Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tuesday Treasures!

 Monday went by in a blur!
Louis Dean was working away on his projects - putting a light switch in the pantry for one thing - while I worked on mine. My main accomplishment was changing my closet from fall/winter to spring/summer. That took hours!
I was so tired when I finally finished that I took a nap around 6:00 and didn't wake up until 8:30!
I forced myself to get up then since I still had things to do...one of which was

baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies - using the mini chocolate chips.
I had an appointment with my urologist, Dr. Bloom, this afternoon and I always take him something sweet. Today was cookies and a jar of honey from our 2020 harvest.
Last year we did a televisit due to Covid.
Alas, he was still in the OR when I arrived so I saw his assistant, who was very sweet.....but I missed seeing Dr. Bloom. I left my bag with the cookies and honey and they assured me he would get them.
And so he did!
Later this afternoon he called to thank me and we were able to chat for a few minutes and catch up.
I simply love Dr. Bloom. He changed the quality of my life for the better by addressing and treating my chronic UTIs. I told him about doing the 23 & Me DNA testing and finding my father's name and all about my upcoming visit to meet my brother and two sisters in Kansas City, MO for the first time next month. I am so grateful for the good doctors I've had in my life. But I think Dr. Bloom and Dr. Abraham are my very favorites.

Since I was dressed and since I was out and since it was TUESDAY.....

I hit up four thrift stores on my way home!
That pretty pink bag back there is so cute! Brand new and it will be my beach bag for Summer 2021!
I already have my season pass for Hawaiian Falls!
The Mickey Mouse is a sleep shirt for Summer.....The one below is one for me.
The live laugh love pillow cover fits a faded pillow and gave it a whole new life!

Best find of all!
7 Christmas Debbie Mumm salad/dessert plates for $4!

I was gone all afternoon and when I returned, Louis Dean had some show and tell accomplishments to share!

Summer helped him organize and clean up the 'debris' along the west side of the house - we call it the 'kitchen side' and that debris was not MY kind!

The decks were all cleaned off and things were nice and tidy.

The two of them put together the glider Mike and Amber bought us for Christmas.

We sat out there with our evening glass of wine and enjoyed the fire pit.

Look who was peeking out the sewing room window!
She wanted to come out and play!

We lingered long out there and it was dark when we came in.
It looks like I have fire on my toes!

It's a bit of a challenge to prepare a meal with perishable foods scattered among two ice chests and a small beverage freezer and a couple of insulated bags.
But Summer put together a very nice supper for us.
Ham, cheese, fruit, sweet potato waffle fries and baked beans.
Louis Dean was tired and headed to bed while Summer and I watched a little of Magnum PI.
She's retired for the night now and both kitties are asleep in their kennel...
so I think I will empty the dishwasher, make our coffee for in the morning and fold the clothes in the dryer. Then I will be going to bed myself.
We turned the AC on today.....high was 82 and we can't have the French doors open with the cats out and about. The wind has been blowing crazy here so it's nice to have a cool comfortable house.
Good sleeping weather since you can still hear the wind......

So true!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your garden looks so nice! And there was even a nice fire at one end. You really made a good haul from the thrift stores this time!

Arlene G said...

Everything looks great!! Those plates were a find...I know you will put them to use in your Christmas entertaining.

Vee said...

Wow! They did a great job cleaning the deck and yard. That and the Christmas glider all put together. It looks like a comfortable glide. You are the only person I know who takes gifts to the doctor. You'll probably have brownies ready for the delivery guys tomorrow. 😏

Happy days to you! Temps in the 80s sounds wonderful to me as the whirr of the furnace is in my ears.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We were actually close to 80 degrees here yesterday. It was just a lovely day. I spent a lot of the time out on the sun Porch, and when I came inside I had to turnoff the fan to circulate the air, but I didn't have to turn on the a/c. yourYour garden looks wonderful. How nice Summer could help get so much done. It's still too early for any planting here yet, but now wa arable to sit outside and enjoy the warmer days.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Before I forget, Thank you for sharing the caramel recipe on your comment yesterday. I'll have to try it out soon.

Wise Hearted said...

I struggle with the UTI also. One of my kidney does not work, and my other one is on at 30 percent. What do you take for your issue, something on a regular or like me, just when I have one. Love your pictures, the patio.

Deanna Rabe said...

Such a good day! Summer and LD did a great job on the decks and putting the glider together! What a great place to hang out and enjoy a fire!

photowannabe said...

Wow, your yard looks so nice and inviting. You two work so hard and the results are fantastic.
Love your final thought about what wives and husbands do to go to bed...How True!!
I'm so glad Summer is with you for a while and that you got to have your special time at the Thrift stores.
Great purchases.
Hope your new fridge comes right on time!!!

Carole said...

wish we had access to great thrift stores - one downside of being a small country... Cheers