Monday, January 25, 2021

Remembering Mother........January 25, 2019

 Mother has been gone two years now.....
sometimes it seems like so long ago and then again.....
it seems like she's just been gone a short time.

I no longer grieve for niece, Leah, wisely said that her Aunt Linda had done her grieving before Granny died. I think that's true. Not only I but my other siblings as well.......all six of us. is an anniversary and Mother will be happy that we are remembering her today.
I remember so many good things about Mother.

She never had a desire to do anything in the way of arts and crafts, and yet, when I was in the midst of a messy divorce and I needed to make some extra money to pay the bills, Mother was right there in my dining room helping me paint and decorate hammers to sell at a craft fair in Oklahoma.

When my divorce was final in August 2004, I got off  work that Friday evening, drove over to her house and we celebrated. Leah had bought us a special bottle of wine and took our picture.

I spent that weekend in Fort Worth with Mother, Leah, Deanie and Nita......
and I felt their love and suppport for me.

Mother made a point of connecting with my children that year when so many things were changing in  our lives.

She was there for me in January 2005 and strongly encouraged me to join eHarmony.
That New Years weekend she stayed on the phone with me for hours as I filled out all the many pages for my 'Profile Match.'

Then in April, when I matched with Louis Dean and he wanted to 'fast track'....she was on the phone with me and said, "Click YES!"

This is us on our first date which was in Fort Worth - we met at the zoo and then went over to Mother's house. She took this photo and said she knew right then that Louis Dean was 'the one.'
I had not so much as hugged even my brother for a good while and when she saw how comfortable I was from the begining with Louis Dean, she knew he was 'the one' she had been praying for!

We met in April and married in June.
At our wedding, when the preacher asked who was giving this woman in marriage......Mother stepped forward and said, "Her children and I."

Labor Day Weekend........Mother, Louis Dean and I  went down to San Marcos to see Amber.
We stayed with her in the apartment and toured the college, shopped for groceries to fill up her pantry, drank wine together and had a good time.

It was a memorable weekend!
And the last one we had together before Mother had a stroke later that month.

I talked to her on the phone on our way home from Arkansas where Louis Dean and I had gone to celebrate my birthday. That was the last time I heard her speak in her normal voice.
Early in the morning of September 25th, Mother had a stroke....
and nothing was ever the same again.

The day we all took Mother to Trail Lake Nursing Home.....
many many years after her stroke.
I think this was July 2017.

This photo was taken by Summer in 2019 as Mother was nearing the end.

Today has been a day of remembering.....and that's been a good thing.

Louis Dean and I got our car washed and cleaned out.....took stuff to Goodwill only to be told they are FULL! And they were. Loads of stuff sitting outside waiting to be processed.
So we went to another thrift store and left our things with them.

We are packed and ready to hit the road in the morning - hopefully shortly after 9:00 am.
I would love to get to Galveston before the afternoon Houston traffic - which starts at 3:00!
We have our reservations and will stay in a suite on Seawall Blvd with a balcony view of the water!
It's been two years or more since Louis Dean has gone with me to the coast and he is as excited as I am.
We are planning on coming back Friday and stopping at the ranch for the weekend if the roads dry up enough. Even the county roads are mushy!

Among other things......


Ginny Hartzler said...

I am glad you have these good memories of your Mom. It is good to remember only the good times. You are the second blog couple I know who met on eHarmony! I kbow you will have a wonderful beach trip, because you know how to make it fun wherever you go.

BeachGypsy said...

I enjoyed hearing memories of your Mother. My Mom's passing on anniversary was Jan 20. Hard day. I miss mine so so much. I am VERY GLAD y'all are probably down at the beach by now!!---and wish y'all the very best of time!! Enjoy!! Go find some pretty seashells and walk in the sand!! Be safe!

Kathy said...

I loved this tribute to your mom. It is good to remember good times and let the rest go. Joe's mother died on January 25th 15 years ago. His father died on January 25th 10 years ago. It was a day of memories for us also. Have lots of fun at the beach. Wish I were going with you.

Latane Barton said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom and what a wonderful love story of you and Louis Dean. I'd never heard that story before and I had wondered how you met etc. A match made in heaven, that's for sure.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Linda, it sounds like the stroke really did change your mother's personality. I enjoyed reading about what she was like before her illness. And yes, the good memories are what we should focus on!

Changes in the wind said...

Yes your Mom would have been pleased that you remembered her in such a special way. I loved seeing all the old pictures and especially the one of you and LD:) Enjoy your trip and be safe.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Such positive good thoughts of your mom to remember her by. I imagine you do miss her. So glad you can get away to the beach. It's always been my favorite to be. Where we can relax and rest and soak up sun. Hope you get some sunny dry days to enjoy !

G Dazeez said...

Have a wonderful vacay on the beach! It was so nice to see the timeline of your family with your mother. Yesterday my mother lost her days and nights. She is totally confused as to what day it is. She is upset and there is nothing I can do to make it better. Prayers for her to be stable and content are appreciated. Take pictures Linda, as you know we are all with you and we want to see the beach. lol relax and enjoy!

Deanna Rabe said...

It's good that you have these good memories of your mother being so supportive of you and your children.

I know that things with her were challenging and then more so after her stroke.

You all showed her grace and love.

Sandra said...

This post is one of my all-time favorites! So many happy memories so many good memories of your mother and Ave U and LD! She led you in the right direction and I know how happy you are that you followed it! Enjoy your weekend at the beach

Susie said...

Love the pictures Linda. I always like seeing what you and your mom would do on getting your hair done and such. Blessings, love, xoxo, Susie

photowannabe said...

Oh Linda, such beautiful rememberences of your Mom. She sounds like one in a million. What support and love she showed you.
Thank you for sharing this part of your life. It makes me feel like we are best of friends.
Enjoy your "Honeymoon" weekend and I hope the Ranch is dry enough for you to spend a little time there.

Bluebird49 said...

I'm so glad you have good memories of your mom. She sounds as though she was there for you when you needed her! What more can we ask!
I loved this post!

Carole said...

Have fun in Galveston - I keep thinking of the Glen Campbell song... Cheers

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thank you for sharing these memories of your mother, Linda. She sounds like a wonderful and very wise woman, which I am sure she was both.