Wednesday, April 7, 2021

"I am currently unsupervised!"

Louis Dean received the perfect chef's towel today from our friend, Dawn, down in Florida!

Is this not just PERFECT for him???

He got the biggest laugh when he opened the package!
He's trying to figure out the best place to display it because he wants to be able to see it every day.
Thank you, Dawn! You know him well!!

We have been busy as bees working in the house and in the yard.
I nearly cried yesterday morning when Louis Dean began telling me his plans to organize his tools and supplies over in what used to be the Sanford and Son area.
He had forgotten about his promise to clean up the deck area all the way to and including the back pond, around the gazebo and over to the area by our bedroom patio.
He said that's why he likes the saying, "Every morning I wake up and get organized. Then I talk to the wife .......and get REorganized!"
So that's what we have been doing.
Last year I wasn't able to do anything in the yard until well into summer because of my knee replacement surgery. This year I've hit the ground running.
Hopefully we will NOT have anything fall on and damage the gazebo or any other major setbacks with the plumbing. He's already built the two new decks so I am hoping by the end of spring - he CAN go back to 'his' area and reclaim things over there.

In news from the ranch......the water breaks continue.
Sherry woke Dean up this morning to tell him 'there is NO water!'

Bottom line - he found a big break deep underground and had to start digging that mucky clay soil out with his hands. Once he determined what was what......he went down to 'our' place to finish the repair on the toilet so there would be one working bathroom around while he did the more intensive repairs at their house.

Alas, he found this!
The pipes are plainly broken! 
How does that happen??

We are so thankful for Dean!
He seldom ever gets flustered.....I actually have NEVER seen him get ruffled.
He doesn't spin out of control or get overwhelmed like we do.
He called us and was calmly drinking his coffee and reevaluating what he needed to do.
And he repaired that and moved on to the next repair.
I wish I could stay calm like that.
But then, I am out of my element with plumbing and electrical or construction!
But I can clean and scatter 'debris' like nobody's business!

In other country news....

Last week Dean and Sherry did a lot of bee work!!!


They helped some fellow beekeepers split 50 - FIFTY - bee hives!!
They saw queens and learned about requeening and splitting hives, moving bees, taping entrances, and all manner of bee information. It was like a college class with hands on activity!
After they finished helping - and learning - they split all three of our hives.
I was so sorry I missed all the action but I am thrilled they got to see and do so many things we haven't done before.

I'm anxious to get back down there and build woodenware for our new supers and and get ready for the honey production season to start!!

PS.....our new refrigerator is scheduled to arrive in the morning between 8:30 and noon!!
I am SO excited!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

It is such a mystery why so many pipes keep breaking!! Dean is just the best son to both of you. what is this beautiful flower?

Bluebird49 said...

It's so good thinking of what a good son and daughter-in-law/friends Dean and Sherry are! I know you can't wait to get down to the ranch and play "country mouse" for awhile! Sounds like a lot is going on down there. <3

Vee said...

And you've got all of us excited, too! Between 8:30 and noon is quite the open window. Yes, I love the tea towel Louis Dean received, That poor bird is going up in flames. (That's how I get when things go awry.) Wouldn't it be wonderful if Dean got everything sorted by the time you return? All that energy directed in calm resolve goes a long way. Can't wait for tomorrow because I know there'll be a story...a good one. ☕️

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That towel is L.D. for sure! How cute! Hope things go well with your new fridge today! YAY!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

PS I know that's Indian Paintbrush from living many years in TX! How beautiful!

MadSnapper said...

that is what happens to pipes in freezing cold weather. you had an extreme winter, I hope he can get it all repaired. i wish i could say i never get flustered. i find myself flustered at least a dozen times a day and bob is like an atomic bomb waiting to be flustered.. he has zero patience and never did but it has escalated off the chart with aging. that towel is hilarious and so fitting for LD...

Changes in the wind said...

Oh my that dish towel for LD is just precious and the picture of him holding it should be framed:) There must be a reason so many pipes are breaking, hope you all can figure it out because that is a real chore. Happy for you to get your new refrigerator.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the tea towel, just perfect for L. D. It's a good feeling to know his son is still working on your water problem and hopefully, you'll be all set up by the time you return. It's almost like you'll have all new water lines before it's finished. It's amazing how those bees can be divided and when you return there will be more than there was to work on. So glad the refrigerator is due to show up today. It will be so good to be back to normal there.

photowannabe said...

Oh my..those pipes are just too, too much. Thank the good Lord for Dean coming to the rescue. I sure hope this will be the last of your "Adventures".
What a lot of work with the bees but oh the results will be fabulous.
HaHa on LD's towel too. Absolutely perfect!!
Enjoy your day.
Going to Hubby's surgeon for his 6 week check up and see how the progress on his terrible fractures are coming along.
I'm so thankful for friends that are coming to help me get him in the car and to the appointment.
It's a whole lot for this Old Gal to do by herself!!

Deanna Rabe said...

That towel made me laugh!

I am sorry for the water issues at the ranch. How great that Dean takes everything so calmly. Praying for solutions that will last!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Those continuing water issues are certainly a headache for everyone. Sandra might have a point about winter and freezing pipes being part of the problem. The gift towel was perfect for LD.

Vee said...

You're killing me! So hoping that you have a nice, cold working fridge.

Rain said...

Seriously how does a pipe just up and break??? I love that towel for Louis Dean! That's hilarious! :)

Lisa said...

Cute towel! Made me smile.
Bee keeping is interesting to me. If I lived out in the country, I would want to learn the hobby of beekeeping.