Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Tuesday Treasures!

 These first days of January have been slow ones.

I feel like I have lazed about much as the kittens do!
Samantha really knows how to relax!

I've decided to keep new red bedspread along with a few other accents of red in the bedroom until February.

I went ahead and changed out the dining room table and am slowly starting to pack other Christmas away. But I'm not doing it in a frenzy like my hair is on fire!
I didn't even leave the house on Monday but I did get dressed - including make up and hair.

Today I needed to go to the post office to mail one last box to Summer in Puerto Rico.
I had a few other errands to do and asked Louis Dean is he wanted to run around with me.
He said, "No, I'll just stay here if you don't mind."

There was a line at the post office so I was waiting when my phone rang.
It was Louis Dean!
"Is it too late for me to go with you? Can you swing back by and pick me up?"
Of course I could!! He was waiting on the front porch!

Turns out he decided he wanted to spend time with me instead of simply staying home.
He said, "It's easy to get in a rut and just stay home. Months could go y where we don't DO things together and I do NOT want that to happen to us!"
This is January 5th - but that was a Valentine to me!
I love that I am married to an 84 year old man that is still a romantic!

So we went to the Dollar Store in search of a calendar. He stayed in the car  while I went in and picked up a few things - but they were all sold out of calendars!
So I stopped at Walgreens and ran in. No calendars there, either!

Next stop - Goodwill. I made a deposit (donation of stuff in my trunk) before going in to mahe a withdrawal.

Best thing was this brand new camping cot for $15!
I just may want to sleep under the stars at the ranch!

I bought this basket to use both as storage as well as a footstool at the camper/cabin.
It came with two champagne flutes, two white plates and cutlery.
Perfect for a moonlit night under the stars!

I'm listening to this classical CD as I am writing tonight.

A Kool-Aid pitcher!!!
I love that it's acrylic!
I had a glass one and it didn't last long.

We went to the bank - and we are 'old school' and I deposit my monthly household check from Louis Dean the old fashioned way......at the bank.

Then I ran in at Aldi for some things and we came home.
While Louis Dean stayed in the car for all the stops except Goodwill, we still visited along the way and he said he was glad he went.

I've been working on another denim quilt - this time for great granddaughter Kaitlyn!
The next one I make will be for Chandy and I hope we can deliver them early this spring.

Louis Dean found Tabitha hanging out hammock style from a bag I keep on the closet doorknob in the guest room. He called me to grab my camera and she just held her pose until I got there!

I'm so glad we have kitties!

Tonight we had a campfire!
He is still buring up big chunks of our old elm tree
and hopes to clear out the area where it has been piled up.

It was beautiful day here and the evening was so mild we sat out on our new deck to watch the fire.

These are happy days for us and I do not take them for granted.

My knight in shining armor!
Or overalls and a heavy white robe!
Same thing!


Pam M. said...

What a lovely post. I admire y'all and taking your words to heart. My near 40 year relationship has too few moments as you describe. He is a knight in shining armour. Happy January.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Be glad you married a romantic, Linda. Hope you get all your Christmas put away. I have learned to slow down too. Marvin used to say my idea of cleaning was aerobic cleaning. No longer...lol

Miss Kim said...

Your home looks so warm and inviting with the touches of red! Your words describe such a blissful day- what a precious day you created and shared with us XOXO

Estelle's said...

How romantic and sweet...you too are just a delight! Your home looks so very warm and cozy.....

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

He is such a sweetheart and what a blessing for us both to be married to such amazing men. It sure has helped spending so much time together apart from others. Enjoy your day! Give that man a hug for me!

Sandra said...

Tabitha looks like a bagabon, he he... LD is such a happy guy, bob is the opposite. i never ask him to go with me, he drives me nuts, and he will not go with me because he hates going anywhere. he and LD are the same age but total opposites. every photo you take of LD he is smiling. he is a joyful person. that basket is what I will be looking for if i ever go to a store again. i saw on a blog that the person keeps the dog blankets in one of those, perfect storage and looks good too.. I would have bought the pitcher and the basket. are you shocked?

Changes in the wind said...

Those kittens do indeed entertain and so glad you enjoy them. Love your knight in overalls and heavy robe:) and that you enjoy each other.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm always envious of all the nice things you find. You two are so blessed to heave each other. It's no fun being alone, so glad he got out and went with you. Take care and be happy!

Debbie said...

i like all of the red about the house, it is really pretty...and the dining room table looks awesome!!

i would like to get back to quilting, i made several when i was younger, i just don't know how. i guess i need to pick a pattern first!!

your kittens are so adorable but not cuter than ld in his robe, i'm glad he is romantic. you deserve that!!

Luann said...

Sis, Go back to the bank and asked them for a calendar. Mine gave me a free one on Monday, just like the good ol days. However I did have to ASK. They use to just give them. She did ask how many I needed! It has beautiful shots of Texas. Those kittens are adorable and I am SO glad the Lord put you and Louis Dean together. You so deserved to have a man who is totally committed to YOU and loves you So very much.

Deanna Rabe said...


I’m so glad you have a good man!

Wanda said...

Dear sweet Linda. Enjoyed all the pictures today. I take down the tree, and Christmas garlands, but keep my splashes of red and add my pink and red Valentine decorations. It keeps the house looking festive. I'm going to follow your lead, and keep all my little white lights up.
I so wish I could have a cat. We did for all the years before retirement. Living in a complex that has restrictions, and also caring for Don is all I can handle right now. I think God was gracious to take our little dog last year, as with her blindness, I couldn't have carried her up and down the stairs, and Don is not able to lift any thing to heavy, and especially he can't go down the stairs unless he holds the rails. But God is good, and is doing a mighty work in our hearts and lives.
You have a darling 83 year old. How I would long to have my dearest healthy. But God knows!! Love and hugs, dear friend. I enjoy these visits.

photowannabe said...

Linda, you are blessed and your cup runneth over.
I love your Knight in overalls and white robe..
God gave you a special gift in him.
Romantic for sure...
Dave and my "Wednesdates" have pretty much stopped since the lockdown..no more buffet brunches but you know, we do a lot of "dates" ie...post office, grocery store, Home Depot, Bank..it's not where we go...it's who we go with....
Love the quotes. I agree whole heartedly.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love how he wanted to go with you! That made my day. And your red decor for Valentine's day is very pretty in your bedroom.

You certainly DID find some treasures. I especially like the covered basket.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ps...the kitties!! Sweet sweet kitties.

Carole said...

Your post is a wonderful boost in these difficult times. Thanks

NanaDiana said...

i love that Louis Dean wants to spend time with you and is not willing to get in the rut of not doing anything. I love your kitties. I miss having a cat around but can't right now. Maybe someday again-we'll see.

I could NOT find a calendar anywhere this year so I finally ordered one online. Is that crazy or what?! There were a couple of ugly ones but I wasn't willing to settle when I have to look at it every day of life for a year. lol. Fussy-fussy-fussy.

I hope you and LD enjoy every moment of 2021. xo Diana

Susie said...

Linda, I loved your peaceful post. I did not feel you two were running around , but we gliding thru the day together. I love that LD changed his mind. You did have a beautiful day. Blessings, stay safe, xoxo,love you, Susie