Sunday, January 10, 2021

Our January Sunday......

While we did not wake up to snow here in the DFW area  - Dean and Sherry did down at the ranch -which is near Waco.

I have never seen the ranch with snow before and would have dearly loved to have been there!

Instead, I got up earlier than Louis Dean, as is our custom lately, and had my morning quiet time before dressing warmly and headed to church. I met up with the Bells and we all sat together for the service.
Pastor Ed Young is preaching through the Bible in chronological order.
Today was Genesis 1:1.....probably the scripture most people know......

"In the begining, God created the heaven and the earth."

It rained on my way to church and then it started snowing just as I was going in.
We were all thinking we might come outside to a blanket of white - but it had reverted back to rain.

From church I drove to South Irving to drop off some chicken soup to Kimmy and June.
I noticed the DAV - although it's not called the DAV anymore I don't think - was open on Rock Island Road.
I normally do not shop thrift stores except on Tuesdays.....but I decided to go in and look around.

I was glad I did.
Few people in the store made distance keeping no problem.
I love wearing lightweight things like this soft black ?? I can't remember what you call this.
Not a jacket but a ??
Anyway, I love it!

I also got this white one for - twenty-five CENTS!!

Two books.
I will start Heart of the Matter tonight when I go to bed -because I nearly always read for a few minutes before I go to sleep.
The Angel Song I will save for our next read aloud book once we finish Bells on Their Toes....the sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen.

Lastly, I scored on two denim blue 100% cotton jersey sheets to use as denim quilt backings for the two I'm making this winter.
Everything for around $12! Not bad! I didn't know they had sales on Sunday!

Louis Dean had cups of coffee ready as soon as I walked in the door and we sat in the living room sipping and visiting. I was eyeing the Christmas tree and meant to undecorate it today. Instead I cleaned the fridge while Louis Dean went on a rare trip to the grocery store to "get some things I want!"
And I had another sewing session with Kailey!

This evening we had a glass of wine out in the gazebo.
The rain curtains were all zipped up tight and it wasn't really cold out there. Just a little chilly.

Our treat was a slice of fruitcake from Niece Leah.
We won the fruitcake and Irish Cream at the Chinese Christmas Tree.
I sliced up the rest of it tonight and brushed it with Peach whiskey to keep it moist.

I sliced up the Snickerdoodle bread as well!
Both are so good and I do not intend to waste a single slice.

We came back in a little while ago.
I'm writing tonight's journal entry and can hear Louis Dean singing a 'new' old song.
He gets so excited about his music. I am passionate about keeping my home and my friends and family.
I'm interested in a lot of things and I do a lot of things. I am planning on writing again in my book when we go to the ranch next week. And maybe I will start sooner than that. I need to 'just DO it!' and am praying for God's help and discernment and direction. 
After reading Walk to Beautiful by Jimmy Wayne, I know there is a way to tell your story with grace and I am asking God to help me do that.
But nothing can compare to the passion Louis Dean feels about his music.
I am so happy God has filled his mind and heart and soul with something so beautiful.

One last picture from the ranch.
I would have loved to be there to see it.
We will drive down next Tuesday the 19th and stay until early February.
I can't wait!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

You got some really lovely Sunday finds! Music surely can lift one's soul! And maybe it WILL snow while you are at the ranch!

Changes in the wind said...

Love that black wrapper and so glad you found the other things you wanted, especially the flannel sheets for the backing of the quilts. I would imagine they are always available for the taking. Pretty pictures of the snow at the ranch and glad you will soon be able to spend some time there.

Sandra said...

great deals in the thrift store, and I love seeing the snow at the country home, which made me think, did you ever get the red roof thingy finished? both of you are blessed that you have so many things you love to keep you occupied. never a boring moment. I keep looking for something for bob to do but so far have found nothing. trying to get that @#$%^ TV turned off

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Snow here in NoAla this morning as well. It is so pretty falling down. Sounds like you hit the motherlode at the thrift store. Finding those denim sheets for your quilts was a real buy!! I think we all need passions to keep us going especially in these times we are living in, Linda. It is so easy to get focused on things of the world. When I sit down to stitch, my mind calms and I focus on the beauty of the stitches, the colors of the flosses and I am at peace. I always wished I could sing.....that is a lovely gift to have and you with your homemaking and how you care for those around you is such an example to all of us.

Deanna Rabe said...

I've been enjoying my Texas friends enjoying their snow! What a special treat it is for you all!

We haven't had much snow here this year yet.

I'm glad you and LD have such wholesome interests that build yourselves and others up, and bring life to all! That's a gift!

Miss Kim said...

Sounds like a very lovely day xoxo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You certainly had a Sunday wlll spent. I know the DAV picks up donations here but have yet to find where their stores are. For a change you all had snow and we didn't. Crazy weather, I know you rarely get it so you probably would enjoy it. Not so much here, I' ve just been thankful for a few sunny days.

Vee said...

Snow on the ranch! It wears white well. 🫖

photowannabe said...

I dearly love how your Sunday went. You found treasures and your "Treasure" at home waiting for you with a cup of coffee.
God knew what He was doing when He put you two together.
He will also give you just the right words for your book.
Ah, music is such wonderful medicine. I'm so glad LD loves it.
Have a great week as you get ready to go to the ranch.
Love you and love your Journal.

Carole said...

I didn't know you got snow in Texas! We only have it about once in 20 years here in Auckland - we're between 2 harbours and it doesn't get really cold very often. Cheers

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It was nice to see the snow, Linda, and sorry you missed it yourself. Lately, it seems that folks in many other states are getting some and here in NH we haven’t had any measurable snow since early Dec, so I am envious. Kudos to you on those thrift store bargains too. We undecorated this weekend and already I miss the holiday lights.

Eva said...

Linda, I always look forward to reading your posts. I usually save several so that I can have a "read-a-thon" and enjoy more than one at a time. I love your tales about LD! I'd love to hear some of Dr. Young's sermons -- interesting that he is preaching in chronological order. Most people don't realize that the Bible wasn't put together chronologically, since some books occur simultaneously, and are written by different authors (although inspired by God, alone.). Y'all stay safe!