Sunday, May 28, 2017

Busy Days! Graduation, 5 Year Check Up, Decorating and the First Locust!!!

Thursday we attended the Pre K Graduation for the quads!
They were the whole reason we came home when we did!

Are they not adorable???
I am now so 'One of THOSE' grandparents!!

After the ceremony, the celebration continued with cake!!

All four quads are in this pic but I focused on my daughter, Amber!
It took her a long time to recover from her quad pregnancy and she's worked so very hard at regaining her health. She continues to have some problems but they are minor compared to what she's already been through! She is one beautiful Quad Mom!!!

Remember the video of Harrison telling us about his upcoming marriage?

Meet Nora! They are the cutest things!!
When asked if she was excited about it being the last day of school.....she replied.....
"I just want one more week with Harrison!"

The parents have planned a few play dates in the upcoming weeks to ease the trauma.
But Harrison is a BOY and when his Mama told him about going to a splash pad next week.....and inviting Nora and another little girl......his response was ....
"That's a LOT of girls!!!"
And he is the only BOY!
Such a load of responsibility!

What a lovely family!!!

Friday morning I drank one cup of coffee, showered, dressed and went straight to K Hair to see Yulisa! I was desperate for a hair cut! A SHORT one!

Once again, she made a silk purse out of a sow's ear!
I'm always slightly surprised when I see a picture of myself.....
It's not quite the way I think I look.....

Yulisa is a gifted stylist and gave me an exceptional cut!
I highly recommend her to any of you living in the DFW area!!!

I left Irving and headed over to meet Amber and the quads at the pediatrician's office for their 5 ear check up. I have not missed a single yearly check up so far! I evening made all the routine ones in their first year.

Amber told the nurse we were here to keep them on their A game!!
It was a zoo!
You take four nearly 5 year need to weigh and measure each one.
Well, right off the bat, Logan marched up to the scales and she was weighed. 
Kailey was up against the wall getting her height measured at the same time.
Then one by one, each quad went from one the height chart to the scale until the nurses were totally confused! They decided to do them ONE BY ONE to insure accurate numbers!!!
All four are doing fine. Amazing for 29 weeks 5 days preemies.

We were surprised when the doctor detected that Trystan had strep throat.
Talk about perfect timing.

Logan told the doctor, "You are the best doctor EVER!!"
Did I mention the quads all got a shot?
Harrison screamed like a girl and Kailey yelled like a boy.
Logan was a trouper and Trystan got a sticker for being brave as she was the last one and had to hear all the agony of the ones going before her.

From there we went to Chick Fil A for a late lunch and play time. 
The we hit up Hobby Lobby and finished up at Target where I scored on birthday gifts for the quad birthday coming up soon!

It was a great day and I loved every minute of it!
I've been missing Amber and the quads!
I think they have been missing me!

The first thing we did this morning was take our coffee out to the gazebo - it was already 80 degrees when we got up - and do our Bible reading.

Then we took our basket to the garden to gather the fresh produce.
Lots and lots of GREEN tomatoes!

But there were plenty of red ripe ones when we looked hard!

Tomato, onion and egg sandwich - using our garden veggies and farm fresh eggs from the ranch.

Our mid morning snack!
Pardon my exuberance but I have never gardened like this before!!!

Louis Dean helped me get down all the patriotic decorations from the storage building attic!
I had 5 or 6 tubs plus a couple of bags.

I started in the den and that took a good chick of the day!

I cleaned as well as decorated as I went.

I'm loving all the patriotic things Summer gave me like these place mats and napkins.

The den tree - it changes with the season.

Uncle Sam from when Amber and Ben were kids.

More of Summer's collection plus a favorite photo of my son, Jesse, and his family from several years ago. You can see the Fairy Princess Rayne in the back frame.

Den done and candles lit!!!!

I went on to clean and decorate the kitchen, foyer, porch, living room and dining room.

Louis Dean and I took a break outside for a glass of wine and I heard my first locust of the year!!!

It is a tradition to record the time and date of the first one.
Summer and I have long had a contest as to who hears it first.
I win most of the time.
We have since added another friend to the competition and he and I heard it at the same time this evening!! He is west of us but within minutes we were messaging each other that we had HEARD them!!!

It's a tie!!!

I wonder if they have locust ( or cicadas) in Puerto Rico??

This is what they look like in Texas!


Bluebird49 said...

Okay, you've completely worn me out!
Seems like Harrison would be used " a LOT of girls" already! I love his marriage video, and so does my hubby. He was work, work, work!
Enjoy every moment!

Kathy said...

You always hear the locust before I do. They are not so prevalent around here as when I was a child. That sound is a happy part of my childhood

I'm so glad you got back in time for the graduation. They are growing up. I hope Trystan's strep goes away quickly. Nothing worse than a sore throat in my opinion.

Hope you have a good day!

Hootin' ♥ Anni said...

Tho, at times, they can be deafening, the cicadas are a welcome sound....rain is coming!!

Love the graduation -- and his betrothed. lol Cuteness.

Changes in the wind said...

Love the hair cut...think you look best in short hair:)

Sandra said...

that is a grasshopper in your photo and a cicada locust in the perception pic.. I wondered why you liked the sound of the locust. they are horrible and so loud they keep me awake. the sound in your video is no where near as piercing as a locust. so glad the quads are doing so well and Amber to and did you and Amber see there were sextuplets born yesterday in Tampa? 6 babies? 2 more than yours? wow

Linda said...

What a great post. The graduation photos are the best. I believe Trystan wins best of show. The expression on her face is priceless. Loved seeing Harrison and the girl he's going to marry. Who knew years of Sanford and Son junk could make such good dirt for a garden. I'm so impressed with LD's garden. Locust, Cicadas and grasshoppers are all one group in my mine. I will always remember the year in Texas when we had an invasion of somebody in that group. They ate the leaves off the peach trees then ate the green peaches down to the pit/seed and left all those attached to the bare limbs. Vicious critters they were.

Nonnie said...

It has been so fun to watch these four grow up through your journal. They are beautiful and so is their mother. And their grandmother too with that snazzy haircut! Wonderful memories you are making. And those tomato sandwiches! Yummy!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your summer red white and blue table is beautiful!!! I would love decorating our kitchen table for events, but the cats would walk all over it. We were at Anne Marie's graduation last week, too!! Each of their pictures turned out so well! Your hair is the most beautiful I have ever seen it! You must not change it, or I will scold you! It looks a bit stacked in the back. You look better than ever! Your description of the doctors visit gave me a good laugh! And Trystan has not even been complaining? Goodness! Our family has had strep about four times this year! Three of them were Dara, and one was her mom. Your tomatoes look beautiful and juicy. It does not surprise me that Harrison is a ladies man! He is so kind and outgoing, and girls love that! I always mark the date when I see the first robin of the spring!

Vee said...

What do you mean "sow's ear"? Good heavens! Your hairdresser has so much to work with and that is in fact a beautiful haircut! What did Louis Dean have to say?

Oh my! The Quads in caps and gowns...too cute! Of course, Trystan came through once again for her wombmates. Ha! She always does. Hope that early intervention prevents her from being under the weather.

Everything looks right on point for being a memorable holiday! Have fun, everybody!

Deanna Rabe said...

Ah I love those quads! They are so big now!

We have cicadas, but we haven't heard them yet.

Happy Sunday!

Susie said...

Linda, The babies..waaa...they are growing up. Way too quickly. Amber and Mike are awesome parents and you and LD are such wonderful grandparents with all your help. Linda you are beautiful , I love the new do. You and LD are good farmers. The crops look good. The décor is so nice. I like it for this time and July also. :):) Blessings to all, xoxo,love, Susie

Carole said...

Fancy graduating when you're not yet 5 .... doesn't seem right to me! I can't believe how tall they are getting. Cheers

Penny said...

The quads look adorable in their little gowns and caps. Gad to hear all their health checks went well X