Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Picking up the Pieces.....

Amber knew I would not be well enough for a typical Quad Day but she also knew how much I needed to see her and the kids! SO - she brought them all over along with a ton of groceries and let Granddad and I play with the quads while SHE prepared lunch for all of us!

She just made our day!!

Harrison was the first one to the front door when they arrived and he asked, "Are you SICK, MeeMaw?" I told him I was better and he said, "I'll tell Mama you're NOT sick!!"
Amber had explained to them that they weren't staying all day like they normally do. HE thought he could run out there and tell her I WASN'T sick and she would get back in the car and go while they  stayed here as usual!
They were relieved that I wasn't in bed and when I answered the door with a dress and make up on - they thought I must be well! I told them the same thing they tell me - "I'm still a little bit sick." They seem to understand that perfectly!

We were kept thoroughly entertained!!!!
Kailey sang and Trystan and Logan both 'twirled.'

Harrison played with his trucks and cars.
I let them pick some candy from the dish when they first got here.
Harrison picked a Kit Kat and when I opened it for him he exclaimed, "Look! There's TWO of them! Here, MeeMaw. YOU can have one!" My heart filled up and spilled over in love.

Each child has special things they like to play with. Trystan had a hard time finding the little doggies.
I had changed some things around in the guest room but I showed here exactly where to look and her eyes just lit up when she found them!

It was wonderful watching them play.

Little feet are so precious!

Louis Dean took some pics of me with all four.......

It's hard to get everyone to look good at the exact same time!

See what I mean?

He kept snapping though and I appreciate that!

I love all of the pics!

Every expression!

Well, maybe not MINE!!!

Silly people!!!

Capturing Memories One Photo at a Time

LAST Wednesday my gifted photographer friend, Ladybug From Texas, did a photo shoot of the quads. She has a knack of capturing special moments and THIS is the moment of that day that was THE most special to me. I love these little kids with all my heart and soul! Now, can you see way back there in the background? There's Louis Dean patiently waiting. I spent 41 years in an extremely stressful marriage and even though Louis Dean and I have been married for 10 years, the novelty of being with such a kind and patient man has not worn off and I don't think it ever will. He is THE easiest person to be around and EVERY DAY he and I are at peace and in harmony with each other. We may struggle at things that are happening but never at each other. One day, early in our marriage, we were walking across a Sam's Club parking lot and I was fretting about something. He stopped walking and looked down at me and said, "Linda, remember!!! I'm on YOUR side!!"

Our daughter in law, Sherry, brought in dinner for us the other night and we had it this evening.
A perfect meal for this first day of Autumn!!

While I am getting better, I admit to not being well....yet!
The medicine is pretty strong and it appears that I am taking twice the normal strength due - I am guessing - because of how difficult it is for me to get rid of this infection!
I thought I would be feeling so much better but the side effects have really gotten me down today.
I am shaky, dizzy, have headaches, jittery and am pretty emotional. I cry easily. And often.
There's nothing sad to cry about so I cry because I'm so happy. Or because I caught a tiny hint of a cooler breeze drifting through the pecan trees and then floating down around my shoulders. It was as if  Fall was whispering promises of things to come. Or because a candle a friend sent me smells so delicious. Or because I have so many things to be grateful for I cannot even number them all up. Or because I have come to know so many sweet friends through the blog who have been such blessings to me. See? I'm crying again. 

I'll close with a photo of Louis Dean.
Last night I had a strange coughing, choking allergy attack that lasted quite awhile. He finally insisted I use one of his emergency inhalers.  After I calmed down, he played his guitar and sang to me before we went to bed.

Tonight when I was trying to get a pot out of the cupboard, I knocked over a whole stack of glass measuring cups in graduated sizes - from a quart one and on down to one that was eight ounces. Several of them broke and Louis Dean got down there and cleaned it all up for me. I TOLD you I have been jittery!!!
It would so NOT be wise for me to drive a car right now!
You gotta love a guy that will sing to you one night and sweep up the broken pieces the next night.

Capturing Memories One Photo at a Time

That's just the kind of guy he is.


Deb said...

I'm so happy you got to spend time with your sweeties they will sure brighten your day! Louis Dean is the perfect match !

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love LD. Love you too Linda. Keep getting better. So glad the grands and Amber came to visit, hugs help.

Vee said...

Oh you've got me misty-eyed. Your marriage is a wonderful example of the possibilities for the rest of us. I am sorry that the meds are shaking you all about as they go after that infection. Praying for you to respond to the meds and feel better asap. Don't try doing too much now. Sending love to you both.

Susie said...

Linda, I am glad Amber brought the children to see you and granddad. Hope you are continuing to improve. Some time meds make us jittery and emotional. You are blessed with a good man , who loves you and a strong loving family too. Blessings to al, Love you, Susie

Arlene said...

So glad you pointed out Louis Dean in the background! What a sweet photo. Hope you feel better soon...I know seeing the kiddos was good medicine.

Estelle's said...

As I read your post today, I also teared are just a lovely soul Linda....How very, very special to be a blessing to each other...your darling family, the happiness you feel and having a grateful heart...very poetic today! Hugs for feeling better.

Deanna Rabe said...

Praying for you Linda. What a blessing to have LD. God knew just what kind of man you'd need after your previous marriage.

Rest and take good care!

a portland granny said...

As I read, but seldom comment, I am always thrilled for you two in finding each other! What a sweet, precious relationship you have--you have been blessed! I hope you feel better soon. I know the jittery feeling you describe and its not fun!! Praying for you to continue to heal and thanking God for dear people like you two! You portray His love in your lives!! Remember the welcome matt is always out for you two in good old Portland, Oregon!

Jan said...

What a blessing your husband and family are! I hope you'll be feeling better soon.

Penny said...

Sending a big hug your way Linda. Sounds like the infection and the antibiotics are taking their toll on you. It was lovely that you got a chance to see the quads without having to run about after them. Louis Dean is a darling, no other word for it. X

Cheapchick said...

How sweet! You have a good husband. So do I, its my 10th anniversary today :)

Greatfull Dazeez said...

Blessings to both of you, and thank you for sharing Linda. You are such a blessing to me, you face your challenges and share your joy and pain. I admire you and L.D., I so hope you continue to improve and get well soon!

Wanda said...

Oh my you have me tearing up too. We are attending an 11 week study in our church on Wed. nights on "Life Long Love"..... I think you and Louis Dean are the Poster Children for that study. How I love the deep love and care you give to each other...And how precious those babe who care to much for MeeMaw. I will pray every day that you will have a full and speedy recovery and that nasty "stuff" won't come back for years and years. Sweet dreams my dear. Sending hugs and prayers.

Carole said...

Sending you blessings all the way from the other side of the world. Get well soon and I hope beat this thing permanently!

Mrs.T said...

A beautiful post. What a wonderful husband God has blessed you with!

bj said...

I am so glad you found ea other. I, too, was in an abusive marriage for a very short time and when God guided me towards Mr. Sweet....well....I can never thank HIM enuf and so I try to thank HIM every day for all the blessings in my life. I guess sometimes we have to go thru hell to know what Heaven really means....Heaven on Earth is an added blessing that I am so thankful and grateful for.
Keep taking care....xoxo

Carla said...

I'm glad you didn't think of driving. Love all the pictures. Wish I lived closer so Deb could give me some photo lessons. She is good.
LD to the rescue. <3