Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Busy Monday With the Quads and Tuesday Traditions!

Granddad opened the door to the quads this time - which is something I usually do!
They always shout out "Where is Granddad??" 
It warmed my heart to hear them say the same thing to him - "Where is MEEMAW??"
Our Monday was off and running and none of us stopped!!

Kailey noticed right off the bat that I had a different camera!
My red one was dropped one time too many and there was no hope of life left in it!
Now I'm using a smaller purple one and I'm going to try and be more careful.
I actually bought this one - AND a small silver one - to replace the red one when it developed issues - like a cracked screen and when the lens wouldn't shut all the way - or open all the way. And yet I continued to use the red one because I loved it so. Perhaps I will become attached to this purple one now! I'm really hard on electronics!

Once again, the quads arrived in their pajamas! They love to do this!

I'm so glad the kids get excited to come over here!
They've been coming for two and a half years one day a week.
It used to be Wednesdays and this year it's been Mondays.
Before that, we went to Quadville one day a week.
And before that, we were pretty much residents of Quadville - then located in Katy, Texas!

We told Mommy goodbye and began our day together!

I had breakfast/lunch cooking and since they had all eaten a healthy snack, they were ready to play!

They know where everything is around here and in no time at all were entertaining themselves with magnets, coloring papers and all manner of things.

The girls decided to dress up from the stash of clothes I keep in a bottom drawer in the guest room. 
Harrison, on the other hand, wore his comfy pajamas all day long!

Sandbox + fancy dresses?? Of COURSE!!!

We finally got around to eating 'breakfast' for lunch!
Hash browns - made the old fashioned way with grated boiled potatoes, bacon, sausage and pancakes.

Then it was back to playing!
They roamed from one corner of the back yard to the other three and back again!

Louis Dean and I looked at each other and said, "Listen to the children while they play......."
We are so grateful these kids have such great parents. 

This is the book I used for our craft later that afternoon.
We ironed the transfers on and painted them after naps.

Just before we went inside, I used the set of Resurrection Eggs to share the Easter Story.
Each egg has a special item as a visual reminder of part of the Easter story.
Next week, I'm going to let the kids tell the story to US, using the Resurrection Eggs.

Little House on Plum Creek reading before nap time.
We ALL napped!!!

As each one woke up, we worked on our shirt.
Logan was first and you can see how intensely she's concentrating.

Harrison was second and did a fine job!

Kailey was third and Trystan started working on hers while I was helping Kailey.
Trystan had observed all the instruction I'd given to the others and she pretty much proceeded on her own. She spent the longest time and did virtually ALL of hers by herself!

I think they turned out great!!

The kids went off to play and Louis Dean and I sat down with a glass of wine before I went in to prepare dinner.

All four kids were engaged elsewhere, so I browsed through this cookbook gifted to me by my friend, Denise, from Georgia, for a mac and cheese recipe.
Harrison requested mac and cheese for dinner saying, "I'm SERIOUS about mac and cheese!!"

We weren't two sips in before I was swarmed by little people!!!
Here they are standing right smack dab in front of me!

So this is the cookbook I used......

and Thank You, Denise!!!

Here's the recipe and it was really good!!!
Grown ups liked it a lot and Kailey ate three helpings.

I think I will use the old fashioned box mac and cheese next time for the kids.
They failed to fully appreciate a high quality dish!
Although, they DID eat it! So maybe they are just being loyal to the old stand by!

While I did the dishes, the kids returned to the sandbox for some more play time.

Amber came to pick them up and gave them baths before they left.
That's when we did the 5th rule of the house!
They are learning! 
In fact, their parents have already taught them this one.....
what we give is reinforcement! 

They left and we went straight to bed!

I love being able to sleep in on Tuesday mornings!

I called Ruth Ann once I was awake and we decided on a movie!

The Starplex is now an AMC theater and the price went up to $1.00.
The Senior Combo shrunk in size - tiny smaller bag of popcorn and same size drink for $5.75.
Hot dogs remained $0.99!!!

This was our movie of choice and it had me wound up tighter than a drum!
I could NOT figure out how in the world they could make an ending to this movie that would make sense......but they did.
Still, I was a wreck when we got out!

We hit up a couple of thrift stores to even out the day.

I got this lamp with two lights for $5 and the shade for $3 at the DAV.
It is in the foyer now.

This pretty spring wreath isn't exactly 'kitchen' style but that's where it is for the time being.

A beach cover up - brand new - would also make a nice robe.
That's it!

When I got home, I went straight outside to check on Louis Dean.
He was cleaning out the back pond today and said he was going to cut back all the ivy and debris that was growing long and getting in the water.

I go outside and see this big branch section and figured he had started trimming another tree!
Nope! I found him on the other side of the house looking for a tool to fix the pump on the fountain.
He was as surprised to see the branch section as I was.
It fell exactly where he had been working.
Praise God for protecting him and sending him off for a tool!
I do believe Louis Dean has more than ONE Guardian Angel!

I must say that Sherry and Ruth Ann loved the mac and cheese tonight served up with a salad.
Formal dining at its finest on top of the art paper.

We had a productive evening on our landscape.

Ruth Ann has really enjoyed this painting and moved right along with it!

Base in and ready for details next week.

It takes the full week for the oils to dry.
I like this painting!

That's a wrap for Monday and Tuesday!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

the painting is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all finished! I love the earlier picture of the quads shadows in the sandbox!! It may be picture 6. the picture is sandbox ART. Your craft is awesome!! And they all did wonderful jobs. That was a close call for Louis Dean!

Susie said...

Linda , I always love reading your posts. I want to know what the children are doing and saying...we watch them grow on your posts.I love that you have taught them so much. LD is the working-est man in Texas. So thankful he wasn't hit by that branch. I love the painting you ladies are doing now. Blessings to all there. Love you, xoxo, Susie

Estelle's said...

I love the photos of the children in those pretty spring dresses just playing in the garden....something so precious about that! I have made that Mac N' Cheese recipe for it! Love your painting also! Enjoy your week Linda!

Vee said...

I look forward to the posts following Quad Monday and Thrifting Tuesday. Thank you for reminding me not to see that movie! You made me laugh over Louis Dean's angels. He probably truly does have a small army of them.

The beautiful quads are always so darling and so smart! Look at all the elements in their art work! It was good for you to know that they ask for you, too!

Beautiful paintings coming right along...

Changes in the wind said...

Love the painting and you create so many memories for those quads:)

Linda said...

Your new camera is the greatest! The pictures are much lighter and I can see so much better! Good job. Enjoyed seeing another quad day. Good news that Kailey has a robust appetite. It's hard to imagine a little guardian angel sitting on larger than life LD's shoulder but apparently she's there doing her work.

Arlene Grimm said...

So glad that branch did not fall on LD. You are right, his guardian angel was watching over him. I think this painting is my favorite one next to the pick up truck. Y'all are so talented.

Deanna Rabe said...

Ruthann's painting is beautiful! I can't wait to see if finished!

I love reading about these quad days and Tuesdays. What fun you all have!

NanaDiana said...

I like that painting, too. It would be finished enough for me even as far as it is done. Love it.
What fun you have with those quads. lol Tiring but fun. My grands LOVE Velveeta's shells and cheese. It's more expensive than the dry Kraft box but you get half again as much as you get in the craft box and it is very good for a box mac & cheese.

Looks like God was watching over LD again! xo Diana

Debbie said...

When I get to this point, I have so much on my many parts of your day that I enjoyed! Those children are the luckiest children I know, every part of their day with you is so amazing! I know I have said this before but if I were one of them, I would never want to go home!!

I become very attached to my cameras, holding them, spending time with kind to your purple one, it will be your forever friend!!

I would love to learn to paint with you!!