Monday, April 17, 2017

Quad Monday - Short and Sweet!

 Monday started off beautifully here in the DFW area this morning. Louis Dean and I had coffee and our Bible reading in the gazebo before preparing for the quads to arrive. It was SO nice, we spent a couple of hours out along the driveway pulling weeds - or at least Harrison and I did. The girls hunted and captured rolly pollies....aka ball bugs.

It started to rain lightly so I handed out four small ladies sized umbrellas that they thought were children's size after last week when I used my huge golf umbrellas as we played in the rain!

I told Harrison I was going to 'dig in the dirt' and he promptly handed me a tiny red shovel!

Logan chose the puppy dog umbrella and she held it up as she picked pretend  'flowers' although they were only leaves and weeds!

Then there's Trystan!! She was an angel all day and SHE was the one who captured all the bugs!
She found a RED ball bug!! I'd never even seen one like that before!

Once the rain began to pour down - in we went to the dining room table and that's where the rest of the day's activities were centered.

Last week we missed doing The Rules of the House and Kailey reminded me both on Good Friday and on Easter about it! I thought we were on Rule #5 but Trystan had said, "No, MeeMaw, We did #5 so we are on #6." I discovered she was right and had Rule #6 ready and waiting on the table along with plenty of colors and markers. Trystan said - in her sweet little voice - "See MeeMaw? You were wrong." I explained that grown ups are not always right! She seemed pretty pleased to know that she knew what was what!!

Trystan took a picture of her paper....

and Logan took a pic of hers.
They take better pictures than I do!

They added some stickers this time!

Lunch was up next!
It was a late one but everyone ate hearty!!

I used Good Friday leftovers and added hash browns and chicken tenders.
By this time it was REALLY raining! So much so, that I went out and drew the rain curtains around the gazebo! Naps followed and it is true that rain makes great sleeping weather!

Once we were all up - it was back to the dining room table.
I had Upwords and another word tiles game that Harrison used for spelling out words he knew and the girls spelled out their names. I was amused that they all love to spell D-e-m-o  D-a-y! Can you tell Fixer Upper is a favorite program over in Quadville?

They moved on to coloring papers from a really nice adult coloring book .

I took that opportunity to put on a classic story read by Jack Lemmon.

I've had this CD since Amber and Benjamin were little.

A perfect way to keep them entertained while they did their 'art.'
You can tell by Logan stalking her hands like a wolf and the expression on Trystan's face that they really got into it!

Next up was The Velveteen Rabbit.
By the end of that one, the kids had finished their papers.




Trystan's! She said she will finish hers next week!
It is pretty involved!

We ended our day with breakfast for dinner!
Cinnamon rolls, bacon, pancake fingers and small cups of melted butter and syrup!
And milk, of course!!
Do you see Trystan has her insect carrier with the ball bugs in it sitting right beside her at dinner?
I just now noticed this!

While I did the dishes, Granddad put on a Paw Patrol - a brand new one he got 'on demand' - and that's where we all were when Amber and Mike came in!

It was a good day and now LD and I have both showered, put on our pajamas and are ready for a glass of wine and a little TV before bed!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I am the most amazed at Logan's coloring! It is just about perfect! It does not even look colored! She surely takes after you in her artistic ability. But of course my very favorite is the umbrellas!! How wonderful to see smiling children with big colorful umbrellas! Wouldn't it be great to put each one in a big frame and hang it as a collage? Trystan and the umbrella is my favorite picture of your entire post!! The picture is the image of childhood joy and beauty. They really got into the C.D.'s!

Linda said...

So fun to read about another Quad Monday. In various photos lately I've noticed Trystan is apparently very petite. Next to tall lanky Kailey she really looks petite. Those have got to be the best kids around. A lot of the credit goes to how well you keep them entertained and your ability to go with the flow when something doesn't go as planned.

Kathy said...

I too was amazed at Logan's picture. She really has artistic ability. What a nice rainy day. I always liked rainy days when I was a child.

Susie said...

Linda, The children are getting very good at coloring. I love how they get along and behave. They are good eaters also. We had a productive Monday. Ted burned all the yard trash we have gathered since winter, mowed the lawn also. I did all our laundry, cooked and cleaned and put out the oriole feeder. Then we relax on the porch for awhile. I loved it. Hope your Tuesday is nice. Wish I could come paint with you. Blessings to all, xoxo,love, Suise

Estelle's said...

Linda...this warmed my heart..seeing the children sit quitely and concentrate on their craft activity while listening to a audio story...reminded me of my own childhood. The babies are creating such lovely memories at MeeMaw's and Granddad's! Y'all are a true blessing to them

Sandra said...

you are such a wonderful loving creative grandmother, they have fun while learning morals and how to treat each other.. they will never forget it. good idea to have the cd playing while dong art and that is something I would never think of...

Arlene Grimm said...

I love your rules of the house...where did you find them Linda? Is there a link online? That might be a good summer project for my older grands.

Deanna Rabe said...

I love your quad days. These kids are so dear. What fun you have!

Vee said...

Those children are brilliant colorers! What fun to listen so well to the stories.

I once read that saying, "I was wrong and you are right" takes all the sting out of a situation. Whoever was right does not feel as if s/he must push the point and it keeps the one who was wrong humble. It has been a big help to me. I only wish that I had learned it as a child. Ha!

Love the sweet accounts of your days. The children have learned so much from you and Louis Dean. Must be time for some music lessons soon. I love to hear them sing!

Debbie said...

i love that you always make a big deal about meals - special meals and eating meals together!! and crafts, they must really look forward to those!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Those umbrellas are great! Your quads are great artists...and who better than you for an art teacher? :)