Friday, April 28, 2017

How Does Our Garden Grow? And Ready to Party!

I must be an impatient gardener because every single morning, I take my coffee out to inspect the vines! The tomatoes are growing nicely and the okra is sporting flowers!

I picked a pepper today!!!
This is my very FIRST garden ever!!!
Louis Dean and I grew onions in between the landscaping plants in our early married years.
Then we grew tomatoes and peppers in pots in later years.
But THIS is our first bonafide GARDEN!!!
I am breathless in anticipation of those tomatoes turning RED!!!!!

I spent the day getting ready for our Cousins' Gathering tomorrow.
Louis Dean spent the day ordering materials for closing in the deck at the camper.
It was a Win! WIN!! for both of us!

The house is clean and I have my Angel Graham Bars ready to serve!

Louis Dean cooked a picnic ham and it is DELICIOUS!!!

I baked homemade croutons because I had some dry French bread and Amber dearly loves croutons!
Not that I have any salad fixings for tomorrow!
Still! That bread did NOT go to waste!!
I scarfed a few of them and they are GOOD!!!

I made bouquets from the fresh things I have in the yard......a little honeysuckle, rosemary, mint and various sprigs and branches from ground cover and shrubbery! 

The den table set for four.....

The dining room set for six.....
I am so looking forward to seeing my siblings and cousins.
We have been doing these gatherings for a few years now.
It's been wonderful!

All is ready.
The night is still young......

I closed the rain curtains on the gazebo while Louis Dean was taking a bubble bath.
We will sit out there with our evening wine and visit until we get sleepy.

I feel so blessed!
Home and husband.
Family and friends.
God is good to me!

And that's the truth!!!
I love you, Louis Dean!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Yes, you are both so blessed to have found each other! Your home looks beautiful! And I love the way you decorated the tray. I bet it smells so good there! A first garden is so exciting!

Vee said...

Oh that parting thought brought a quick hot tear. It is wonderful when blessings are honored and recognized. Happy Day today! (Love the thought of your bouquets...honeysuckle, rosemary, and mint in combination must smell heavenly. )

Sandra said...

everything inside looks beautiful... and the veggies make me jealous.. that is a perfect pepper if I ever saw one, I love tomatoes, warm from the sun and eat them like apples. be glad I don't live close

Arlene Grimm said...

Looks lovely...Cant wait to hear all about the party.

Susie said...

Linda, The garden is looking good. I absolutely love the gazebo. I think your bouquets are just perfect. I know it's going to be a wonderful time with all your loved ones. Blessings to all, xoxo,love, Susie