Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday Treasures and Spooky Santas!!

It was like old times today!! It felt so good to FEEL good again!!!
I picked Ruth Ann up and we headed right straight to Centennial Park to walk.
We both felt like we needed some gentle exercise and walking is a good way to get it!
Louis Dean bought 50 pounds of cracked corn so I would have it to feed the ducks when we walk and I forgot to bring any to the park today! I told Ruth Ann I am going to fill a container and keep it in the trunk of the car just as we used to keep peanuts for the squirrels when we walked Lively park.
Squirrels in one park - ducks in another!

Our first stop after our walk was the herb shop - Years to Your Health.
The spices are less expensive here and so much fresher!!

Ruth Ann treated me to Olive Garden for lunch and we were so hungry we ate and ate!!
We inevitably order the same thing every time - the endless soup and salad!
One of life's best pleasures is having lunch with your best friend and just chatting along enjoying a good meal and good fellowship. I am so grateful for Ruth Ann!

It's not a perfect Tuesday unless we hit up a Goodwill and we did that very thing today!
I bought a cool cover for my iPad, more 'debris', 
a strand of pumpkin lights and another lighted jack -o- lantern, October stationery, sweaters and jeans!

I was especially happy about the jeans!
I seldom 'grow out of my clothes' but I reluctantly parted with a couple of pair of jeans that made me feel like a stuffed sausage when I wore them.
I have a rule that if I can't SLEEP in something - then get rid of it!
Life is too short to suck in, squeeze, tug and pull to get a pair of pants on!!
THIS pair is adorable and I love the extra detail on them!!
I think I will wear them this weekend to our family reunion.

One more comfortable pair! Win! WIN!!!
I would rather something be a little loose than too TIGHT!!!
I dropped Ruth Ann off and took myself to the Dollar Store!
I love that place!!
I needed so many various and sundry things and I found ALL of them right there at the Dollar Store!
Sweet 'N Low, cake mixes, Comet, air freshener, fabric softener sheets, lunch meat, sliced cheese and more..........
they had it ALL! I filled half the trunk!

To celebrate this awesome Tuesday I had a Mimosa as soon as I got home and had put everything put up.

Oh, my, it was good!!

I used the rest of the bottle to make a light punch for the art class ladies.
I opened up another bottle of Champagne, added lavender infused simple syrup, fresh mint leaves and a package of fresh blueberries. This is the mixture before I added the Champagne.

It was seriously delicious!!
I had two different recipes and I didn't have all the ingredients for either one so I just concocted my own recipe!

Our project tonight was to start on our Santas!

We were busy beavers!

This is one of the LOOSEST paintings we have ever done!!

I am painting two - one large and one smaller.
The big one is actually easier!

We have a long way to to go on them but I think we did a good job of getting all that blank canvas covered!

I think I'm getting this journal entry done before midnight!!
Just like old times!

I close with the scripture verse Proverbs 14:13

"Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful, and the end of that mirth is heaviness."

When a friend of mine is in pain, then I am in pain. That's the way it works with Christians.
I have a dear friend who just learned her son in law is seriously ill.
As in VERY seriously ill. This all happened in just the last few days and her heart is breaking.
My friend lives on the other side of the world so as I sit here in my gazebo writing about my day, she has been lying in her bed for hours and hours trying to wrap her mind around this sudden sorrow that has overtaken her family. The art ladies and I prayed for her and her family tonight before we started painting and I will continue to hold my friend in my heart and keep her in my prayers.
I believe God has a plan and good WILL come from this.
But for now I am simply praying for the Holy Spirit to comfort this family as they face this situation together. Wednesday morning has already arrived for them and this will be a difficult day.

Love to and prayers for you, my dear Jutta, on this difficult day and every day.
You are stronger than you know. 
Please know God's grace is all around you and I pray you can feel his comfort.


Art and Sand said...

Oh, I love your Santa!

Jutta said...

Love you, Linda - and thank you!

Penny said...

Linda it is lovely to hear that you are feeling more energetic and optimistic again. Sorry to hear that your friend is having such a hard time, families are so precious x

Deb said...

Yeah for normal Tuesday! I'm sorry about your friend prayers for her family

Kathy said...

Wonderful to hear you are back to yourself. It sounds as if you had a fun and productive day. Our Bible study tonight will be praying for this young man who is ill as well as my own prayers during the day.

Estelle's said...

It's so good to see you feeling better and back in the swing of doing those things you enjoy! A lovely prayer also....stay well my dear!

mxtodis123 said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day. So glad you are feeling better and getting about. Would you believe I worked right down the block from Olive Garden for over ten years and never ate there?

So sorry to hear about your friend's son. Will say a prayer for him and his family.

Lori said...

Will pray for Jutta's family. Always a hard time for families.

Side note... do you sell your Santa's? I love the large one.

Deanna Rabe said...

Prayers for Jutta's family. So hard. Look to God and ask Him to show you Himself in this. He wants us to know Him.

Hurray for comfy, cute clothes, and for the Dollar store!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

A good day for you! Glad your are all perked up. So sorry about your friend's son. Wish I could sit and have one of those mimosas with you!

Debbie said...

I so enjoy reading about your days, and it's so good to hear your feeling better. You've made me hungry for Olive Garden. Haven'rt been there in a while but I do love their salad. I am so impressed with your Santa! I can't imagine being able to paint like that. I can't hardly draw a stick man, lol. PRAYERS for your friend and their family. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sandra said...

I am with you on the if i can't sleep in it don't wear it. comfy is my fashion guide these days... i wish i could come to your art classes and learn from you. so true about friends hurts hurting us....

Susie said...

Linda, So glad you are feeling like your old self. Good. That was wise to walk a bit after having had to stay home so much. I used to say if you don't lay down on the bed to zip your jeans , then they are too big. I used to be 20 once too. LOL. I hate tight waist things...they bother my reflux. So I wear stretchy clothes. Those old tightly zipped jeans days are over. Your paintings will be so nice. You are a quick painter. Linda, I will pray for Jutta's family too. Who could not use some extra prayers. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Arlene said...

I am happy to hear you are feeling better!! As I read about LD purchasing cracked corn for the ducks, it reminded me of a scene in one of my favorite books, The Mockingbird Next Door. ( about Harper Lee) Ms Lee kept cracked corn in the trunk of her car for the very same reason!! You are in good company. I am off to look for some pumpkins and mums for my front door. It is starting to feel like fall here!!

Jodi Walters said...

So glad to see your feeling better. I too get chronic infections since my thyroidectomy in October 2013. I completely understand those "bad days" or sometimes weeks unfortunately.....:( God WILL get us through it!
Prayers for Jutta too......

Vee said...

Your return to good health is a big inspiration for me. It has been a tough September.

I am sorry about this news that has hit your friend's family and I will join my prayers to yours for healing.

Now tell me, did Louis Dean pose for the Santa painting, especially the smaller one?

Jill said...

Looks like a wonderful day, I love the Santa paintings! Amazing!! So sorry to hear about your friend's news, will keep them in my prayers.


Vintage Girl 901 said...

Oh so sorry that you have those dear to you who are troubled and grieving. May God comfort you as you comfort her. You are so cute! Love your Santa. You are awesome!

Kelly said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're finally feeling good again. There's nothing worse than to be sick for a long time. Your jeans are cute. you always find cute things when you go thrifting! So sorry to hear about your friends situation. It's always hard to try to be there for those that are so far away.

Carla said...

So sorry for your friend. I can't imagine the pain. Love the jeans and your Santa pictures.
Sounds like your energetic self is coming back