Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quad Monday!

It's after midnight as I write my journal post for Quad Monday.
Normally I am too tired to write at the end of Monday but I have rested some and am pacing myself.
 I'm trying to write daily so I'm not constantly playing catch up. 
It was a shorter day - the kids were gone by 8:00 - and a really easy one.
The kids are so good at entertaining themselves and they all get along together much better than siblings of different ages. It must be the multiple birth experience that caused them to bond within the womb and that relationship continues to grow.

As Amber drove up the street, they met Granddad driving down the street.
He was heading to Home Depot and stopped to answer the question he KNEW the kids were asking their Mama! "WHERE is Granddad going??"

As the kids piled out of the car this morning, they told me they were going to stay in the front yard and watch for Granddad to come back.
Well, that took longer than they thought but they stayed busy and happy!

Gardening kept their attention for a couple of HOURS!

The girls cut 'flowers' which included roses, weeds, grasses, honeysuckle, bushes and pieces of the cedar tree. They had a ball!

Harrison worked on collecting rocks and looking for bugs.

Once Granddad was back, we moved our party to the back yard.
While the kids played, I cooked lunch!

They laughed and played 'house' with cushions and covers piled on one of Louis Dean's carts!

As lunch was cooking, the sky was turning dark!

Rain was in the forecast and it looks like it was about to arrive.
The two sky pics were NOT taken by me! Guess who took my camera?

Harrison!! He even took a selfie!

Naps followed and the rain made perfect sleeping weather!
I napped right along with the kids.

One by one, they wake up and we get to spend a little one on one time with the first one to wake.
This is usually Trystan and she treasures these times as much as we do.
Trystan dearly loves looking at the bird books I keep in the gazebo and studies them every time she is here. Today we played a bird game using cards that have bird photos on the front and questions on the back. She got a surprisingly number of them right!!! Logan was the second to wake and then Harrison. Kailey was last and she was also the first one to go to sleep. She is growing faster than the others right now!

After they were all awake, the kids each got 3 of the Resurrection Eggs and they told the Easter Story with remarkable clarity! We did a couple pages of the sticker book that featured Palm Sunday and we will finish the book on Good Friday.

Our art appreciation focused on the Holy Week.
The first was The Last Supper by Tintoretto. I explained that Jesus had invited all of them to have a last meal together. Notice all the apostles have a halo except Judas who is kneeling at the far end of the table. Logan turned her face up to me and with big wide eyes asked, "If Jesus knew Judas was a wicked man - why did he invite him to dinner?"

The second was The Descent from the Cross by Rembrandt.
My photo did not photograph well.....but the man on the left helping take the body of Jesus down is a self portrait of Rembrandt.

The kids ask some pretty deep questions and I am impressed with how much they comprehend.

While Granddad went off to pick up pizza for supper - the kids and I went off to walk in the rain!

Amber had packed all their rain gear so they were good to go!

It was raining as we walked but not a heavy downpour!

Trystan had the most fun of all!!!
She was so excited!!!

Kailey was not wanting to get splashed, Can you tell???

Good clean fun - unless you get splashed with muddy waters.

We made lots of good memories today!
For me and for them!

Walking in the rain!

Don't we all love jumping in mud puddles???

By the time we got home, Kailey had decided to go for it and jump!!!

They stripped out of their wet clothes and put on dry ones.....right there on the front porch!
Granddad returned with the pizzas and they insisted they wanted to eat right there!
Their Dada arrived just in time to join us!

Giggles all around!

It was such a GOOD day!!
After they ate, they all went on a Ball Bug Hunt!

Doodle Bugs aka Rolly Pollies!

There they are!

Doesn't take much to make kids happy!

Bye!!! BYE!!!!

We came in after getting all the trash out for pick up day in the morning, and I cleaned the den.....for the first time in over two weeks!!

I decided to blog in the now clean den while we watch a little TV.
It's started to rain again and will make for a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow I will begin preparations for Good Friday.
We are hosting a luncheon and all my children are invited along with a very special guest.
There will be cleaning and decorating and cooking and baking and maybe some yard work to be done.
It's the first big gathering I've hosted since Christmas and I'm excited.
Now! I'm off to bed and I intend to sleep until nearly noon!!!


Nancy Chan said...

I am also enjoying your quad day as I read your post. They are growing and they are so cute. Have a happy day.

Kathy said...

I love reading about your quad days. It's like I am there with you. It was so nice at the end when LD says, "Those are the sweetest kids." They really are!

Deanna Rabe said...

What a delightful day! Amber and Mike are doing a great job training them. You can tell they are active (as they should be) but not 'out of control!' That makes them a delight to have around!

Hope you sleep well, friend! You and Louis Dean are helping to give those kids a precious childhood!

Vee said...

If you're planning to sleep until noon, you better not be reading this now. 🙂 I am intrigued by your Good Friday Luncheon. Might you be sharing what's on the menu? It is my year to host and I am looking for a clue. Ha!

Loved seeing the children enjoy themselves so...they always do!

Arlene Grimm said...

Loved the picture of the quads playing in the rain...now that would make a good painting with those pretty colors!! Have fun entertaining this weekend. None of our kids were available so Marvin and I are going to a Brunch here at a local hotel. We have had holiday meals there before and it is yummy. No dishes to wash so straight to the sofa for a nap afterwards.:)

Susie said...

Linda, That was a perfect day. I loved hearing the giggles of the children , you ,and LD. So much love. You are all blessings to each other. I hope your get together goes smoothly. Blessings to all, xoxo,love Susie

Sandra said...

I am so glad the rain allowed them to dress up in gear and play, I always loved playing in the rain, but we just played in bathig suits or clothes. I have never owned any rain gear except an umbrella.. love Harrisons selfie.. the rains gear is so cute on them and their joy is coming through in sounds.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I just KNEW that was Harrison behind the camera!! His pictures are always so good. It is so much fun at this age, to see what special interests they all have. And with your bible teachings making them so interested, they will be digging through the commentaries in no time! How FUN it is to walk in the rain! And of course there is always one who does not want to get messy. You got just wonderful pictures this time! Such sweet little faces and poses. That is one thing about being a grandparent. We KNOW how fast time goes, and how to make the most of it while they are young.

Jan said...

Wonderful pictures of a sweet day! Do you know we didn't get one drop of rain over here west of Ft. Worth? So glad you got some!

Bluebird49 said...

I've been "watching" the quads since they were born---just and would love to be an extra-grandma to them! (I lived in the camper with you and LD, down there at Amber and Mike's!), spent Christmases with you everywhere you went--just and would love to be an extra-grandma to them! They are all so sweet---but Harrison with those dimples and mischievous eyes--be still my heart!

I'd never even recognized that Rembrandt had inserted himself into the "The Descent"!Thank you!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Walking in the rain sure looks like fun. You never get too old to splash in a puddle! Enjoy your week and the time you'll have with family. Sweet hugs, Diane

Wanda said...

The video's were so fun...my computer has not been letting me view them, but now it's fixed and I love the giggles and laughter and the splashing in the puddles. Great day.