Monday, May 15, 2017

I Feel Like a Pioneer Woman!

I ran the A/C in the camper all day yesterday. It was in the upper 80's and a camper is just like a tin can - when it sits in the sun it really heats up! Louis Dean got cold in the night and turned the A/C off and when I tried to turn it back on - it wouldn't. We knew the fan had been damaged by hail in past storms but it has kept turning for much longer than we had any right to expect. Good thing it's not in the upper 90's and 100 degrees just yet!

The morning was fairly pleasant as we sat outside on the back side of the camper with our coffee.
The breeze felt good on my shoulders. However, the day heated up as it went on.
Louis Dean helped me open this window that had not been opened in years!

It was stuck!

But he got it open in the end!
He will be ordering a new fan and we may possibly need an all new A/C unit.
We won't be coming back next month without one!
In the mean time - I feel like a pioneer woman! Perhaps a modern one as I am cooking outdoors - using a hot plate! We have two box fans inside and I keep one pointed at each of us.
I keep four ice trays frozen and pop them out into plastic bags and freeze some more. 
You need a lot of ice in Texas!

Louis Dean continues to work.
He says he can handle the heat better than the cold.
Crazy man. I dislike summer heat intensely!!
I am doing my best to be a happy camper in spite of being too warm for comfort.
Even so, both of us took a good nap this afternoon. No telling how long we would have slept if it hadn't been so warm!

It's cooler outside than it is inside.
This is my spot once the shade hits and covers the deck.

There was a bit of a breeze and I was able to enjoy my book and my iced tea.....
and supervise Louis Dean!
After the shade covered the work area out there, I gathered and stacked all the cut pieces of lumber for him and helped gather up his tools. He works until he can't work any more. 

Just before dark, I went on a nice long bike ride. I rode up to the gate and back to the first 'road' that's really mostly grass and around the small tank, over the chicken houses and then back up to the camper.

I like seeing our cozy little camper at night through the window.
It seems late here now - but it's just 10:00.
Time for bed!
Goodnight from the COUNTRY!!


Deanna Rabe said...

I hope you get the air fixed soon! That is hard to be without it in a trailer!

Mummers said...

As always you guys make lemonade out of a stressful situation. Pray you both sleep well and have a good nights sleep. Hugs!

Blondie's Journal said...

You truly sound like a pioneer, but if the heat gets higher and still no air conditioning, don't hesitate to go to a motel for the night!! :)

Jane x

Cheapchick said...

I hope you don't fry - you would like Vancouver Island. We have pretty mild temperatures year round :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love the last picture peeking inside your camper! I know it is miserable with no air conditioning. And it must be double miserable in a camper. Your book looks interesting. Guess what I just found out? Seniors age 55 and over receive a 20% discount every Wednesday at participating locations of Goodwill! Now the thing is to find out if our Goodwill is participating! I am going to post my latest haul, and give you the credit for me thinking of it!!

Linda said...

The heat was one of the reasons I left Texas. I seriously don't like heat. Can't imagine trying to stay in that trailer if the heat rises. I'd be out on the road thumbing it back to Irving.

Vee said...

Hope that the trouble with the AC can be remedied. Texas was too hot and too muggy for me in the middle of February one year. Guess for all my whining, I am best suited for a northern climate. 😏 I have a friend who is leaving for Kentucky next month. I asked him if he wouldn't be too warm in a Kentucky summer and he said that the heat would be good for him after the Maine winter we had.

Louis Dean is getting so much accomplished. I am always impressed with him and his sidekick!

Susie said...

Linda, I am not a big fan of heat either. I like 65-70 degrees and that's plenty warm. I am holding off turning the AC on here. I love the days when we have no heat or AC running. I like airing the house out. Girl, you know I would not make a good pioneer...I love my power....I do not want to use a wash board, or paper fan, or cook on a campfire. LOL. We would have all been killed off by the Indians if I had been a settler.LOL It's not that I couldn't do all the things necessary to live rough, but I prefer not to. Stay cool as you can and make sure you drink plenty of ice tea or water. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Arlene Grimm said...

Bless your heart...the heat is hard on us ladies of a certain age. How was that book Linda? It is one I have thought of buying at Target but I have been so busy I have not had time to read. Hoping that changes this week.

Estelle's said...

I am with you Miss Linda....cannot tolerate the heat anymore. You're a real trooper....stay safe down there.

Gypsy Heart said...

God knew what He was doing when He didn't plop me down in the days prior to having electricity/gas and A/C's! :) I just cannot take the heat anymore and our summers make me so cranky. I hope you can get it repaired or a new one soon! I love, love my iced tea but just remember that it and coffee will dehydrate one's body. Keep that water going!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We've got fans running in every room...even the garage! heehee! That book looks good! Happy reading! Hugs

Carole said...

I do envy you being able to nap in daytime - I just can't no matter how tired I am - a real nuisance! Hope the heat doesn't get too draining - we could do with some of it here. Cheers

Bluebird49 said...

I was a pioneer girl... Mama and I sewed, cooked, used wood stoves, (for heat and cooking!). There was outdoor plumbing, raising chickens, a pig, and a cow. Pumped water and carried it in while my brothers chopped wood all year and toted it in.
We washed in a big galvanized tub on Saturdays, we "cleaned up" Sunday night thru Saturday night...the cleanest of the 5 of us washed first...uh, except the breadwinner. Daddy always went first.
Summers, we filled it up mornings and put it in the sun
to heat it, and we could wash every evening. (In the summer. we needed it more! ;) ) Never a TV that worked, radio and library books were entertainment.
I lived! Many of us did. And, the school bus did stop at the end of my lane! No, I didn't walk to a one-room schoolhouse. (But my daddy did.) Pinkie swear. xoxo, Trudy

Penny said...

I am not good in the heat either Linda, I get really flustered and my feet and ankles swell up bafly. As you know Scotland is very temperate, but ladt week we experienced very hot temperatures and i struggled. Then we had thunderstorms and the weather broke, it s cool and breezy today - ah that's better! X