Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter Weekend.......

Louis Dean woke up before me on Good Friday morning.
He came to the bedroom door and greeted me with these words, 
"Houston, we have a problem!"
The freezer was not working but it was staying cool so I thought I could use it like a refrigerator.
We took our coffee to the living room and read scripture before we discussed what to do about the fridge. We decided we could go on with our Good Friday family dinner plans and he went straight to Home Depot and bought a small chest freezer so we could save what was still frozen.
Plus he bought a new beverage fridge for the gazebo as that one was just about to give it up.

He was Johnny-on-the-spot! Gone barely an hour!
He backed up to the gate on the west side of the house, unloaded both appliances,  plugged 'em up and we unloaded our freezer things! Crisis averted!
Then we proceeded with our preparations for the family gathering.
I cooked a ham in the electric roaster outside on the deck table.
Potato salad, cream cheese vegetable medley, orange glazed carrots, pepper poppers, and dinner rolls rounded out the meal. Plus I had a table set up with snacks for everyone to eat before dinner.

Everything was ready and we were sitting outside with a glass of wine relaxing and watching and wait  for family to arrive. We knew Summer wasn't going to be able to make it since she was in Odessa visiting friends. She meant to come home sooner but she was having some car troubles.

The Bells came straight from a hockey game so they would not be late!
They were the FIRST to arrive!
And Kailey came running over to Granddad just as soon as her feet hit the driveway!

Logan and Trystan paid me some attention and the party was underway!

Thanks to Trystan, Logan and Kailey for most of  the pictures and videos that follow.
They are all good little photographers and did a good job of documenting our time together.

They caught their Mommy loving on Samantha!

Trystan took this one of Kailey taking the carrot cake to the dessert table in the sewing room.

One of them snapped this pic of the snack table.

Trystan's tour of the dessert table.....all store bought!
Who knew they would be such a hit??

Son Jesse, Levi and Faith arrived next.
Sam and Leigh Ann had to work and they were surely missed!
Louis Dean was heart broke because he had been hoping to make music with Leigh Ann!

We played a few rounds of NUTS after Ben arrived.....all the kids love their Uncle Ben!

Normally, I have the tables done with place settings, napkins and rings and the whole nine yards - but not this time.
I'm not sure why I didn't do that but I took up all the place settings the day before and decided that everyone could sit where they wanted. Instead of some of my pretty dishes, I set out stacks of the white Corelle plates and saucers. Amber furnished us with paper napkins making for easy entertaining and everyone simply chose their glass of choicefrom the cupboard.

There were mixed feelings about there not being a 'children's' table or an 'adult' table.
The kids loved it - meaning the quads. The older grands graduated to the adult table at Christmas.

Mike was laughing and said, in his time, some of the older people had to die before you moved up!
What happened here when our older grands moved up - Louis Dean and I relocated.
Everyone got their own plates and chowed down!
I took the two pics of them at the tables and then Louis Dean and I carried our plates outside to the kitchen deck and ate there. The cats were in the guest room, the doors were all open to the outside and laughter was spilling out of both sets of French doors.
I loved it!

After the plates were cleared we started playing NUTS!

At first, there were just a handfull of people playing and then more came over and it got crowded at the game table in the den.
So I went to the game closet in the guest room and got out more decks of cards.

We moved to the bigger table in the dining room!

Now the games began in earnest!
So much FUN and so much LAUGHTER!

Go BIG or go HOME!!!

The girls got some good photos and videos......
You can see how everyone concentrates on the cards!
Nuts is like Solitaire with suits down black on red in front of you....
then in the middle everyone can play suits up with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

Gamers and Strategy

We need to get together more often and play!
Maybe I'll order pizza and we will have Family Nuts parties this year!


It was a wonderful evening and it went by way too fast!!

I really do!

I love how the kids still do their traditional goodbyes.....

We went to bed pretty soon after everyone left. Logan and Harrison had an early morning hockey game and I fully intended to be there.
However, I slept until 11:00 and made myself get up then.
Louis Dean had left a cup of coffee by my bed and I took a few sips of it even though it was cold.
He thought I would have been up sooner.
Once again, we met in the living room with our coffee - he had warmed mine up for me - and discussed the fridge situation.
Not only was the freezer out - now the fridge part was, too!
We both agreed we need to buy a new one. I was guessing we'd had this one for 10 years.
I was close. We got it on March 31, 2010 so it lasted 11 years and 3 days.
My feet were hurting so badly that I went to bed in tears Friday night and found a heating pad brought some relief. However, the thought of traipsing through Home Depot or Best Buy or any warehouse full of appliances made my heart sink. I simply could not do it.
Louis Dean to the rescue!
With only one cup of coffee and a short devotional, he was out the door in search of a new refrigerator.
He first tried the places here in Irving. Best Buy was out of business and Home Depot got on his nerves.
He called me and said that they had some there but he refused to buy from someone acting like he was doing him a favor to sell him one! NOT a good saleman. By the way - that was the North Irving store.
Now Louis Dean does not have the best sense of direction but he knew there was a Home Depot and a Best Buy on Highway how to get there? He accidently took a tour through the airport and twisted and turned and wound up coming back out where he finally got back on the 114 "that wasn't in the airport" according to him! He did, indeed, see a Home Depot in Grapevine....but it was on the wrong side of the road and he didn't want to get turned around again, so he kept driving. Gotta love this guy!


He finally found a Home Depot - on the right side of the road - in Roanoke, Texas.
There was a wonderful young sales lady in the appliance department who knew what she was doing and found exactly what Louis Dean was looking for in a new refrigerator. God does love this man. 
He bought one that met his expectations AND would be delivered sooner than the others AND was actually less expensive. It will be delivered on Thursday! Win! WIN!!!

In the meantime, I went to the hockey game that Harrison and Logan played in the afternoon. It was a tournament, so that's why there were two games on the same day.
And I didn't take a single picture although Trystan and Kailey had my phone.
They took pictures of themselves but not the hockey game!

And played with some of the photo apps!

After the game. the entire hockey team all went out to eat pizza so I joined them, along with Mike's parents. I had meant to go home and go back to bed - but I thought, "Why not?"
It was a good decision.
The pizza place was Lambert's Ristorante & Wine Bar in what once was Jack Astor's where Amber worked when she was at Northlake College and had just moved into her own apartment.

Other than the pics of theselves, this was the one and only proof of my being there.
I had a good time and came home all relaxed.

But that didn't last long!
Louis Dean had come home and unloaded the great white fridge and had it well on its way out the door.

I helped him as best I could and then looked at the kitchen.
Every single inch of counter space was covered with the contents of the fridge.
I had brought back two big ice chests loaned from Amber and we have several insulated bags. Louis Dean bought several pounds of ice and we spent hours packing away what was perishable and trying to figure out what could be left out, The freezer part of the old fridge still felt slightly cool so we had to make a judgment call as to what we could safely store there.
Bottom line....we were exhausted and fell into bed only to sleep fitfully - at least for me. 
I was up in the wee hours of the morning emptying the dishwasher and getting the coffe ready to turn on when we got up.

We watched the Easter service from Fellowship church online.
I just didn't have it in me to get dressed much less go anywhere.
Praise God for modern technology!

I spent this day doing this and that around the house.
Mainly cleaning the guest room in anticipation for Summer's arrival tonight.
I changed out the winter covers and spread to the spring and summer one.....which led me to reorganize the den closet which is where I keep all the quilts, blankets, covers, duvets, comforters and bedspreads.

I took breaks to keep me from getting too tired.
Who doesn't love John Denver?
This album brought back lots of memeories for me.
Louis Dean and I sat in the living room listening to the entire thing sipping our tea.

When I went back to the den to work on the closet.....Tabitha had twisted her big self around to squeeze into the small basket on the baby grand piano.

Once she vacated the premises, Samantha took her place.

Such sweet kitties!
They bring us so much joy!
Summer arrived safely right around 8:00 tonight.
I had her room all clean and fresh. 
It IS the cats' room so I toook extra care in cleaning it all up nicely and airing it out.
I am back to putting them in their kennels at night.
This roaming freely is not working out for me. 
One reason I didn't sleep well last night was Samantha jumping up on my bed.
I finally put her in the kennel.
Then Tabitha came in and messed with the towels in my bathroom trying to crawl into a space and sleep there. When I woke up with her trying to climb the curtains to catch a moth, SHE went in the kennel.
Tonight, they BOTH were put to bed nicely.
Summer is pretty tired and we are up late so I can do this journal entry.
I'm thinking we can all sleep in on Monday!

This Easter weekend was quite an adventure!
But I loved it!
The last time we gathered for Good Friday was 2018. 
 It was a blessing to be together again.


Mary said...

I love to read that you were able to get together with your family. It looks like everyone had a great time and ate really well. That is some spread you made! I love to cook, but am not a great baker. I, too have found store bought desserts are a hit. Less work for me win win. Again this year it was just the three of us. We have had our first dose COVID and are awaiting our second. Don’t want to take any chances, since we have come so far. It’s been a long year. Here in NY things are slowly reopening. I think most of the country would be surprised how NY has lived this past year. We traveled to our second home in RI and actually had the national guard knock on our door when they saw the NY license plate. They were there to tell us we could not leave our house except to leave to go to NY. it’s like a scene from a movie. I cannot wait to put this behind us. I love to see your family gathered. Enjoy your time with summer. Just seeing your weekend exhausted me. You have a lot of energy.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh my dear--what a glorious week and weekend y'all had, with all the kids playing what we used to call "Nertz"! My brother's son would come over so many times on weekends and summers to play and play, I think my SIL got jealous. He and our Sherry were both born in 1966. He was such fun when he joined in; I'm sure he still remembers.
Ed, Jr. got to AL. yesterday and settled into a hotel his company will pay until he gets into an onsite "bachelor apartment". Kristi will be up here listing their beautiful home and they'll both be on Zillow looking at homes to visit when she flies down there. They'll find just what they're looking for, I'm sure. I'm still kind of in shock they'll soon 12 hours away from us, instead of 90 minutes, but I'm so proud of him that he was sought out and offered this amazing career advancement!
I'm going to have to get used to the idea, because Ed, Sr. won't move down there. Please say a prayer for me to be happy to accept this as God blessing us and them so much, for He has, all our lives! We can Facetime and chat on the phone. I'll miss my David's and Kat's hugs so much, but Ed, Sr. says we will drive a few days and stay in hotels on the way and visit once they are settled. I'm hoping!!
Your post was great, with Louis as the hero again! What a Superman he is for his Superwoman!(You, over course!)
Love you! Sorry for the long post, dear friend! Have a wonderful week!

Deanna Rabe said...

This is the best kind of weekend! Family and home stuff. Glad you'll have your new fridge on Thursday! That's quick these days!

MadSnapper said...

bob can not shop for anything at all, if i could not we would be without. I have had 2 really bad experiences with Home Depot, and then when I gave in and ordered the faucet it got lost in fedx land. no more home depot. I found a local place that sells only appliances and they are so much better. pat on the back to Ld for finding what you need..
you packed a weeks worth of stuff and fun in 2 days. but then your family is expert at that. have not heard of nuts, but it sure looks like they all love it. sorry about the achy feet

Arlene G said...

So glad LD found a fridge at just the right place. And what a nice Good Friday for you. I have been a little down as my grands are all getting older and are not that thrilled at coming to the house anymore. The boys families had plans so they were not here either. I know times change but it is hard. Maybe I should listen to some John Denver and cheer myself up. :) I love his music. Hope you have a good week.

Changes in the wind said...

What a wonderful family time you had and the quads look sooooo tall. Love all the game pictures and everyone was really into it. Glad you were able to avert the disaster with the freezer and found just the right new one but it still ends up a lot of work.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

All in all ist was a great weekend for you and your family. Louis Dean was an angel doing al the shopping and getting a new freezer and refrigerator. It's true we never appreciate something until we no longer have it. I love my fridge and freezer and would be lost without them for sure. Happy Easter ! Now you can enjoy the visit with your daughter.

photowannabe said...

Oh there is nothing like family and laughter and plenty of goodies to eat.
So sorry about your freezer/fridge adventures. It seems there is always something that has come to its last leg.
Glad a new one is coming soon for you.
I do hope your poor feet are feeling better.
What a wonderful weekend despite everything...
NOW rest and enjoy Summer being there.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad you had a great holiday with your family with lots of good food and fun, Linda. Too bad about the old refrigerator failing at the worst possible time, but LD sure came to the rescue quickly and new appliances will be nice in your renivated kitchen too.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! You and Louis Dean are such a good team in a crisis! I love your beautiful tablecloth, it it the Pioneer Woman one? Just FYI, Home Depot and Lowes have wonderful scooter carts, that is what I use. The quads are such good photographers!

Debbie said...

My dear Linda...what a truly wonderful post! I have missed your entries. The Easter weekend shared with your family sounds so fun! We also play Nuts as a family. The grandkids love beating the adults, lol. I miss having large gatherings at holiday times. Some years we are all able to be together, but this Easter everyone was scattered on trips for Spring Break. I am thankful we were able to all be together for Christmas!! Good news about your fridge and freezer situations!! Happy that it all worked out so well for you. The photos you shared are great! They add to the wonder of the entire weekend. Thank you for giving us a look into your blessed life. Smooches. Debbie xo

Debbie said...

i am officially exhausted!! the hubs calls me "lucy"'s always "lucy, i'm home" and whenever we have a problem, same thing, "houston, we have a problem"!! they are so funny!!

tristins tour of the desert table, yum, and she is completely adorable!!

i watched all of the nuts videos, so fun!! i have never heard of that game, i am going to google it!! the kitties are so sweet, i enjoyed your easter weekend too!!

Vee said...

What fun you all had! I think your family would enjoy playing Spoons as well.

And it would have been perfect except for the appliances. Acckkk! May the new fridge arrive on schedule without a hitch.

Glad Summer is in the house!