Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our Guest Room All Dressed up for FALL!! Also called The Great Cover Up!!!

I did the fall cleaning and fluffing in our guest bedroom today. I still intend to replace the bed with a double/twin bunk bed set but have reconciled myself to the fact that it will most likely NOT be happening this year. So I am making do and enjoying what I already have. Our most frequent guests are the  quads and this is where I keep most of their toys and books.

Ruth Ann was just saying the other day how much she misses the old time BEDSPREADS!
You can pull them up all the way over the bed pillows and make a tidy bed. You can't even FIND these today! I have had this velvet bedspread for over 30 years and just love it!
It's perfect for fall and winter. I took my denim quilt and folded it wrong side out so you never even see the blue! The 'bed table' at the side is really a picnic basket sitting on top of a wicker storage basket and covered with a round rust colored tablecloth with a lace one layered over it.
The shorter 'table' is actually a tough burlap type clothes bin that holds the kids soft balls and a doll carrier. I topped it with a round pizza pan and then layered it with tablecloths.

Now you must pardon my Johnny Depp poster! I really need to get another one for the bottom half of that closet door.
This dresser holds pull ups and panties, dress up clothes and everyday clothes for the quads. One drawer has hair things in it and another holds coloring books and such.
I keep one drawer for my daughter, Summer, and she has toiletries, pajamas and a change of clothes for an impromptu overnight stay.

I call this the great cover up because I covered up so many things in here!
Under that secretary is the Lego bench and blocks now sporting a fabric cover using what was once a velvet skirt of mine. To the right of the secretary are two stacking bins holding all the books and covered with a fall tablecloth.

The table in the corner has hidden beneath its skirt a bin of baby dolls, a cash register and two other bins of assorted toys. I'm sure the kids will wonder where their toys are next week!
They are getting so good at NOT getting everything out every time they come.
One week they will play with some things and the next week others.
They also entertain themselves with stuff that's not really toys.
Kailey's eyes were big and round yesterday when she said, "MeeMaw! You have so much stuff!!!!"
She said 'stuff' as if she were saying jewels or something really special.
They do seem to do better here in a 'real' house with certain kid friendly places but over all they have adapted to regular rooms and they have NEVER trashed one here.
Perhaps they were too overwhelmed with all that STUFF when they were younger and they have become used to it now! The kids all notice every single new and different thing in the house from week to week. I can't wait to see what they think about the guest room!

I lit the birthday candle my good friend, Dawn, sent me and hung my favorite fall necklace in the display box.

This room is now clean and I'm ready to move on to another room tomorrow.

Louis Dean and I went BACK this afternoon to see if the glider I saw on Tuesday was still available.

This place has so many treasures! I could browse in there all day long!

We BOUGHT the glider!!! $45!!! AND a chair with matching cushions for $12 AND a metal rectangle table (not pictured - LD had already carried it to the truck!) with two matching chairs!

All loaded and since we were out and about - we went on to Shady Grove Feed Store for 50 pounds of cracked corn! That should feed a lot of ducks!!

I had a rough time last night and am once again battling an old problem.
I brewed up a cup of this tea tonight before going to Louis Dean's Music Jam Session.
It didn't help much. I have other herbs from the health food store that I have used in the past and will give them a try again. I just finished my antibiotics one week ago tomorrow!

Anyway, the music session was a lot of fun tonight!!!
Ruth Ann went with me and we enjoyed it and you could tell Louis Dean was having a ball!

I just loved this odd photo I took. I like the way his hands look holding his guitar.
It was wonderful to see him having fun with his music again.

This is Lori and Sam - they are brother and sister and have really added a lot to the group.
They are great at encouragering ALL the musicians and Lori is every one's cheerleader!

She has been such a joy and blessing to Louis Dean and they love to sing together!

Yes, he had a good time!!!


Penny said...

I like that photograph of Louis Dean holding his guitar too, his hands look relaxed, but they are right there, ready to start playing at a moment's notice! That sort of photo tells a story, and I like it. So sorry to hear you are battling another UTI Linda. As I always say, unless you have suffered from UTI yourself, you can never know the utter misery of it. Last one I had I just wished I could unscrew myself from the waist down, I was so desperate to get rid of the pain and discomfort. Take care of yourself X

Stacey said...

Your guest room is ready for the quads and anybody else that you love. :)

Just so you know, I buy bedspreads at JCPenney. In fact, on my master bed we have a white matelasse bedspread that I throw in the washer and dryer. Love it!! I've told a couple of friends about them and they've bought them too.

Your singing group seems so neat to me. What a fun thing to get together and do. :)

Estelle's said...

It's always such a lovely and fun-filled visit with Linda! A festive home. music from your darling LD and delicious food! Have a very blessed weekend!

Susie said...

LInda, You did good hiding stuff. LOL. I liked the big bedspread. Now you have a truck load of stuff to take to the ranch, how nice , lots of seating. I am glad that you and Ruth Ann went with LD to his musical group. I bet that was a fun time. Music is so good for our souls. Blessings, love, Susie

Sandra said...

love the new glider and chairs.. perfect. and also love that bedspread that looks like a quilt. some day bedspreads might come back in, but i doubt it because the peopel who sell them want to sell the STUFF that goes with the un spreads... your room looks great all covered up. great idea for storage that is hidden

Linda said...

The great cover up reminds me of a side table I have: it's a cheap, round, 3 legged table with a long table cloth that covers the ugly legs. I don't keep anything under it but it's a good place to hide if you're a small child. I love bedspreads and keep one on my (mostly unmade) bed.

Changes in the wind said...

Great post:) Your heart shines when you talk about hubby:)

Vee said...

Sorry to hear that your nemesis is bugging again. The tea is a great idea for support, though I hope that you'll be calling the doc again.

Kaileys is so cute...I can imagine her delight with all your "stuff." Just like visiting a castle.

And Louis Dean...he wears a smile so well.

Deanna Rabe said...

Praying for you. Your home is warm and inviting and such a reflection of you! I love that your quads are so well behaved! I love that Kailey loves all your 'stuff!'

It's really neat that LD has that wonderful group of musicians to play music with!


Linda said...

So sorry to hear that you've been poorly. I love your spare room - I would never get to sleep for looking at all the pictures and 'stuff'!. I think that children need to be brought up from the start to be careful with their environment - well done to Amber and Mike.

Jodi Walters said...

I just love your blog! As a stay at home (older mom) you are so inspiring to me.....thank you and hope you feel better soon!!!

Carla said...

So know what you mean about the bed spread pulling up over the pillows that what Pamela want and it to drape over the sides. Hence after having it quilted I had to add another border and quilt it myself. That was fun. Your rooms are so inviting and cozy. I wanna come stay and you can take me to the Curiosity Shop. Looks fun.