Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Not My Normal Tuesday!

 I intended to sleep in and stay in bed until at least noon today and that's exactly what I did!
 After I woke up, Louis Dean brought me a cup of coffee and said he was going outside to work and for me to rest and take my time getting up. I took his advice . I drank coffee, I read several chapters in a good book. I napped some more. I played Scrabble and Words With Friends. I got up and made the bed, checked messages and my blog and, finally, at 1:30, I left the bedroom!

But not before I took this selfie!
Please note I held my iPad over my face because I only pulled my hair up and had a no make up day!
I may have another one tomorrow!

I had some rest - now it was time to nest!

I cleaned the den last night but I had a little more fluffing to do!

The table is set out there for our Good Friday Luncheon - seating for the five youngest grandchildren.

I opened up a HUGE suitcase that I keep under the baby grand.
That's where I stored away a ton of framed photos a couple years ago after I took them down from on top of the doll cases in the living room where I had displayed them for several years.

I know the photo is dark but on the two shelves below the lamp used to hold copper pieces -buckets, pots and such. I swept them all in a huge black trash bag back when I decorated for Christmas and donated them to Goodwill. I meant to set the photos on the vacated shelves when I took Christmas down......but am just now getting to doing it.
It was fun to look at these - they bring back so many memories.
I put out silver plated photo books - of our honeymoon, of Amber and Mikes honeymoon in Hawaii and others. I didn't have time to look through these but I will do that soon.

I finally got around to fixing food!
Louis Dean had been working all day with only morning coffee to fuel him.

I decided some old fashioned stick to the ribs comfort food would work for both of us!

Fried potatoes with onions, fried eggs, biscuits and bacon!
Our one big meal of the day.
Served at 3:30 pm.

With renewed energy, Louis Dean went back to work and I started cleaning the living room.
I was moving along until I moved the two chairs in front of the doll cases so I could use the step ladder to put up new faerie lights up. Once I moved them, I remembered I had meant to re stain the wood from the moment I bought them .....months and months ago! A year, maybe?

The fabric works but the finish doesn't.

So I hauled out one of the chairs and proceeded to re stain it.
It needs more work and I will do that tomorrow and I hope stain the other one as well.

So for now, the room is clean and I just need to add one chair and do the other.

I do so love a clean room!

I added a lamp to the foyer.....

and moved one lamp to the corner of the living room.

By 6:00 I was tired and so happy to see Ruth Ann and Sherry.

I'm still not showing my face but I do like the way our paintings are turning out!
Will finish it next Tuesday - right after Ruth Ann and I take in a movie and hit up the Goodwills!


Linda said...

I do like your new pictures. Now I can see all your debri. The day will never come when on a whim I opt to stain a piece of furniture. Must be all those years of smelling turpentine that allows you to do that with such abandon. Glad you had a nice day of rest. Sounds like you also had a very productive day as well.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your paintings are gorgeous!! And your house is like a real fairyland. I would never want to leave. So gorgeous, and so much to see. You were right about the chair, that finish does not look good with the fabric. The re-do looks so much better. You may have slept late, but you became a whirlwind when you got up!

Nancy Chan said...

Your house is so beautifully decorated. Compared to yours, my house is so cluttered with hubby's things that I gave up tidying them up. Beautiful paintings.

jamarson1 said...

I'm glad you got some rest! Your my inspiration!

Deanna Rabe said...

These kind of stay at home, rest and nest days are just what we need to reenergize! I'm glad you take the time to do it when you can!

I'm loving these paintings!

Estelle's said...

Your art work is simply amazing. Beautiful! The grands are going to so enjoy a special luncheon on Good Friday!

Arlene Grimm said...

Love fall's paintings. I am off to clean the garage today...oh my, how does one place get so junked up!! That breakfast looked amazing. Now I am hungry!

Susie said...

Linda, I like seeing all the lamps and twinkle lights at your house. You must have need rest. I love the paintings so much. I have no make up days too. I some times just wear lipstick. If I am going out in public, I do like to be dressed and made up. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Sandra said...

my days are much like your day off and I never have a fluff the room day, I wish I liked to clean like you do.. the paintings are wonderful.. twinkle on my friend

NanaDiana said...

What a nice day you had. I sure wish I COULD sleep in but it seems to elude me. I am up by 6am at the very latest..usually up by 5:30. Your house is looking good and I, too, like a clean house. Those are GREAT paintings. xo Diana

Debbie said...

even when you sleep in, you seem to accomplish more than i do in a day. your home always looks so cozy and i always love your lights!!

Cheryl said...

Haha, I had to smile at your comment on my blog about catching up! YES, life just stays busy even as our children leave the nest and life moves on. It's a GOOD busy though, isn't it? I know that spending time with your four little ones certainly brings lots of joy!

And then after all of that joy, it was the perfect day to sleep in and revel in the slower pace. I agree with your previous commenter . . . you accomplish a lot on your "slow" days!

The Brown Recluse (TBR) said...

I. Love. Your. House. LOVE it! (I love breakfast for dinner, too!)

You did a great job on the painting, that's for sure. How do you sleep til noon? I am awake at by 6 a.m. no matter what time I go to bed!