Friday, January 8, 2021

Doing the Next Right Thing.....

 I started using the phrase of 'doing the next right thing' so many many years ago.
I think I first read that in a Melody Beattie book on co-dependents back 20 years or more..
Doing the next right thing has helped me so much over the years.

I woke up this morning before Louis Dean and made the coffee taking my first cup outside on the front porch where I simply sat. I am feeling a little numb these days and my heart is heavy.
I refuse to watch the news.....Louis Dean mutes it the second I walk into the den and I keep the curtain closed that separates the den from the utility room that leads to the kitchen. 

I sit in a stupor for awhile before gathering myself up and going in for my quiet time.
I open my Streams in the Desert Devotional book and I read my scripture cards from my memory boxes. I select the next Christmas card to pray over - today was Diana of Nana Diana Takes a Break.
We all love Diana and her beloved husband - she's been such a friend to all of us.
Now we can support her in prayer as she has so much going on right now and so many responsibilities.
By this point, I'm opening my prayer journal and writing my prayers and thoughts.
Then I write in my diary.....and sip another cup of coffee.

I get up and feed the kittens, giving them a fresh egg, fill their water bowl and change their litter.
Then I move on through my day.....doing the next right thing.

I empty the dishwasher and change out the washer and dryer.
I pack away all the Christmas glassware and replace it with the freshly washed regular ones.and I do the same with the coffee cups but replace them with the Valentine ones.

One step in front of the other - doing the next right thing.

I've been putting Christmas away and the kittens seem to go to where the lights and decorations remain.

Maybe that's because I am not in there pulling everything apart.

Both Tabitha and Samantha got out yesterday.
I had gone to bed for a little nap and Louis Dean had to get something out of his truck.
The wind blew the door open and both kittens took advantage of it and flew right out with the wind.
The only way I caught them was because they were fascinated with the leaves.

So I brought some in for them!
I don't blame them for wanting to go out and explore.

I keep a Daily Planner in my kitchen and today I had written on it:
Finish cleaning kitchen
Change out Christmas cups and glasses
Clean the pantry
Clean the fridge
Go to Home Depot and order kitchen countertops
Eat Mexican food at La Margarita

I did everything but clean the fridge.
I'll roll that one over to tomorrow!

This was our first visit to La Margarita on Beltline Road up by Aldi.
It was very good.
Louis Dean had tacos and enchiladas and he loved both.
I nearly always get a taco salad at any Mexican restaurant and it was a good one here.
The margarita was okay. Some are just better than others and I don't know what makes them that way.
It would not be wise for me to have a margarita machine at home.
I can just see me trying to make THE perfect one.

Before we celebrated at La Margarita.....

we selected our countertops and ordered them.
Most people love the marble and granite but we wanted something a little more forgiving if you knock something over or set a glass down hard. I chose a laminate, instead.

This day last year I came home from the hospital after getting my left knee replaced.
By the time I was up and about - we were in lockdown mode from Covid.
I knew then I would not be getting the countertops and carpet I had planned on purchasing.

This year I am acting faster!
Once the counters are in - and who knows how long that will take? - then I will start on the carpet.

Back years ago when I started looking at countertops, I chose a dark butcher block.

That's no longer available so I chose something different.
My old butcher block is so damaged by the many time Louis Dean and I have overflowed the sink ( We can't be trusted with water!) plus it's so old....1983 was when it was put in. The year my house caught fire and had to be gutted.

I also bought a new sink!
It will be an under counter mounted one - and I have wanted that for so long!
We are keeping the new faucet Summer installed for us this fall.

In the morning we will drink from a heart themed coffee cup!

My house and my kitchen are rather unusual and, while most people would not want to live here,

It's a great place to visit!
And I do love my home!!


Terra said...

I love that last photo with all the lights in your cheerful kitchen, and I think your kitty loves Christmas and does not want it to end. My heart is heavy as yours is. We need to be bold to speak up in support of our country; I do love it.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I am just like you Linda....I cannot watch the news and it looks like I will be continuing to avoid it. I really believe we need term limits on representatives and senators. If 8 years is enough for the president it ought to be enough for the Senate members as well. So happy for your new countertops. I have granite here and formica at Grimmwood. Truly....I like the formica better. It is easier to keep clean. It seems there is always something sticky on the granite. I am not sure if it is because you cannot see it as well or if granite is just a mess magnet. lol

Unknown said...

Hi Linda,
Love reading your daily posts. I have an under counter sink. I like it, have to make sure to tilex between the sink and counter. Black gunk gets stuck in there.
Liz from Queens

BeachGypsy said...

Sounds like you have been busy! And I'm glad you got to go out to eat, that is always fun! Happy about your new kitchen "accessories"!! How soon do you think they will be installed?

Linda said...

I also feel like you do Linda, I'm grateful to our Lord for the written word to offer comfort.
John 16:33 "In this world there will be tribulation, but take heart, I have overcome the world."

No news for my husband and me right now, but we are reading to stay informed.

I love your blog, seeing your cheerful home and lovely little kitties.

Karen said...

We need to listen to the news to see and believe the damag that this sick president has done and how he is trying to undermine our democracy with all his lies. That is some of the problem.....people not listening and observing. We do not have to always believe the same as each other but need to be tolerant and work with each other. I’m so glad we at least survived these last 4 years.....I had serious doubts 4 years ago. Onward and upward hopefully this year.....finally having someone taking the COVID-19 issue seriously and someone who wants to try and bring us together and not separate us.
We all need to pray for the United States

MimiG said...

Linda, I'm with you about the news. It's so disheartening to see people turning from God. People seem to be becoming more self-centered daily. I worry for my grandchildren and the what the world is coming to.
We're having such cold, damp weather here - I go to the mailbox and that's about it. I get the boot off of my foot next week and would love for it to be in the 60s so I could take a nice long walk around the neighborhood, but don't think that's going to happen.
Trying to finish clearing up my Christmas - will have to go buy one more bin for the new greenery and pillows I got in November. Did a bit of rearranging in the living room and may do a bit in the dining room, next time one of the grandsons is over.
Family is well!!! Praise God. And, it was so very good to see Lonnie in your Christmas pictures, I hope he continues to improve daily.
Prayers for all of you and much love.

Estelle's said...

Well dear Linda...I found your home to be warm, magical and could fill the love and whimsy...along with history as soon as you entered the front door....

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We have to be balanced to keep our sanity and planning fun things and house projects really helps. I love your beautiful home filled with lovely things! Thanks for praying for all of us. That makes me feel special! Sweet hugs to you both!

Changes in the wind said...

I understand how you feel but for me I still need to know what is going on but just won't be as attentive as in the past. My good news is that come Monday my hubby will be able to register to get the covid vaccine as he is over 75. I will not be eligible for a while yet but hubby has COPD and I will feel better if he is cared for. The last picture is so pretty but you are right, I couldn't live there:)but happy is makes you happy.

Miss Kim said...

You can get a Margarita machine??? Who knew? Not me!! LOL! I'm gonna check that out. And I like your hear mugs- time to get mine out too! The world needs more Hearts/Love xoxo

Betty said...

Linda I love your blog it is my first go to everyday, I am sad for our country and the betrayal our president has endured. The media has corrupted so many and who knows soon our blogs may be censored. I pray that America will have the will to endure what is coming. God bless you, your family and those precious kitties

Lisa said...

I am like you with the news. We started the New year off by not turning on the news unless its a state emergency we need to hear about. But I still see things on social media that breaks my heart. New now days can really have an effect on us and I choose to stay positive.
I love your Christmas card prayers idea. I had my social media friends send me their favorite Bible verse. I then added them to each month of my planner. I will read and write the verse and then pray a separate prayer for that person.

Deb said...

Hi LInda - I get how you are feeling this week. My heart is so heavy about what happened in Washington as well. Unbelievable. I know you will love your new sink and counter tops. We are hoping to redo one of our bathrooms this summer if we can get the vaccine. We had it all set up to do last year, and then Covid hit, so change of plans. Your kittens are so cute. Hope you have a good weekend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have an unique house, but I think what is important is that you like it. Yes we must all keep moving and doing the next best thing. I haven't put any Christmas away here yet. This week I had to empty all the cupboards out and everything is a miss until they get my cupboards fixed. Slowly but surely I'll be getting it all done.

Susie said...

Linda, I am kind of mad and upset with our country's people. As mad as I have been at the people on the hill, many ,many times.....there's no way I would ever do any thing destructive...I was not raised that way. I have to pray for all of them. I know I do not want to at times, but I do. Those cats are getting be escape artists. LOL. You cup collection is amazing. I love all those pretty things. We could use a new sink and counters here. I will wait till we sell out one day. I do not even care any more. Please take care, be safe. xoxo,love you, Susie
p.s. I know Diana needs our love and prayers. She and John are wonderful people. They came to see Ted when he first went into the hospital for chemo.

photowannabe said...

Dear sweet Linda, my heart is as heavy as yours and I just do the "next Right thing" too.
My emotions are all over the board but i keep saying to myself Phil. 4:6-8.
I know God is in control and we are a sinful people.
The evil pains my heart. So the news stays off most of the time. I can't take it.
II Chron. 7:14
I love the way you went through your day and wrote about it.
Praying over your Christmas cards makes me feel so special.
Love your seasonal cups too. Believe it or of my favorite cups says Merry Christmas and I am using it today. It was given to me by a friend and I think of her every time I use it.

Wanda said...

Sometimes I'm amazed at how much we do things alike. Mine on a much smaller scale. But, devotions, prayer time, prayer jounals, verse cards. I a list maker and check off items. I've done it for years, and there is a good feeling to cross off a item, and maybe only have to move one to the next day. I love mugs that match the season and even though we are in a small unit, it gets decorated for each season, and I have dishes to match also.
I don't watch news either. So much of it you can't belive, so I stick to the only thing that is TRUTH. The Word of God. I AM the way the truth and the life. That's where I'm pitching my tent.
Your kitties are so adorable. Playing in the leaves, how cute. Love the new things you are doing in your kitchen. Our daughter just re-did her whole kitchen and it was so fun watching her pick out tile, counter tops, new appliances.
This is going to be a good year because of people like you and Louis Dean.
Love you to the moon.

Deanna Rabe said...

I’ve been hungry for some good Mexican food!

You’re on the right track staying in the word and praying, and doing the next right thing.!

Things are scary but I believe it’s going to turn out oka.

Hurray for a new sink and countertop!

Latane Barton said...

I like it that you are a journaler! I've been doing that for upteen years. Sort of fulfills my urge to write, I guess.

Carole said...

Linda, I hope you feel more normal soon - bad things can happen and things can get out of hand - there are crazies on all sides - but it is sane people like you and LD that show the strength of America - just keep up the good work

PS not commenting on politics since I am so far away...
Stay safe

Carol said...

I do not care to watch the news these days either. It is sad and depressing, but a reminder to me that God is in control and not these petty, ignorant, and childish acting people that we have in DC.
I believe your home looks inviting!