and Amber were able to have all those hours together and such a wonderful shopping trip as well. I know how much you are looking forward to meeting your "other" family and it looks as if you already have bonded with Buster. Thanks for the info about Feedburner which I have never used.

Lisa said...

Sounds like the times I visit with my daughter. I let her show me around and we eat a fancy places and shop like sisters. Your daughter is beautiful like you. You are blessed.

BeachGypsy said...

Love the pictures of you and Amber, both of ya pretty as a picture! Looks like such a fun day and I do love that long pink fringed sweater you had on, that is really neat. Was so sad to hear about Lilian, any news on her? I forget if y'all are headed to the country this weekend or not, if so, have safe travels...and have fun there okay? I know it's your "happy place" for sure. Y'all have a little garden going there, right? Bet you're looking forward to seeing what all is growing and/or blooming. Hugs my friend!

Debbie said...

the picture of you and amber is adorable, you both look so happy!! we have not been to a movie in ages - COVID - has kept our theaters closed!!

the photo op spot at the shops is really special, i wish all areas had set ups like that!! your faith, it is a beautiful thing!!

Deanna Rabe said...

So many exciting things happening! What a blessing!

I know your siblings on your dad’s side are going to love you!