Friday, April 30, 2021

A Beautiful Friday!

 It was such a beautiful spring day here in the DFW area!
Soft showers fell throughout the day and the air was as soft as the showers!

I flung open both French doors as soon as I got up this morning - because I could!
Louis Dean will be anchoring the left one down in the next few weeks and repairing both doors.
But for today - they both stood wide open!
The sounds and fragrance is wonderful!

Happy Friday Morning!

Since it was wet outside, and the pillows were damp, I sat inside the kitchen, having pulled a chair up to face the door.

I spent my coffee and prayer time right here.
You can see I turned an old pot upside down to use as my footstool.

I stayed home all day long!
I would work out in the gardens and then come in and clean in the den.
It has been a couple of months since I had cleaned that room.
For whatever reasons, we simply haven't been in there much lately, now that we don't watch much TV.

It was nice to alternate activities!

As I worked, I binge watched this series......or at least several episodes of it.
Not sure what season it is...
Oh, my goodness! I just looked and there's like 22 seasons!!
I have so much to look forward to seeing!

I have had the tub with my spring tree decorations sitting in the den for at least 2 months!
At long last they are ON the tree!
If I had waited much longer, it would have been time to decorate for Patriotic and I would have missed the spring tree altogether!

Somehow I managed to clean the foyer and living room, too!
Win! WIN!!!

My doors are still open and we are about to grill some hamburgers on a new charcoal grill Louis Dean bought at HEB recently. I'm putting together a potato salad....and we have a nice bottle of my favorite wine to share.....a Sav Blanc from Sunshine Bay in New Zealand.

It's Friday Night everywhere.....
I hope you are enjoying yours as much as we are!


Deb J. in Utah said...

Hello Linda. You have a lovely garden area. It was fun to hear your voice on the video. Sounds like you had a lovely day, and got a lot done. Have a good weekend.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I loved the tour of your pretty garden with the morning birdsong in the background! What sweet little bird nests on your spring tree!

Bluebird49 said...

Hope you and Louis Dean have a great weekend at home, dear sounds. Are the cities coming home to y'all or has Amber bewitched them!?

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Housecleaning and binging go together well, Linda, especially when the choice is Midsomer Murders and there are so many seasons! While we are now on the current one, 22, but may revisit previous seasons. The spring tree looks very nice. A weekend at home is what we are doing as well after a short getaway to another NH city earlier this week, Portsmouth, NH.

MadSnapper said...

If I left our doors open, the house would be full of bugs, flies and moths. no skeeters yet though. We have been opening all our windows for about a month now, but they have screens. even sliding the door opne to let Beau in and out lets a fly in now and then. I do love fresh air that is cool and after a rain coming in the windows though. that was a lot of cleaning you got done. YAY...

Vee said... glad for your peaceful day at home. It is not possible for me to leave windows or doors open. I don't like bugs and animals in the house, I imagine it is very pleasant and sometimes I set up a chair in the garage and sit there with the doors open.

I could not handle murder mysteries; otherwise, 22 seasons would be exciting. I do love my vlogs and sometimes I enjoy an old movie. Regular tv is a vast wasteland.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We grilled hamburgers last night and I made french fries with big red potatoes. Enjoy your weekend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have a beautiful place both inside and out. I need to put my Easter decorations away and move on to May. I switch everything over to red, white and blue and that can stay on most of the summer. We finally hae a warmer and sunny day. Hopefully I'll be able to open some windows too. Tomorrow we're to get more rain but it's to stay warm. I wish our weather would just stay that way so we could plant some flowers. We had a frost warning just last night so still too early for us.

Jan said...

We love Midsommer Murders and have watched all 22 seasons twice! These rainy days have been nice, but I'm really feeling the need for some sunshine. I get down after so much grey sky.

photowannabe said...

Your's sounds like the perfect Friday.
Soft showers is the perfect time to be inside , meditate and enjoy your Hubby.
You two are such a great team.
Have lots of errands to do today..wishing Dave could do them instead...But
We take it one day at a time and its one day closer to him being able to be on both feet again.

Betty said...

Your gardens look so pretty

Deanna Rabe said...

I like Midsommer Murders. Your garden is looking lovely!

Carole said...

Hope you enjoyed your sav. We are chardonnay people... Cheers

Judy said...

You always manage to pack so much into your days! I will have to check out the Midsomer Murder series. Enjoy your weekend...may the sun shine and the birds sing for you!