Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Fort Worth Tuesday......and it was a GOOD One!!

 I do love a Tuesday Morning!
The day as well as the store.

I had my coffee in my Tuesday cup and had gathered all my things together when I got a text from Tiff's Treats.

Look what I found when I opened the door!
Ice cream with two spoons and cookies still warm from the oven!
They were from my friend, Val!!
Just because I took her some soup after she had knee replacenment surgery!!
She is so sweet!!
I wish I had given her more of the homemade caramels!
She said she had to arm wrestle her mom for the last one!
I think I will make some for her for VALentine's Day!

That started my Tuesday off in a great way!
And a snickerdoodle cookie with my coffee was amazing.

Louis Dean and I went to Fort Worth in the truck since we need to buy a ton of tubs to pack our kitchen in when they do the new countertops.
We were on a mission to fill Lillian's wish grocery list and shopped three stores and Braum's to get it all. She is making homemade pimento cheese and gave me a list of things she needed.
Two bags of mild shredded cheese ( would you believe Walmart had NONE??? Lots of their areas were practically bare so I had to go to Aldi's for that and they had plenty!) 3 jars of diced pimentos, a jar of mild picante sauce, a small loaf of bread, pickleloaf lunchmeat, coleslaw, macaroni salad, potato salad, a case of cream soda - only I had to get Dr Pepper with cream soda as they didn't have the other - and a box of honey buns and a box of All Bran Flakes. I had to go in Walgreens to buy a Sharpie to write her name on the big bags I bought at Aldi to put all her stuff in. Then we made one last stop at Braum's for her burger and malt before pulling in at Trail Lake Nursing Home.

This is Nelda and she is the receptionist there.
I have been calling the home several times over the last few weeks trying to find out information about all that's been happening to Lillian. Nelda has been so kind and assured me she would see to it that Lillian got whatever I brought.  I was invited to come in and visit Lillian but, since there are so many active cases of Covid there, I just couldn't. Next month, maybe,  or at least she can come to the door and we can see each other.
Nelda told me last week that 'Miss Lillian' has changed a lot from the person she was before all this mess started. It has affected everyone but most of us have resources to see us through and family.
Lillian has been inside that home since March 10th and has had only one visitor and that was when I went over from Nita's on Thanksgiving afternoon. I do believe the cards everyone sent her has been the lifesaver she needed. Plus the packages were truly treats!!
Last week I sent her a set of soft pajamas I bought on clearance for $5. She was so excited when she got them! I do believe it's the little things in life that keep us going!

Our mission was done and it was time to party!

More like relax!
We ate at the Mexican Inn on Hulen and it was delicious!
That margarita hit the spot!
It was perfect!!!

Lots of good food and just as good service.

Louis Dean was a happy camper and I was so thankful he drove me around all day.
While I shopped for Lillian at Walmart, he bought 16 clear tubs plus a microwave for the ranch in the front room. We know to buy clear ones so we can tell what's inside. Duh! That should have been a no brainer all these years!

We were in a hurry to get home before dark and barely made it!
I came in and went right to bed. I thought I would nap but I slept until 10:30 at which time Louis Dean was going to bed. So I went in the living room and undecorated the Christmas tree and boxed it all up to take to the storage building this morning. Then I went back to bed and finally slept. For two hours. Back up to read and play Words With Friends and finally back to sleep at 5:00 this morning. 
My phone rang at 8:20. I had my earplugs in, the sound machine roaring and the fan on - and I still heard the phone!! What is up with these morning calls??

So I have been up all day packing away Christmas and cleaning like my hair's on fire!

The kitties were in their room much of the day since I was in and out the door so many times.
When I turned them loose, they tore around the house checking out all the changes!
Tabitha decided to help me pull down some of the ribbon I had on the door.

It was time.

These kittens are such a bright spot in our days.
They keep us smiling and laughing and we need to do both of those things!

Louis Dean made a campfire and we put blankets around us while we sat out on the deck admiring it. Sipping a glass of wine while gazing into the flames is a good way to end the day. 

We are really missing the ranch. 
This is the longest we have been away in awhile. 
I can't wait to get back down there! Next Tuesday! 
And rain is in the forecast but we are hoping to 'get out of Dodge' and arrive before there's an issue with the mud. The ranch road is getting better and better all the time due to Sherry's tractor work!
I hope we get to stay for a good long time.

"I wish for you a good night of sleep, sweet dreams, and a smiling morning."


Bluebird49 said...

Glad to "hear from you", These Shingles are keeping me up and it's just getting going! I have had to rest because it is so wearing. Nothing helps much.
I loved to hear about your days, (and nights), and I know you made Lillian so happy. Do you think she would like a little box from Hickory Farms? I could order that and have it sent. I can't get out right now, and haven't for longer than Covid came last March.
Have a great Thursday, dear friend!

Susie said...

Linda, I just read bluebird girl's comment. Bless her heart dealing with shingles. Ted is in the hospital right now with his. Glad you got to take things to Lillian....but you were wise to not enter to visit. Your state was on the news this morning. So much Covid. I am taking every precaution I can. Please stay safe for you and LD. Those kittens are so fun. I laughed about the big margarita. What a treat. Blessings to all, please be safe, xoxo,love you guys, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

So glad you have made a friend of the receptionist and she will help watching out for Lillian and getting your things to her. Your day was a good one and a full one:)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You've been a real blessing to Lillian. I'm so proud of you my friend. Enjoy your day! Sweet hugs to you and Louis Dean!

Sandra said...

Lilian will be so happy with all the things you bought to take her. shudder to think of filling those new containers. that said you will proably enjoy it because of getting clean and pack... i do wish i loved to clean. i saw the two comments about shingles and am doing the happy dance again that we had those shingle shots. yay for going to your country home. your kitties and our Beau make the days worth living. we get so many smiles and much enjoyment from beau like you do with your kitties.

Vee said...

God bless Lillian. And God bless you and Louis Dean. 🕊

Miss Kim said...

Sounds like a successful and enjoyable day (and you got a lot done!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are such a good friend to Lillian and have certainly made a difference in her life. That cheese spread sounds wonderful. It's been a long time since I had some. Glad you are getting your Christmas down. It's a slow go here. Qill vw GLAD when it is all done and I can get out Valentines decorations. My aim is for January 20th. We'll see how int goes.

photowannabe said...

I feel so sad reading about Lillian. Her quality of life is so limited. Thank the Lord you care about her and do things for her. I pray that the COVID stuff there at her place will finally be over and that they aren't just reinfecting each other over and over.
We only get clear tubs too. I don't like guessing games. Good luck with all your debris. What a job but it will be so worth it.
I can tell you are anxious for the Ranch. Hope the rain will cooperate too.

Deanna Rabe said...

Can you share Lillian’s address again? I’ll send her another card! Thanking God for Nelda!

I’m glad your headed to the ranch and will be able to stay a while.

Donna said...

I always enjoy your posts but I was especially happy to read an update on Lillian. So good you have made a friend of the receptionist. It always helps to have someone on the inside! Your kitties are so cute.

Carole said...

You are sounding more likeyourself - sad about Lillian but I wouldn't have risked a physical visit either. Keep up that cleaning work - you are doing it for the two of us.... Cheers