Thursday, January 21, 2021

Redeeming the Time......

 Life and plans do not always work out exactly as we would like.
The ranch is still wet and muddy and it continues to rain down there - and here, too.

We miss our kitties but know they are enjoying their visit with the Bells.
Kailey left this sign taped to the guest room door and I just noticed it today!

Love the 'and/or.'

Amber and I send pics of the kitties back and forth between us on a regular basis.
They are especially precious when we are apart.
I love how Mike loves the kittens!
Samantha always looks so surprised!

Tabitha has been 'talking' to them a lot.
She's not too thrilled about being picked up, though!

Every morning here at home, she would wrap herself around Louis Dean's neck - morning and evening.
It was harder to do when he sat in the living room but she still managed to crawl across the back of the sofa and curl herself around - knocking a picture and frame off the wall as she made room for herself.

We checked the weather when we got up Wednesday and rain was everywhere.
Not a deluge but just enough to keep the mud wet and then add some to it!
Since we were 'at loose ends'.....I love that phrase!....I decided to get my hair cut.

It never fails to make me feel better!

My Yulisa is an artist!
I picked up a few groceries at Aldi and came home in the rain.
Speaking of Aldi.....I joined MeWe recently and was already a member of Parler.....and we all know what happened there. Anyway, there are groups you can join on MeWe and I chose Aldi Nerds!
It is amazing how many people love Aldi and they share recipes and recommendations and all sorts of fun things. I also joined Cats, Inc, which is a place people post pics and you know I had to put a few out there of Tabitha and Samantha!

I came home and did a few housekeeping chores and then took a nap.
When I woke up at 7:15 last night, Louis Dean had turned most of the lights off in the house!
He thought I was down for the count - but I wasn't!

Thursday has been a Stay-at-Home day for me.

I am dusting and polishing and cleaning.....

bringing some of the decorations and 'debris' in from the storage building attic.

Not much in the way of spring or Easter yet.

And I have been working in the kitchen.

It looks vacant up there without all the 'stuff!'

All of this will come down tomorrow.

Can you see the blank area on top of that cupboard?

That hole where the toaster oven is was custom designed for a large microwave back in 1983.
I replaced it once when the first one died and then after that - they simply don't make them that size anymore. I'm thinking Louis Dean can do something with this to make it functional and attractive.
Or - since I AM the Queen of Cover-Up - I may sew a curtain! That's not a good place for a toaster oven anyway.....

Yesterday Louis Dean went to Home Depot and bought bags and bags of garden soil for my herb garden. We meant to work on that today, but it rained. And he bought birdseed but it was too wet to fill up all the feeders. Tomorrow, perhaps.

I don't like it when I am in the 'mulligrubs.' 

"Those “mulligrubs” (always in the plural form) are a state of depression or low spirits (also known at various times as “the dumps,” “the blues,” “the doldrums” and, of course, “the mubble fubbles,” which I am not making up). The “mulligrubs” can also be simply a bout of crankiness or a bad mood"

So I do what I can to cheer myself up.
Cleaning and fluffing is my go-to therapy and that accomplishes a few things while I am working my way through whatever it is that is bothering me.

Louis Dean and I were talking and he suggested us taking a few days off next week and driving down to Galveston! A walk on the beach, gathering some shells and listening to the seagulls sounds so perfect to me! He got right up and took the car down to get the oil changed, tires checked and have it ready for a short road trip!

He came back with this card and could not wait to give it to me!
You may not be able to read what he wrote at the bottom....
One of the wisest sayings I ever heard was....

I can't think of anything better than the years ahead with you,
of walking down the path of life and making dreams come true.

Now I am going to make you laugh when you hear what's behind that 'wise saying.'

Ellen, Louis Dean's beloved first wife, gave him an anniversary card and added that saying at the bottom. Louis Dean said he was so touched by it and told her that was the sweetest thing she could have written. She said, 'Yeah, one of my old boyfriends wrote that in a card to me once and I never forgot those words. I forgot the boyfriend, though!"

Louis Dean says he's sure it wasn't original even from that old boyfriend back then.
"He probably copied it off from somewhere else!"

Hard to be blue when you live with Louis Dean and I am ever so grateful I do.

Tonight I had a phone call from Eckie who ran the Thursday night music jam sessions we used to go to.
She was calling everyone on the list of members and was so happy to hear that Louis Dean and I are alive and well and still living in Irving.
Then she told me about all the members who have died since we last met.
Many, many people. Some younger than we and lots of the older ones.
I promised Eckie that the ones of us who are still here when this Covid thing is over are going to have a big party at our house and play good music and eat good food and drink fine wine and have a good time - just as we did several years ago.

I'm all about redeeming things and that includes time.......


Bluebird49 said...

I'm so sorry to hear about former music group folks being gone! That happens with ours, too, and of course, during Covid---we can only keep up by phone. The "no-get-tpgethers-thing" has really gotten to Ed more than I. He has played music since he was a child and his 5 brothers played, too. I've played all my life, too, but had nobody to get together and play with. I played alone when I had to. I don't think I "need" it in the same way as he does, but we both miss being with our musical friends. Music brings happiness!
The kitties are so big now!
Love you!

Eva said...

My mother used the term "mullygrubs" when she was blue, too! Good old southern term. Singing always cures the mullygrubs, particularly after such a time as this. We need lots of singing happy music!

Judy said...

Sorry about all your friends that have passed on. I love your spirit...planning events for the future! Something to look forward to, for sure! I understand your problem with the hole in the cabinets....since we had a TV built into our cabinets before flatscreens were a thing. Now we have a lot of space above the TV.

Debbie said...

I have never heard the term mullygrubs but I quite like it!! I’m sorry you are feeling a little sad but this whole COVID thing has become so difficult for all of us!!! Take care and hug ld a little tighter, that is sure to help!!

Mike looks like a natural with the kitties and your hair looks great!!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Tabitha sure looks like she does NOT like being held! I bet she really misses Louis Dean. I love your hoodie jacket! What fun a trip to Galveston will be! Makes me think of that old Glenn Campbell song. I hope you come back with lots of pictures!

Ginny Hartzler said...

After signing out of your blog, I did a double take and had to return. I love your background! I never know what you will have, and that makes it more fun!

Sandra said...

I have seen the word Molly Grubbs in book that I have never used it when I feel like that I say I'm down in the dumps. Or most of the time I just say I'm down and I can't get up. There been a lot of blue days in the past year. Sorry you did not get to go to your country home but I know how much you love Galveston so have fun

Vee said...

I admire your ability to rise above the blues. I, on the other hand, have slipped into a funk. My sister is coming today. She will try to talk me into a haircut and I will decline. But we'll do something. Hope the rain stops soon so that you can chase those mulligrubs away even further. I know that you don't allow them to take up residence.

Changes in the wind said...

Sorry you couldn't go to the ranch but glad you are enjoying staying home. Your haircut looks great and the card from LD was the best but the story of his first wife was the cutest ever. Glad you are going to take a little jaunt to Galveston, have fun and be safe.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Time just goes on...and this past year has been particularly cruel. Love the quote from L.D.! How funny the way it came about. Enjoy your day. I have pitiful Pearl days...I'm sure you know those too! haahaa! Hugs!

Susie said...

Linda, I sure hate having the blues. I get them if there's too many cloudy gloomy days in a row...and more so since Ted is still in the hospital. But thank our good Lord for 3 sunny days..well mostly sunny. Glad you and LD stayed home and not gone down to the mud of the ranch. Hey, what a romantic, LD made me smile. Once I gave my children's father the same valentine card two years in a row. I asked if he liked it the second time, he said yes why?...then I told him it was last year's, I just recycled it. LOL
Cute photos of Mike and the cats. Don't you think cats have their own personalities?
I have an appt. in March for my vaccine. Getting it or even finding where to get it has been craziness. Yikes, God help this country.
Please be safe. Blessings, Love you and LD, xoxo, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

I've had a few blue days this week, but God in his wisdom had my days planned with an appointment and with lunch with a friend and a long afternoon chat! I was grateful.

LD card was sweet as was his suggestion of a get away! Enjoy your time!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Linda, it is very dreary here in Alabama as well. I am so ready for some sunshine and warmer temps. It will be 67 on Monday but with RAIN...ugh. At least the temps are not too bad. We hope to get to Savannah once we have had our vaccine. I need a walk on the beach as well.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always say we can't do much about the weather, but we can make our own sunshine and that is what you seem to be doing. When you love to do a lot of things, life is never boring and you do have plenty to fill your days. Hope the sun is shinning soon so you can make it out to the ranch. Take care and stay well!

photowannabe said...

Dear, Dear Louis Dean! What a romantic keeper you have there.
I love his card and the "just because" reason he gave it to you.
You are blessed beyond measure.
You definitely are "redeeming your time and trip to Galveston sounds fantastic. Wish I could go with you!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

What a sweet card Louis Dean gave you and the story behind the wording was precious and very sweet. It's so obvious that you both make each other very happy. I always enjoy reading how you end the day sitting together and reading the Bible or having a glass of wine. The rain is not a good start to your ranch stay, but hopefully it will end soon enough.

Carole said...

After 2 weeks of a builder working at home I'm exhausted from all the noise... must have a touch of the mulligrubs! But he's finished for now so that's good. Cheers

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What a lovely card from LD, and the story about the wise saying gave me a chuckle.
I really like your hair cut. It's motivating me to stop procrastinating and do the same.