Saturday, May 20, 2017

Country Friends and Country Ways!!

 This morning I went down to the meadow to read while the load of clothes I put in Dean's machine washed.

There's a perfect place to sit!
I read awhile and I looked and listened awhile.

I love the country and all the sounds.

I made the rounds checking on all the critters.

I like how the peacocks live with the little roosters.

I think he was trying to tell me something, don't you?

Fresh eggs are still such a delight to me!
That blue one was still warm when I gathered it.

I think I am going to do a series of country paintings.
There's so many 'scenes' here that would would look good on canvas.

The horses look pretty under that gorgeous green tree!

The wildflowers are constantly changing with new ones blooming.

This is the way you hang clothes - redneck style!

Louis Dean string up a clothes line.

This afternoon we went to town and bought an air conditioner....

Then within an hour of getting back, the master electrician that Dean knows was at the gate!
Looks like we will use the new unit in our new room!

Dean and I went to town yesterday to get a part for his truck.
We stopped at The Dollar Tree and found a few goodies!

I liked these wine glasses!
After I picked out my glasses, put them in the buggy and went down another isle, we heard a shattering crash. Someone had knocked a couple of crates of glasses off the dolly they were on! 
I was so glad we had left that area!!
The saleslady said they didn't know who did it!!
We assured her it wasn't us!

In the time it's taken me to do this journal post, Don (Dean's friend) fixed our AC and said it will cool good enough for now but once Texas summer heat hits, it won't. We will be ordering a new RV A/C to replace this one and Don will install it for us. We had to practically put the $ in his pocket today but we insisted he take it and we will pay him well for installing the new one!!
Praise God for Country Friends!!

When Dean returned from his Karate Seminar this evening - and saw all the laundry hanging outside - he said, "Linda!! You are catching on to this redneck thing!! Stay a little longer and you will be countrified!!!"
   I may be getting the hang of this!


Linda said...

So glad you have AC again. No AC in a metal camper in Texas in the summer is equal to turning on a rotisserie. Tell Dean you are not Redneck until you drape that laundry over bushes around the house and the sagging fence around the yard. I want that colorful rooster. Such a pretty thing. Where are the goats? They'd enjoy your laundry.

Ginny Hartzler said...

You captured the peacock in his breeding finery! And the rooster seems to be cheering him on. I hope the air conditioner works for now. I love Dollar Tree! And how clever of Louis Dean to make clotheslines like this!

Bluebird49 said...

Thanks for the trip! I've never heard a peacock before!
I love horses. Used to ride Paso Finos with friends 20
ŷears ago.

Like sitting on/in a rocking chair--at a canter.

How are the quads managing without Grandma and Granddad?😎
I love that you're resting!
If you click on my Bluebird49, go to "Wandering Thoughts". I don't post very much...but come over when you like!

Kathy said...

So glad about your air conditioning. It is hot here but must be awful there in a camper. You are really getting the hang of living in the country. Do you think about selling your city house and moving there permanently?

BeachGypsy said...

I love the picture of the tire and the truck and flowers---would make a great header for your blog!--or enlarge that and put it somewhere in your house or there at the camper too!? I am getting a kick out of the laundry pictures---I surely did hang out our laundry on the clothesline today to dry in the hot air and the breeze. I have an old fashioned clothesline and I WOULDNT TRADE IT FOR ANYTHING---just love to hang clothes out.

Sandra said...

that is one of the things I miss these days, country friends.. raised in rural GA and rural KY they are a part of my fond memories. that rooster and the peacock are really beautiful. love the colors in the feathers on both
glad you are cool now..

Deanna Rabe said...

Country life! We are semi rural here and we love it!

Carol Slater said...

I am glad that you are enjoying the country life. It looks as though you have plenty to enjoy!

Susie said...

Linda, LD may have to make you genuine clothes line. I can imagine the hot winds would dry stuff fast. I like the picture with the hay rolls . That peacock is just showing off. :):) Blessings , xoxo, love, Susie

Carole said...

Not redneck just practical! I have a clothes line but it is under a tree which makes it impractical to use.... birds. so my drier has to do it instead. It is the coldest day of hte year so far today - a high of 14 C (about 58F) - and I'm huddled in layers! No central heating - it doesn't often get this cold - maybe 4-5 times a year! It does seem strange that you are living in my yesterday and in the heat! Cheers

Arlene Grimm said...

I love your country clothes dryer.:) We got home but are going back on Thursday so I left my bag partially

Penny said...

You will be a Pro Country Bumpkin before you know it! X