Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday and Sunday in the Country

Louis Dean went home Saturday afternoon leaving Ruth Ann and I at the camper to come home Sunday with Sherry. Sherry is still working in Irving so she commutes every weekend back to the ranch.

I was smiling as I told him goodbye but it was a little strange to see him driving up to the gate without me. As soon as he was gone, Ruth Ann and I took naps.....she in the bedroom and I in the girl bunk.
Saturday had dawned MUCH cooler than Friday!! Perfect sleeping weather and no A/C for us!

Dean and Sherry had gone to Waco on errands and they stopped by the side of a country road coming back to pick these beautiful sunflowers for me!

Pretty as they can be!!!
Ruth Ann read while I did some writing and then we decided to walk up to the big tank before it got too late in the day.

It started raining on us so detoured to the house where Dean made us cups of hot chocolate and we visited while Sherry napped.

We took a peep at the newly hatched chicks!
The rain had stopped by now so we ventured out again.

The wildflowers are blooming everywhere!

April is THE most beautiful month at the ranch - followed by my next favorite - October!

Ruth Ann noticed the reflection of the barn in the water.

The ranch sits on 50 acres so there's lots of places for the horses to roam.

Ruth Ann took her iPad around snapping lots of pictures.

Not sure what this flower is but it's pretty!

You really need mud boots out here!

Dean and Sherry had stopped and bought some extremely tasty tomatoes from a farmer in a roadside stand so dinner was BLT's and they were DELICIOUS!!
Ruth Ann and I made an early night of it!
Lights out by 10:30!

Sunday morning was spent relaxing in the camper over my coffee and her hot tea.
We packed up our things and I started the preparations for leaving the camper while Ruth Ann walked down to see what Sherry and Dean were doing.

I rode my bike!

Ruth Ann took it for a little spin and was laughing out loud!!
First time to ride a bike in a long time!

We went to check out the baby ducks who were with their mamas.

Sherry found a couple of the babies dean and thinks perhaps the mama duck is too heavy when she sits on them. 

She took these two and they put them in the brooder for safe keeping!

BBQ was chained up close to it so he was watching what we were doing!

We all went up to scope out the blackberries......

It was a beautiful day to pick them.

Blue (Sherry's dog) and Rufus (Dean's dog) went along to keep us company. 

The berries were hard to get to and they had some pretty serious thorns on them. Plus some of the biggest berries were surrounded by poison ivy!

That's when we decided to drive out a country road where Dean had noticed a bunch of them earlier last week.

I would have been totally lost if I had been on my own!

We went through Benhur.......a very small place.....and a very old place.
I wish I had taken notice of the price of gas on these antique gas pumps!

Benhur Bar......a real country bar!

This is the place where you can buy peacocks.

Dean bought a peahen here for Sherry's birthday last year.

Dean suggested I look for cactus jelly recipes!

This is the pan of berries I picked up by the big tank.

THESE are the berries I picked on the country road!!
Over a quart of them!!

I am home now and Grandson Robert is here to visit with us for a few days.
Tomorrow Louis Dean is cooking his famous chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner and I am going to make a big blackberry/peach cobbler!
We are going to need a tub of really good vanilla ice cream!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Gorgeous berries! Your sweet little pink wildflower is a Primrose! And no, I am NOT leading you down the Primrose path! Seems like you eat better and fresher at the ranch! You are becoming a real good ranch hand! It has been raining all weekend here, too. Off and on. What a surprise to see the huge cactus! Benhur looks like a Ghost Town, who would ever guess they have a peacock store?

Deanna Rabe said...

What a fun time for you and Ruth Ann! Beauty all around you at the ranch!

Your pie sounds delicious! Enjoy LD's grandson!

Linda said...

That all sounds like wonderful Texas living. I do love blackberry cobbler.

Arlene Grimm said...

Those are beautiful blackberries...ours are just blooming in No Ga. Loved all the pictures. Ruth Ann riding the bike made me smile.

Susie said...

Linda, Such fun seeing you ladies riding the bike, I bet you both were laughing. Your dinner with Robert sounds so good. The berries are just beautiful. Give that sweet Robert a hug for me. I know LD enjoys that boy. It will be nice to see photos of them together. Blessings to you, love, xoxo, Susie

Changes in the wind said...

A really nice day...

Sandra said...

glad you are home. I got a big smile over my friend on a bike with pink boots and an APRON.. LOL... love it. I can see why you love april at the farm. just beautiful.... that pic of LD at the beginning is my favorite pic of him ever

Cranberry Morning said...

It does look like the perfect time to be at the ranch! And those chick! And those ducks! And the water! And those cute boots. I just came in from hanging sheets on the line - wearing mud boots, of course! LOL

RobinS57 said...

So amazing that you have blackberries now. I thought that maybe you were talking about a different kind of berry but they are the blackberries I know-- only mine won't be ready til August! Love all the photos of animals and blooms.

Gypsy Heart said...

Just nothing better than blackberry cobbler...unless it's peach! Both my favorites. Glad you had a good time! I'm still coughing...


Carla said...

Blackberries always make me think of my Aunt in Missouri. She made the best pies. I liked going to see her. those are some pretty snazzy boots.

Jaybird said...

Your plant is a milkweed...VERY important in the life of a species of butterfly!!
I have been looking for seed for our butterfly/hummingbird garden!
One of the men in our church was FROM Ben Hur...he used to go to all of the reunions!